The Covid 19 outbreak has forced us to acquire new lifestyle that was unseen till now. The people are behind their home boundries. They are working from home and may or may not enjoying this new professional lifestyle. The emerging work from home culture has also helped us explore new tools & software and many of them have seen outstanding surge in demand during the short span of time. If you are one of those users who rely on video conferencing apps such as Zoom and Skype, then it is time to find out few quick ways to ease and improve your video meetings.

How To Improve Video Meetings Quality

Select Right Software

This is the first demand when you plan to enhance your video quality. Choosing right software will help you perform numerous tasks during the call effortless for you. You should opt a video conferencing software that helps you schedule calls, allows chat, share screen, take screenshot, record video call, and perform numerous other tasks. While there are many of these tools available online Zoom and Skype are such software that comes loaded with maximum features. You can try either for best video conferencing experience. Both the tools work well even with low network quality.

Schedule Meetings & Inform People

Now that you want to make a video call with team or individual person, it is suggested to schedule it in advance. Once you schedule the call the attendees get a notification automatically with advanced video conferencing call software, still you can personally inform the attendees if possible. It will help avoid confusion and put all people on call when they are needed. You can also set the meeting on calendar for quick reminder to keep things straight.

Cast meetings on TV

This is a good idea if you have long list of attendees. This way you can view most of attendees on your TV screen and communicate on big screen. For example, you can cast Zoom meetings on TV with simple tweak in settings. Similar to Zoom, many other service providers also offer this feature.

Collect Information from Attendees

Before you start a call, you can ask attendees to register themselves for a video call. All latest video conferencing software offer this feature built-in. It could be of great help when you are doing webinar or having direct interaction with your clients. Here, you can collect your client’s important data effortlessly with their suggestions too.

Check your network

This is another important factor for quality video calls. You should always check your network to avoid lags during the call. If you find there are some issues, you can try to reboot router and go to open locations if you are using mobile device. This quick tip will help you experience seamless video calls.

Set the basics including room lights & camera angle

Next is to check room light and camera angle to avoid clutter. In addition to that, you can keep water bottle with you if you are going to attend long sessions so that you needn’t trouble during the call. The fact is you should make yourself comfortable even if the call is going to be long.

Be on time

Don’t forget to be on time. If you are hosting a call or attending a call, always try to be on time to avoid last minute issues. If you are attending an important call, it is always suggested to connect to the call couple of minutes before to check everything is working fine.

Co-host meetings

If the meeting is going to go long, it is suggested to co-host it. It will help you streamline the meeting without missing important factors. All latest video conferencing software offers this feature built-in.

Record calls as video

The next best step you should follow is to record important video calls. Now you can keep it for future reference or share it with anyone who missed the important call. It also helps you make minutes out of long meetings or mark important facts out of it.

Create recurring meetings with saved settings and one URL

If you have planned recurring meetings such as weekly follow-up meeting or monthly meetings, then it is better to create all recurring meetings with saved settings. You can create presets of such meetings requirements and apply them to all meetings. You should also create a single URL for such meetings so that anyone can connect to these calls with a single click anytime.

Try annotation tools

If you are doing meetings where others want or needed to share their perspective, you can use annotation tools. For example, if you want suggestions on some project design, then your team should use annotation tools here. It will help them make necessary changes in real-time and share it with you through screen sharing.

Create virtual waiting rooms

You can also create virtual waiting rooms for short breaks during the long video conferencing calls or before you start the call. All major video conferencing call software offer this feature built-in.

So, these were few tips & tricks to make video meetings better. Do try these quick tips for your next meetings and share your experience.