Mint Mobile

One of the many regular expenses that we all fact today is the cell phone bill.  It is an irksome expense that we have to pay each month in order to stay connected.  While it isn’t, strictly speaking, an absolutely necessary expense like food or rent, there is no doubt that having a cell phone has become crucial to functioning in our modern society.  Unfortunately, that usually means signing a long contract and paying a fairly high monthly bill for service, not to mention the expense of purchasing a cell phone to go with the service.   There is a better way though.

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Mint Mobile Pricing

Mint Mobile is a carrier that offers coverage at a budget price.  Read a Mint Mobile review and you will likely take away what a bargain it is.  With a 3-month plan you pay just $25.00 for 3 GB 4G LTE, $35.00 for 8GB 4G LTE, and $45.00 for 12GB 4G LTE.  With a 6-month plan you pay just $20.00 for 3 GB 4G LTE, $25.00 for 8GB 4G LTE, and $35.00 for 12GB 4G LTE.  With a 12-month plan you pay just $15.00 for 3 GB 4G LTE, $20.00 for 8GB 4G LTE, and $25.00 for 12GB 4G LTE.  This is comparable or better than many tracfone plans.

What About the Network

You are undoubtedly wondering about the reliability of Mint Mobile’s network.  That is always a fair question to ask when it comes to budget cell phone service.  The good news is that Mint Mobile uses T-Mobile’s cell towers.  That means you get 4G LTE data with and coverage from over 2,000 cell towers.  While the coverage is best in cities and other heavily populated areas, Mint Mobile reviews state that, where the coverage works well, the price is really a bargain.

Where to Get Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile reviews will also tell you about all the places you can get it.  Search Mint Mobile Walmart and it will come up.  Search Amazon Mint Mobile and there it is.  Admittedly, there are no Mint Mobile stores and that is a big disadvantage.  This is also mentioned in Mint Mobile reviews.  However, it is really quite easy to buy a mint mobile starter kit and get going.

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Getting Started with Mint Mobile

When you are ready to start saving money with Mint Mobile just buy a Mint Mobile $5.00 starter kit.  You may be asking, “Can I buy a Mint Mobile starter kit in a store?”  We have already mentioned some of the places where to buy a Mint Mobile starter kit above.  You can also get a Mint Mobile starter kit at Best Buy.   You can buy a Mint Mobile starter kit for a friend with the refer a friend starter kit.  They’ll thank you for it!