The coronavirus has caused an uproar in two of the most important aspects of human life i.e. economy and health. While the world is under lockdown with very few or no economic activity, industries are transforming their service using the platform of technology. IT industries are one of those that has been swiftly managing the economic flow on a large scale. Despite fewer numbers of business house approaching the service, IT industries are using innovative ways to promote the business economy. However, the hamper in the supply-chain sector has disrupted the market. Still, such disruption has garnered potentiality of remote working. IT industries are even trying to develop effective platforms for other sectors of industries precisely the manufacturing. This includes the usage of the robotic machine in controlling production and supply.

On the other hand, this platform benefits health care and education system by designing various types of applications. Interestingly, Oxford University plans to design an app that can stop the spread of COVID-19, they even claim to stop the spread by 1% is downloaded by the mass. Likewise, learning applications have been utilized prior to the pandemic where learners are closely associated with their guides. The novel coronavirus has slowed down the lifestyle of people but it has also shifted the norms of digitalization in development. The mass population is glued up with many forms of digital media which have further opened the promotion of various services. Even business houses are trying several means to influence customers through productive measures.

Job Loss in IT Industries a matter of concern

Most of the companies plan to cut cost through various means however, human resource is still superior so the least an organization can do is share the work area with co-workers. Likewise, the loss of jobs will certainly arise in coming times. Experts claim flexible staffs to be the most vulnerable for laying off. But, they have a certain advantage by offering minimal cost structure with easy compliance requirement.

Further, most of the IT enterprises plan to trim their staffs to ensure tight cost control. Most of the companies do not publicise about flexible staffs however, to lessen the impact on the company, an employee’s skill, financial security, competency, impact and compliance decides the trimming. Many times, measures such as run for temporary pay services against the structured salary can hold the employers from taking the step thus saving jobs. The uncertain business environment may ramp up the situation if things do not normalize.

On the other hand, contractual works are severely being hampered due to postponement or cancellation of services. Collapse on the market in the US and Europe will further garner job uncertainty. This scope has started to fluctuate with the start-ups drying up their sales and services.

Tech Companies Going with The Flow

When most of the economic activities have come to a standstill, IT industries are equally working in offering essential services. With the “Work From Home” trend on the rise, these companies have collaborated with institutions to counter the crisis. The remote working capability is harnessed in areas such as virtual desktop infrastructure, desktop connectivity, networking and cloud-based services.

Due to greater flexibility and technological advancement, American and European market are much-focused in capacity building of virtual workplace offering learning, training and video conferencing. Likewise, many tech industries are offering virtual environment through cloud basis with high-speed network sharing and team association offering free services during the lockdown.

Digital Growth

Companies have learned the importance of digital presence. Therefore, although the approachability is seemingly at a low phase, many are exploring the area of presence, let us be more precise with a web design agency in London, While the city goes on lockdown, there are essential requirements that need to be delivered. A website helps a customer get the requirement through promotion. Moreover, these websites allow a smooth flow of service without hampering medical norms.

There are still many ways from IT companies that can run the economy. Mobile app development is another service that is equally using this occasion. Moreover, most of the private transportation service like car hire and taxi services are smoothly using the platform in providing their duty. Apart from that, these applications also allow them to keep up about probable case of which they simply cancel the service.

Meanwhile, the app-based system offers digital payment facility where there is no contact between the driver and the passenger. What this teaches us is the scope of technology in running the business. Similar is that among most of the e-commerce giants. With a few steps, customers get their order directly to the doorstep. A larger number of collaboration with industries will further help in running any kind of enterprise. Therefore, going through the digital aspect will not stop the economic activity amongst the masses.

Affiliate Marketing Rises With IT Support

Quarantine period has interestingly garnered affiliate marketing of products. Online classes are one of the biggest examples. Closure of schools and colleges have opened the gates to many online classes, moreover, many affiliate marketing enterprises are now tying up with online classes since the past couple of weeks. The WHO declaring novel coronavirus as a global pandemic, learners have understood that it is unlikely to end soon. Therefore e-learning products are gaining greater outreach as compared to other service-related applications. With that said, IT industries are focusing on the learning platform too.

Some websites are equally gaining prominence whereas there are others where services have been disrupted due to lack of supply. The insurance sector has also garnered prominence. While the healthcare sector was something people were not much interested in, the rise of COVID-19 has made the mass dive into the significance of healthcare.

Lesson From COVID-19

Every business is facing the burden of COVID-19 and it is further paying a heavy price. Therefore, this is the time to learn a lesson. Similarly, this is also the time to assess the fundamentals of your business by taking assistance through various aspects. Brands are taking this opportunity to gather a strong presence with their customers. This includes promotion of the service, advertisement or even offering basic information about the pandemic.

As claimed, the market never dries up, it is also the same with your business. For that, the digital marketing branch of IT is beneficial. COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought a halt of business for some time but, digital presence never halts. Likewise, with most of the service at a deadlock, bringing customer attraction through innovative methods is a strategic mean used currently to keep business afloat. Therefore, help from online marketers brings a positive outcome at the cost of small pay.

End of Fight Against COVID-19

The world economy is trying to counter the problem of the novel coronavirus. Despite gearing up, still, countries have not been able to run their economy. Considering all the facts, there are only two ways, either to end the transmission or to immunize the mass. Till then countries with quality healthcare supported with strong detection can only respond to the challenge. Likewise, restarting an economy with poor healthcare facility will only bring burden further crumbling the total healthcare system.

Countries that are planning to end lockdown, technology can swiftly assist them, however, one should also keep in mind that technology also has certain limitation. Tech giants like Apple and Google are planning to roll out an app that can quickly report about COVID-19 patients. This system will be helpful at some point but the reliability is still questionable, much more in countries that lack technological advancement.

Challenges After COVID-19

Economist around the world claim to prospect economic recession more comprehensive than the great economic depression that occurred after world war 2. A standstill in production and supply has created a huge impact on the fluctuating economy. However, many countries that managed to counter the effects of COVID-19 still sees resurgence. This has led them to take a regressive measure to stop the spread. Therefore coming times seems to be volatile not only for the IT sector but overall market.

On the other hand, there is always positivity in the air. The control of pandemic will further increase the productivity with industries from all the walks trying to compete in the market. This will bring challenging consensus. Meanwhile, IT industries will have to shift their strategy from customer service to multifaceted services that should include

  • Digital approach
  • Quick connectivity
  • Swift and innovative service

Health is a significant topic, tech industries will open a new platform for healthcare service. Apart from that, there will be a significant rise in healthcare service connected with IT. Although research and sharing of knowledge have always been in the table, now the challenge that lies is to have a more individual-oriented platform where each member of society can be connected with the healthcare facility.

Remote servicing will be much more efficient thus cutting cost for most of the service-related industries. Now, one may expect to serve for a position that will have individual approach more than that of a team. Productivity will be a more competitive factor stressing on broader aspects in the use of technology along with robotic means.

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