Today, offshoring has become a highly successful idea for many software companies. Fewer labour costs, extensive talent pool, and infinite scaling opportunities have encouraged the software companies to hire remote developers for their project. 

In today’s time, no software development company or a startup can have all the necessary skills to make an app. So they have started hiring remote developers or a development team to work on a specific project. You can also think of hiring a remote development team if you are working on a dedicated project. However, you need to consider a couple of things if you are going to hire offshore remote team for your next project.     

In this blog, we will provide you with an ultimate guide to remote work that will not only help you to manage your offshore team efficiently but also help you with increasing your remote team’s productivity.

Best ways to make a dynamic remote development team

A dedicated remote team gives you an ample of time to focus more on your business-related activities by sharing your workload. Also, a development team provides you with seamless technology solutions that can transform your business. Apart from this, remote work is also getting attention from many businesses due to the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Easier access to a large pool talented individuals 
  • Reduced business costs 
  • Reduction in employee absenteeism

Here is the list of best practices that can be your true saviour while you are planning to hire dedicated developers for remote work.

  • Make a clear onboarding process

Before you hire remote developers, you have to understand hiring needs such as which type of skills or expertise is necessary for the job. Also, you should determine the work experience. After this, you can start making your employee onboarding plan after defining your employee requirements. Also, communicate the job contract containing the employment terms and conditions to your new joiners.

Clarifying job roles is essential as it gives a clear picture of the position to your prospective employees to which they are applying. Also, the onboarding process can help you to ascertain whether the candidate is compatible with your company’s values or not.    

  • Provide communication tools

In the case of working with remote development teams, geographical situations can sometimes become a crucial thing as every country has different time zones. Due to this, a gap of approximately 6-7 hours gets created.

But now the timezone gaps have not remained an issue as tech-savvy communications tools have made it easier for us to stay connected with the world. So you can use the latest communication tools such as email, cloud storage, screen sharing, instant messaging, VoIP calls, etc. to create a clear and consistent flow of communication among your team. 

With these communication tools, you can easily avoid any bottlenecks or confusion in remote working.     

  • Build trust among your remote team

Building a sense of trust among your remote development team is beneficial as it can affect your working pattern. For this, you need to know your employees well as it can help you to boost their morale.

Apart from this, you should allow your remote team members to take ownership of their task. Also, you need to train your employees with managing their time wisely so that they can do more work in minimal time. Thus, by building a great rapport among your team, you can help your employees address work-related issues more efficiently.     

  • Motivate your employees

Whether you work in an office or you work remotely, the success of your project always depends upon the efficiency of your people. That is why you constantly need to motivate your employees. It can be anything from providing free online training programs or appreciate them on the organization’s social media portal. Just show your employees that their contribution matters the most.

When employees feel valued, there will be fewer chances for them to leave your company. Also, they will contribute more to your company’s progress.   

  • Use productivity tools to track the work progress

While working with your team in the office you are in direct contact with your employees. But when you are working with them remotely then you do not see them frequently. Thus, it becomes difficult for you to take daily attendance of your employees.

That is why you need to offer seamless productivity tools to your employees to maintain the record of daily progress, pending tasks, and work issues. With software, you can track employee time and attendance and see exactly how each individual is coping with their workload.

  • Provide timely feedback to your employees

Feedback is the most important aspect of nurturing employees. That is why you need to provide constructive feedback to your remote team members from time to time. Also, you can help your employees to make their work better so that they can deliver the best software products.

Along with this, feedback can help you to engage your employees and also help you to align your business goals with their work performance. Don’t forget to share positive feedback if any employee has provided a nice input in its task.  

  • Arrange one-on-one meetings 

One to one meetings are not only effective from the communication aspect but it is also an excellent opportunity to develop personal relations with your employees. And if your business is spread over a large geographical landscape then conducting face to face meetings is best for you.

So you should arrange one on one review meetings with your team to ascertain that everything is working well on their end. For this, you can gather your employees at your office premises on a specific day. Also, you can choose some other place such as a hotel or resort to conduct your business meetings.

Final Words

Remote working is the future of the modern workplace, and it is good for you to get prepared for it in advance. And employee motivation plays a key role during such transitions. Also, this motivation is vital for team productivity as you migrate and enhance your remote work set up. 

Remember that motivating a team doesn’t happen overnight in a new kind of office environment. It is a long-term investment requiring consistency from you and your management team daily.

If you are interested in hiring a remote team then feel free to reach us. Till then, keep following this space for more information.