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15 Best Self Storage Software in 2024

Best Self Storage Software

Self storage software allows you to keep track of both vacant and occupied storage units. Monitor access to the facility and automate invoicing. Self storage software systems often include interactive facility maps that display the status of each storage unit, such as whether it is vacant, has not been paid, or is filled and in good standing. This ensures that you always have the most current information for marketing and payment collection.

Many self-storage software firms also provide website design. Their websites were designed to function in harmony with their software. Self storage software providers may now take online applications, electronic signatures, and payments. Tenants may usually access their account information and set up automated payments using a tenant portal.

Features of Self Storage Software

People who rent from you should have contact and payment information, as well as signed contracts and contact information for others interested in renting from them. To interact with renters, you may utilize automated emails and SMS messages.

Self-Storage Software Advantages

Implementing a self-storage system provides many benefits, including:

Online applications and payment processing need minimal overhead

Tenants and new leads may submit their information online using self-storage management systems. You may save time on unnecessary paperwork by automating payment and application procedures. Existing tenants may register to obtain access to the tenant portal, where they can make payments and update their contact information.

Tenants may also set up regular recurring payments so they don’t have to deal with them later. Self-storage facilities allow a variety of payment options, including credit cards and electronic checks. Some software solutions integrate with third-party payment processors, like as PayPal, allowing your tenants to pay their payments securely. When a payment is due or late, the software notifies your renters quickly. The system may issue late penalty automatically as required. Your website enables new customers to apply for storage units.

The software will collect all prospective renters’ information, including their addresses and contact details. For a background check, the applicant might submit their driver’s license numbers. Potential tenants may choose their own move-in date and apartment from a list of available flats online. For lease contracts, the system also collects electronic signatures.

Improved Access Control in Your Storage Facilities

Gate systems integrate with self storage facility management software, allowing you to regulate who may enter and exit the facility. PINs or passcodes may be created to allow tenants to enter the facility without the assistance of a staff person. You may change a tenant’s permissions from anywhere utilizing cloud access control systems. If a tenant is late with their payments, the system may prevent them from entering the storage facility for a brief period.

Self storage software may also inform you who has entered the gate and when. This enables you to keep track of who enters and exits the facility, ensuring that only authorized employees utilize it.

Interactive facility maps provide better insight into unit status

The facility maps provided by self storage software provide property managers with a comprehensive view of the facility’s layout as well as the condition of each storage unit. These maps are usually color-coded to show if a storage facility is in good standing, vacant, has past-due bills, or is burdened by liens. When you can easily identify which units are available and which are not, it is simple to assign vacant flats to new clients.

Units with overdue rental payments may be immediately informed to the customer, preventing the unit from being auctioned. When a particular storage unit is chosen, these interactive maps often provide more information. The tenant’s name and contact information, as well as the price and dimensions of the storage unit, are all made public.

15 Best Self Storage Software in 2024

1. Storage Commander Cloud

Storage Commander Cloud is a cloud-based Self Storage Software with a simple user interface and a variety of pricing options to suit the demands of each operator. The Storage Commander’s platform and web services make it simple to manage online bookings, payments, and more.

2. Yardi Breeze

Yardi Breeze is a kind of Yardi. The Yardi Breeze is a mobile-friendly, simple to use business solution for property management organizations, such as Self Storage Software Managers, that need to keep track of their assets. Use user-friendly websites to collect money from applicants, renters, and property owners.

3. Easy Storage Solutions Software

Easy Storage Solutions software is a web-based management solution for self-storage facilities. The system’s main feature is a website that supports credit card processing, as well as online payments and bookings. The website includes the opportunity to send payments to renters.

4. 6Storage

With over a decade of self-storage expertise, 6Storage offers more than just software to assist you with administration, automatic invoicing and payments, personalized invoices and receipts, leases and rental contracts, payment reminders, and automated late fines.

5. storEDGE

Self Storage Software Management using StorEDGE. Web-based software allows users to access it from any computer or smartphone, including Android and iOS.

6. Unit Trac

Unit Trac is a web-based Self Storage software management system that is compatible with any computer with an internet connection, including Windows and Mac PCs, tablets, and smartphones. This system has integrated credit card processing, a user-friendly customer care interface, and a

7. Storman Cloud

Storman Cloud is an online self-storage management solution. The Storman Cloud enables enterprises to operate on one or numerous locations. It also facilitates large-scale corporate operations. You can manage your self-storage company from any device with an Internet connection.

8. Self-Storage Pro

Self-Storage Pro is software for managing self-storage facilities that runs on Microsoft Windows. This software aids with the administration and automation of invoicing, late fee reminders, and other aspects of the self-storage industry, such as ensuring that renters pay their bills on time. You may generate a variety of reports.

9. Syrasoft Connect

Syrasoft Connect is a service offered by Syrasoft. The Syrasoft Connect is a self-storage management software that works both at home and in the cloud. Self-storage enterprises utilize Syrasoft for billing and invoicing, monitoring unit use, levying late fees, processing payments, and other tasks.

10. WebSelfStorage

WebSelfStorage is an internet-accessible self-storage software management platform for small and big businesses. Customer service, payment processing, online bookings, and tenant administration are all possible with WebSelfStorage since it integrates with other platforms.

11. Rental Station

StoragePug’s Rental Station lets you rent storage units straight from your website. Customers may see available apartments, complete the move-in process, and sign new leases all from the convenience of their own homes. StoragePug has a payment gateway accessible.

12. SiteLink Web Edition

SiteLink Web Edition is a cloud-based self-storage management system for small and big sites. The SiteLink is easy to use and contributes to enterprise-wide efficiency. This solution may be tailored to your individual needs and budget.

13. QuikStor Express

QuikStor Express is a quick-storage solution. You don’t have to do many time-consuming tasks while using QuikStor Express, a self storage software. Expres takes administration to a new level. It offers automated bill payments with extensive reporting, quick rent hikes, and access control.

14. Rent Manager

Rent Manager’s comprehensive property management databases may be used by self storage software operators that want integrated accounting, contact management, and marketing solutions.

15. ResNexus

Self storage software administrators may use the ResNexus property management system to keep track of unit rents, payments, and website data.

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