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Best Apps like Para And Para Alternatives will be discussed in this article.  Para is the gig driver utility app that helps you make more money and stress less with every delivery. With the Para app, you can save on expensive gas and time while increasing your profits from driving jobs.

Also, you can manage your ongoing work, pick up more gig work near you based on your availability, and discover new earning opportunities that pay more. Para is the ideal app for an income boost, but if you are searching for more apps like Para, you can find plenty of options on the Internet; which among them is most similar to Para? If you want to know the answer to the previous question, you must continue reading this article as it contains the list of the best apps like Para you must look at!

Top 8 Best Apps like Para And Para Alternatives

In this article, you can know about Para Alternatives here are the details below;

1. Solo


Solo is an app that greatly uses data and analysis to help improve your performance and maximize earnings. Solo enables you to manage your income, check your expenses, predict your taxes, and ensure your daily pay by effortlessly integrating your work accounts into a single app.

Additionally, Solo will compensate you the difference if you optimize your schedule using its pay forecasts and make less money. You can save thousands on taxes and earn up to 20% more weekly.

Key Highlights

  • It manages your income from all of your gig jobs in one place.
  • You can automatically track your driving miles to maximize deductions and save thousands of dollars come tax season.
  • You can know your estimated tax amount to prepare ahead of time.
  • Know you’re making the most of your time by seeing your city’s hourly rates and weekly trends for gig jobs.

2. SherpaShare


SherpaShare is an app that manages flexible work and maximizes earning potential. It gives you the ability to not only categorize your miles, trips, and expenses but also maximize earnings.

The only app that offers smart drivers that are Pro Tools developed is SherpaShare. Pro tools help you plan better routes, get more pings, earn more money, and communicate with other drivers for real-time tips and tricks.

Key Highlights

  • It automatically and efficiently tracks all miles using the GPS on your phone.
  • It classifies all your trips with a customizable purpose.
  • You can track your expenses at your fingertips with customized categories.
  • All your financial data is centralized and safely backed up in the cloud, accessible on any device.
  • You can connect with a gathering of other drivers for insights into real-time road situations, work-related questions, & stories.

3. Gridwise


Gridwise is an app that tracks miledge and offers localized events, airports, and other demand information.

It can track airport traffic, airport lines, significant occasions, flight delays, mileage, and driving efficiency. It can also deliver personalized airport alerts that let you know when the airport is busy and provide real-time passenger demand information.

Gridwise simplifies organizing your day as a driver by allowing you to look back over the last three hours and plan for the following 24 hours to see where passengers were, are, and probably will be.

Key Highlights

  • Track all your travels automatically from all gig platforms in one location.
  • Connect your ridesharing and delivery accounts to track your earnings automatically and determine which services are the most profitable.
  • Drive strategically using its event calendar and airport demand graph to plan your upcoming hours and days.
  • To understand your net income, you can record and track your rideshare and delivery expenses directly in the Gridwise app.

4. Steady


Using the Steady mobile app, you can access a platform listing part-time, hourly, and on-demand job possibilities. Listings are customized according to your geographical location and skills.

The Steady app is available for free download on all popular platforms. It offers options to earn extra money through carefully curated side businesses to suit the rapidly rising demand of the gig economy.

You can use filters on the app to find gigs, and it shows side jobs, micro gigs, regular jobs, and anything in between.

Key Highlights

  • The amount you earn varies depending on location and type of gig.
  • It helps you make smarter financial decisions by providing insights into how to earn more money and cut back on unnecessary spending.
  • The app also offers Income Passport, which helps you organize your income in one place.
  • Steady links you with affiliate businesses that can help you save money, such as no-fee banks and low-cost vehicle insurance.

5. Hurdlr


Hurdlr is a well-known automatic business expense and mileage tracker that might potentially assist you with real-time tax deduction estimation. It offers its expense/mileage tracking app on the freemium model. Also check Figma Alternatives

It has good features for a straightforward operation like an Uber driver or an Instacart shopper. It recognizes travels automatically, allows you to link your bank & credit card accounts so you may download transactions and classify them as expenses, and it also automatically recognizes trips.

Key Highlights

  • It is a simple method to keep track of all your rideshare costs in one location.
  • It has a free choice for basic mileage and expenditure tracking requirements.
  • A monthly subscription can be tax-deductible.
  • The app estimates what you may owe for taxes and when taxes are due.
  • To file your taxes online, you can immediately convert Hurdlr data to TaxSlayer.

6. MileIQ


With the help of the app MileIQ, you can track your ridesharing distance automatically. It allows you to track your miles flexibly through the app and review the data at home on your laptop or desktop.

You can track up to 40 trips using MileIQ for no cost each month. You can enter a trip manually or use the Drive Detection feature of this app, which activates once you have driven at least a half mile.

Key Highlights

  • You can track miles easily and automatically.
  • It is a mileage tracker app that keeps track of every trip you take.
  • It allows you to link separate trips together.
  • You won’t have to worry later about manual entries because every drive is automatically logged.

7. Everlance


Everlance is an app that aims to offer a comprehensive solution for tracking gig work expenses. With a few different plan options, it delivers a fully featured experience but only offers a small number of tracks, 30 programmed journeys, and other functions for free.

Using Everlance is seamless and simple to understand. It provides automatic tracking, so there is no need to sign in each time to begin or terminate a trip. It is also simple to search and categorize previous visits.

Key Highlights

  • Its advanced drive technology automatically recognizes and tracks your trips.
  • It helps you get the most tax refund possible.
  • You can sync your credit card & keep your personal & business expenses separated & organized.
  • You can download your trips and transactions at any time.
  • It calculates business mileage, and the trip starts & end time, and reimbursement value.

8. Triplog


TripLog is a mileage tracking app that automatically tracks your mileage, making mileage reimbursement and keeping a mileage log for taxes a breeze. Also check Klaviyo Alternatives

You may categorize your drives as either personal or professional trips with just one simple swipe in the Triplog mileage tracker app. Also, you can program work hours to categorize your vacation according to your timetable.

It gives you detailed reports straight from the app, and you can see how much you’re driving, spending, and earning back.

Key Highlights

  • It allows you to auto-start the mileage tracker by various methods.
  • It allows you to track both expenses & income, and you can also complete adjustments & add transactions manually.
  • It allows you to monitor routes, assign drivers as necessary, and know who is where at a glance.
  • Each trip manually entered or documented using the Triplog app can be classified.
  • You can manually enter expenses or connect the app to your payment method.

Final Words

You can find many other earning tracking apps in the market, but if you wish to cut short your research and find the best, then our list of best apps like Para mentioned above, is best. So, we hope you now have many apps like Para to try out.


Is there any other app like Para?

The best alternative apps like Para are SherpaShare, Gridwise, Solo, MileIQ, Hurdlr, and Steady.

Does Para work on Android?

For gig workers, Para is an app that forecasts tips and tracks revenue. The app is available for free on Android and iOS and presently integrates with Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

What does the Para app do?

You can quickly assess the gig using a multi-map app displaying hidden trip details from Uber, Lyft, UberEats, and Grubhub delivery drivers. It provides you with relevant details that maximize your revenue quickly.