Cloud computing companies is more popular than ever in the age of web hyper-connectivity. Clouds, whether public, private, or hybrid, offer a wide range of formerly hardware-based tasks, including software, infrastructure, and FaaS — functions-as-a-service, often known as serverless computing.

As a result, companies and organizations have greater scaling flexibility, it is faster and easier to recover the lost or corrupted data, hardware prices are considerably reduced, security measures are now more robust, energy use and carbon footprints are reduced – and the list goes on. Here are 20 cloud computing companies that offer essential services to consumers of all sizes and sorts.

1. Verkada

Verkada offers a cloud-hosted security system with such a software-first approach, ensuring the safety of buildings and the people that inhabit them in the face of sophisticated threats. It cloud computing companies systems include a range of advanced security cameras, sensors strategically positioned throughout a facility, and an access control system that can analyze and secure door behavior, all of which are programmable via the web-based Command platform, which is available from any browser.

2. OwnBackup

OwnBackup protects enterprises from data loss by providing a cloud protection platform that backs up critical Salesforce and AWS data. Through data archiving, recovery, and sandbox seeding capabilities, the company’s products help protect organizations from the top causes of data loss, such as human error, integration error, bad code, migration error, and malicious attacks, by streamlining operations and creating stress-free workflows for all users.

3. Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-based IT solution provider for wireless networks. It cloud computing companies provides a diverse range of cloud solutions, including wireless LAN systems, increased security, and SD-WAN technologies. Meraki also specializes in smart cameras and mobile management devices for increased IoT. MIT, Audi, and Make-A-Wish are just few of of the well-known organizations that rely on Meraki for their cloud-based networks.

4. JumpCloud

JumpCloud ensures that employees and users within a business have access to the devices, software, files, and networks they require by utilizing a complete cloud directory platform that prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing critical data. The Cloud computing companies platform features capabilities such as single sign-on, user lifecycle management, cross-platform device management, multi-factor authentication, and API connection, allowing enterprises to incorporate new services and scale safely.

5. NetApp

NetApp’s private and public clouds assist businesses in managing and sharing data around the globe, resulting in increased cost efficiency and innovation. Among the many cloud services offered by the corporation are ONTAP cloud storage data management or NetApp cloud sync data synchronization.

6. Fivetran

Fivetran automates data integration from source to destination, saving time and resources for data analysts. Cloud computing companies platform includes data-centric capabilities such as pre-built connectors, ready-to-use query schemas, SQL-based transformations, and incremental batch updates, which assist cloud-based technologies in quickly capturing and managing enormous amounts of data. DocuSign, Square, Optimizely, and Kiva are just a few of the numerous companies who rely on Fivetran for all of their data requirements.

7. SailPoint

SailPoint provides cloud-based identity and access management solutions that assist companies in better controlling user access to streamline compliance and decrease fraud. IdentityNow, SecurityIQ, and IdentityIQ Compliance Manager are among its many offerings.

8. Workiva

Wdesk, Workiva’s cloud-based platform, includes unique word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation apps that assist companies better data collection, reporting, and analysis. Cloud computing companies also makes it easier for users to meet compliance requirements by simplifying the preparation of complex reports.

9. Procore

Procore creates cloud-based construction management software that allows users to generate, edit, review, and share project data with others from anywhere. It Procore Drive, a document management platform, and CurrentSet, a drawing management tool, are two of its cloud offerings.

10. Blackbaud

Blackbaud’s cloud-based software solutions are used by a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including foundations, educational institutions, and charities. Cloud computing companies include fundraising, marketing, communication, and accounting capabilities.

11. iManage

In order to increase efficiency and governance, iManage has created a number of work product management systems. There are three of them: iManage Work 10, iManage Drive, and iManage Share.

12. RingCentral

RingCentral creates cloud-based communication services that businesses may utilize to foster team cooperation and togetherness. Cloud computing companies products include messaging, video, and calling capabilities, all bundled up within the RingCentral Office platform, as well as customer service and call center technologies that allow improved user experiences, ideal for assuring efficiency in small and large businesses alike.

13. Ensono

Ensono’s cloud solutions work in tandem with a company’s existing IT infrastructure to simplify everything from governance to migration. Managed Microsoft Azure , Amazon Web, DevOps for automation, Managed private cloud for business-critical applications, and Cloud Connect for safe, dependable, and highly available connectivity are all examples of cloud services.

14. Oracle

Oracle offers a variety of products and services, including a cloud platform (hybrid, private, or public) that allows customers to run both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, connect third-party apps, and enjoy “core-to-edge” security that prevents unauthorized apps and cyberattacks. Cloud computing companies Oracle Autonomous Database is designed to reduce complexity, human error, and manual management.

15. Acquia

Acquia’s enterprise solutions include the Acquia Cloud platform, which offers development tools, hosting services, and enterprise-grade security, as well as the Acquia Cloud Site Factory, which allows marketing teams to manage several sites from a single dashboard.

16. ServiceNow

By digitally automating processes and workflows, ServiceNow’s enterprise cloud computing solutions enable enterprises to collaborate across teams, silos, and systems. The Cloud computing companies offers process automation, data benchmarking, encryption, and other services through its ServiceNow platform.

17. Medallia

Medallia’s cloud-based customer experience management software assists companies in collecting, analyzing, and acting on consumer data from many sources, including mobile, in-store, and online. Net Promoter Score, Medallia Ask Now, and Medallia Insights Suite are some of the products available.

18. Twilio

Twilio’s Engagement Cloud communications software platform enables developers to create, tweak, and deliver new customer experiences quickly. Cloud computing companies has an easy-to-use drag-and-drop visual editor and a unified interface for numerous channels such as SMS, phone, in-app chat, email, and messaging apps.

19. Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct develops specialized accounting and financial management software with industry-specific use-cases. The cloud-based platform offers strong automation technologies and artificial intelligence designed to remove revenue leakage reasons, as well as accounts payable, compensation administration, and spend management capabilities to ensure organizations and their people thrive for years to come.

20. Nutanix

Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud assists companies in a variety of ways, including built-in machine intelligence, automation, and analytics, seamless migration capabilities, and a security-first design. Cloud computing companies also offers Beam, a multi-cloud optimization service.