When it comes to Android, it is considered to be the right platform for developing a wide range of applications integrated with various necessary features. Businesses often seek to choose a platform for app development, which enjoys having a worldwide reach.

It’s known to all that Android emerged as one of the most popular mobile devices available widely in the market across the world. In other words, Android enterprise, as the name suggests, became the most preferred choice for gaining several advantages for businesses and letting them prosper at a great pace.

When it comes to benefits of Android development services, it offers a plethora of advantages such as easy customization, suitable for BYOD, easy marketing, improved security, wearable device advantage, the scope for innovation, and many more.

So, you have fully made your decision to get an Android application for your business, your first job is to hire a responsible Android app development company that can cater to your requirements by letting you develop apps based on your specific needs.

All you need to do is to perform an in-depth research to get in touch with the right service provider that possesses enough experience in creating an important type of application matching your app concept.

Make sure you checked the service record of your Android application development agency before hiring them. Apart from hiring Android development services, you should also gather various important details about technologies that developers leverage to create a wide range of Android apps.

Most Popular Technologies Developers Leverage to Create Android Apps

Let’s discuss here several important technologies that are widely used for creating a wide range of mobile applications on the Android platform. Take a look at all these tools that the Android app development company uses to cater to its clients by creating the desired apps.


Well, it’s known to all that Java is one of the most popular programming languages for engineering Android applications. Java is the oldest language for creating fast and secure Android applications.

Developers leveraging Java for writing code for building different types of mobile applications on the Android platform for serving a large number of businesses belonging to multiple industries.


The launch of Kotlin as a new programming language for Android app development created a stir in the mobile application development industry. Though Kotlin is a new programming language for Android app development, it witnessed its fast adoption rate.

The most important thing about Kotlin is that it resolves those issues that Java carries out. Kolin has been continuously in fame after gaining worldwide acceptance among the number of Android developers.

The major setback of Java is that it is not capable of dealing with bugs and errors efficiently. As far as Kotlin is concerned, it takes care of these things in a better way.

Before you send your application off for a testing purpose. So, it is capable of saving time for both companies and developers.

Android Studio

When it comes to Android Studio, it is said to be an ‘up and coming’ IDE, which offers a wide variety of different features. It has emerged as the most appropriate option for developing a variety of Android applications.

Angular Material Design

It is another most popular technology for Android app development. Developers have been leveraging this technology for building applications since the year 2014.

The most important thing about Angular Material design is it can easily add a complete uniformity in the user experience that most of the Google products lack basically.

Besides, the mobile-centric approach is something that indicates the desire of the company for making a complete shift in design, which is indeed important and provides more depth about user experience.


While talking about several important technologies for creating an Android application, it is not possible to forget about none other than Firebase.

Firebase is indeed the most famous tool that includes a wide range of services that are indeed quite helpful for business in taking care of their several development requirements.

The tool is quite useful in developing a wide range of both mobile and web apps based on specific business requirements while integrating the real-time database. There is indeed no necessity for configuring a server as this is something that is taken care of by none other than Firebase.