Tailornova Alternatives

Best Tailornova Alternatives To Design A Patterns will be described in this article. Do you have wild ideas for clothing and need a free design tool to make them a reality? So, this is the place you need to be! This detailed guide will show you how to use Tailornova.com and similar websites to your advantage while creating 3D patterns.

About Tailornova

Tailornova is an online fashion design tool that will make it simpler and faster than ever for you to realize the ideas on your vision board. It allows you to quickly receive custom-fitted patterns in addition to 3D style testing.

Tailornova.com and comparable free 3D clothes creating websites benefit many communities. Its value is attested to by large and well-established communities of Clothing Boutiques, Apparel Brands, Pattern Retailers, Fashion Merchandisers, and Specialty Apparel Manufacturers.

There is a very large list of people who can take advantage of the services these free Tailornova alternatives have to offer, including smaller and developing communities like the DIY Sewing community, Clothing stores, Indie Designers, Fashion Students, Tailors, and Dressmakers.

Top 6 Best Tailornova Alternatives To Design A Patterns

In this article, you can know about Tailornova Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Lekala


Lekala is a website for fashion designing that allows users to work with bespoke patterns and seduce their clients into creating custom-fit, “one-of-a-kind” clothes as evidence of what augmented reality has developed into today. This is another Tailornova Alternatives. Also check Pipl Alternatives

Compared to Tailornova.com, it takes a more direct approach to the features and style of its website. Additionally, it provides step-by-step directions for making your first original pattern design.

Key Features

  • Gift cards are available for product discounts.
  • Allows you to buy designs on an a-la-carte basis.
  • Layout that is simple for novices.


Free pattern packages for men, women, and children are available on Lekala. Basic sewing patterns start at $4.49 and go up from there. On the website, some products will be exclusively discounted and priced at $3.49.

2. Clo3D


You can design 3D clothes that are accurate to life using Clo3D, and you can try it out for free! Its goal is to innovate the way that technology and simulation are used to talk about fashion. This is another Tailornova Alternatives.

Tailornova.com has been tweaked and made more understated here. You can take classes that prepare you with the necessary abilities for using this fashion design software on well-known websites like Udemy.com.

If you make something with Clo3D and want to share it on social media, just use the hashtag #Clo3D. You have a possibility of getting featured in their Instagram community, which has over 65k users, by doing this!

Key Features

  1. Offers specialized plans, such as ones that are specially tailored for your needs.
  2. Designers who take a more subtle approach are suitable for websites and products.


Three distinct plans are available from Clo3D:

  1. Monthly closing balance for people: $50
  2. A $25 monthly student discount
  3. Closing statement for academic and business institutions: Quotation obtained regarding disclosing information about your organization.

3. Browzwear


Visit Browzwear This online fashion design tool, named Browzwear, can burn to ashes all the restrictions on your productivity. It claims to have done this for over 1000 organizations while simplifying and assisting you in the process of designing, validating, commercializing, and producing your products. Adidas, Columbia, Dickies, Puma, Nike, Walmart, New Balance, & Target are a few well-known brands.

Vstitcher, Lotta, Stylezone, and Fabric Analyzer are just a few of the programs available on the website, all of which offer demos upon request. In addition to this, Browzwear also holds events and webinars. This is another Tailornova Alternatives.

Key Features

  1. The software’s use by well-known brands enhances its credibility and user-friendliness.
  2. Offers seminars and instructional materials to its designers.


Sales at Browzwear are made per-seat. Costs for each seat range from $5 to $10,000.

4. Seamly


We have Seamly, which celebrates the metaverse and provides its users with more immersive experiences. This Tailornova substitute tries to help you modify your business while attempting to get over regional and scalability limitations.

What started as one woman’s attempt to turn the fashion business on its head has evolved into a fashion design program that has been downloaded by over 30k users in over 35 countries. This is another Tailornova Alternatives.

Key Features

  1. A concise blog to increase your understanding about pertinent subjects
  2. Using digital sewing designs that can be designed, used again, and remixed, Seamly2D makes it possible to produce garments with bespoke fits, in speciality sizes, and in ready-to-wear sizes.


Seamly provides risk-free demos.

A single user pays $147 a month.

Begin at $99.40 per month.

Pro: $94.70 per month

  1. Individualized business and enterprise planning.

5. Tuka3D


A sample program called Tuka3D has tools that let you see your artwork on finished clothes. Motion simulation is available for design development, fit analysis, and photorealistic visualization. This is another Tailornova Alternatives.

Additionally, it does away with the requirement for physical samples and repeated repetitions. This software allows for the testing and addition of new textiles and is based on real-time data. It also features unique virtual models.

Key Features

  1. 14-day free trials are available for Tuka3D.
  2. Has X-Ray and tension mapping features.


Digital grading, pattern creation, and marker creation start at $19 per month.

6. Optitex


You may quickly develop creative designs with the smart fashion design templates offered to you by Optitex, from drawings to 3D prototypes. They enable the preview of made-to-measure sewing patterns that are ready to cut and sew, flat sketches, and 3D clothing samples. This is another Tailornova Alternatives. Also check Para Alternatives

As with Tailornova.com, Optitex offers a quicker resolution to any such problems. Utilizing this website will improve sustainability and shorten the time to market.

Key Features

  1. Industry-specific solutions (Brand Retailers, Manufacturers, Enterprise, Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Automotive, Upholstery, Bags and Accessories, and Education)
  2. 3D Design for Illustrator, Revu, O/Cloud, Fabric Management, and Cut Plan are available products that meet your needs.


At $275 each are the Optitex 3D professional certifications and the Optitex 2D PDS certification.


To sum up, these Tailornova substitutes are the standard and the pinnacle of the augmented reality and fashion industries. This program will prove to be a complete game-changer with the minimal physical intervention of trials and rework.

So, if for any reason you decide tailornova.com isn’t the best option for you, we sincerely hope this article has assisted you in locating a suitable substitute. Lekala and Browzwear are the best solutions if you want less expensive on-demand options!

The remaining selections would be the best choice for you if you’re looking for more sophisticated solutions and are a pro!


Vstitcher is it free?

The software is not free, despite having a free trial.

How is clothing created?

Start by incorporating more fundamental features, such the basic shape, as the garment takes shape. Retrace the entire drawing in pen once you’re satisfied. your artwork in color. You can use any drawing tools you like for this step.

Describe Browzwear.

The power of 3D is now available in fashion design, development, marketing, and cooperation thanks to Browzwear’s comprehensive suite of easy-to-use tools, allowing you to market your avant-garde creations more quickly than before.

How do I launch my own clothes business?

Starting your own business involves a number of stages. You should start by creating a trade strategy, then design and source your products once you’ve identified your niche and become familiar with your customers.