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Best SuperSU Alternative will be discussed in this article. SuperSU has long been considered the best app for controlling superuser access on rooted devices. The app’s developers, however, have neglected it for a considerable amount of time. In fact, it was recently deleted from the Play Store without explanation, causing many users to bemoan the passing of their preferred root administration tool. Even if the app is once again available on the Play Store for free, I wouldn’t advise using it until we know for sure what the app’s future holds.

Our unpleasant experience with SuperSU prompted us to look for worthy replacements that can take its place for rooted users. We couldn’t locate many, but there is one software that, in my opinion, is much better than SuperSU and matches all of its capabilities. So, if you have a entrenched Android instrument or want to root one, here is the SuperSU substitute you ought to use.

SuperSU Alternative That You Should be Using

In this article, you can know about SuperSU Alternative here are the details below;

We were astonished by the dearth of apps that can serve as SuperSU replacements while searching for them. Thankfully, we discovered one program that, in my opinion, not only offers a strong substitute for SuperSU but frequently outperforms it as well. Although you only have one choice, it is the finest one you could have asked for in this example of quality vs. quantity. Here are some reasons why Magisk, a free app, is the ideal alternative to SuperSU:


The Magisk toolkit, which includes operations like superuser access, boot scripts, SELinux patches, and more, is made to manage rooting Android devices. The main advantage of Magisk is that it operates without a system. That is to say, Magisk doesn’t change or modify your system partition. This implies that the Android operating system running on your phone is unaware of the root, enabling you to utilize even third-party apps (like Google Pay and banking apps) that are incompatible with rooted devices. The ability to receive OTA system updates on your phone as usual without losing root access is another advantage of utilizing Magisk. No one wants to continually root their gadget, thus this is a huge advantage.

Because Magisk doesn’t change the system partition, it can do these feats. The boot partition is where the changes made by Magisk are instead safely stored. Thus, Magisk evades detection by Google’s SafetyNet, a technology that determines whether the Android operating system has been tampered with and prevents some apps from operating as intended. Since SafetyNet cannot detect Magisk, all of your installed apps will function normally even if your smartphone is rooted. Additionally, the creator is quite reliable with updates, so even if Google changes SafetyNet in a way that interferes with Magisk, you can be sure that an update will address the issue. Because of this, I believe Magisk to be the greatest root management program available and a respectable substitute for SuperSU.

Install Magisk for free.

How to Install Magisk on Android

You may be curious about how to set up the root management software on your phone now that you are aware of Magisk and why it is the best SuperSU substitute you could have wished for. You may easily flash the Magisk zip file using the recovery as long as your smartphone is running Android 5.0 or higher, has an unlocked bootloader, and is running a custom recovery (like TWRP). You can find a step-by-step tutorial on installing and using Magisk for Android in our dedicated post.

Do not forget that making a backup is advised before to installing Magisk.

Best Magisk Modules You can use

Okay, so your phone has Magisk installed, and everything is working as it should. Awesome. It’s time to look through the top Magisk modules available and begin utilizing the ones you prefer the most. Although there are many Magisk modules available, we have put together a list of the top 15 to make your job easier. You should go through the list and install the modules you find most appealing.

Manage Your Rooted Android Device With Magisk

Magisk is, as I have stated, the best SuperSU substitute that could possibly exist. The program is even better because it is open-source and totally free to use. If you’re still using SuperSU, you should switch over to Magisk immediately. On the other hand, if you know of any further SuperSU substitutes that you’d want to share with us, please let us know in the comments area below and we’ll have a look.