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Keep Yourself Updated with Top 10 Tech Websites

In this age of the digital world, technology keeps on updating itself and every other day you will find a new product or service introduced in the market. If you are a tech lover, you must always feel curious about the latest happenings in the technological world. But is it easy to stay updated? Yes, it is when you have access to the most informative and updated tech websites. Their main job is to keep you up-to-date with the latest inventions in the world of technology such as gadgets, computers, email services, smartphones, and the internet.

If you will Google the information, you may or may not get the reliable information or a trustworthy source from where you can acquire the information about newest releases, reviews of products, etc. that is why we have come up with our list of top 10 tech websites to remove the hassle of searching all over the internet and get it with just a few clicks.

So to keep you informed about the latest activities in the tech world, the following tech websites are going to help you the most:

The reason for it being at the first spot is its date of commencement. It was there in the market for nearly two decades and the publication is owned by Conde Nast. This website is a great place for both hobbyists as well as tech professionals. You will find a wide range of news and editorials, legal outcomes, security, and other interests. The users can interact with each other through the forums on topics like operation systems, hardware modifications, gaming, and software.

On number two, it is none other than TechCrunch that has more than 50,000 active contributors. The website covers information on tech innovations, covering major acquisitions, funding sources as well as new launches. If you need news related to a particular brand such as Google, Apple or Twitter, you can look for that too. It has its own CrunchBase where you will find a huge database of technology companies and startups. 

Get Assist has grabbed its position at 3rd spot owing to its informational tech blogs and articles. You name it and you will find it. Their motive is to cover the vast area of technical troubleshooting and make the users self-reliable to fix their everyday issues. Moreover, you can even look for reviews of the latest launches, the latest tech news, and whatnot. The different categories available on the home page make it easy to look for a particular product or service or you can simply search the box available there.

A great multilingual resource, Engadget has been helping people in their tech-purchases since 2004. If you are looking for any sort of tech-related information, it is the one-stop platform. It has completely covered the technology and the cutting edge devices it has given rise to are unmatched. So if you are confused about buying a gadget or tech device, you can rely upon them for the information they offer and make your decision accordingly.

There is no surprise that the Next Web is next on the list as it has more than 6.5 million monthly visitors. The site keeps its readers updated about the latest gadgets, web apps, updates, and other services. If you are new to the tech world and need something to keep you updated, you will never get disappointed with The Next Web. They will always keep you up-to-date with the newly launched products and the latest news in the technological world. 

Once purchased by Conde Nast Publishing, the website got separated from Wired Magazine in 1990. You will get information about everything from entertainment, business, security news, opinion and news related to all kinds of electronics. The website offers engaging as well as easy to understand articles for tech freaks. If you want to experience an old-school paper and ink, you can still get a copy of the wired magazine.

It is another trustworthy website that has found its position at seventh place on our list. Since 1996, it has been helping people with projects. You even get the ‘build your own’ section where you can learn how to create your computer. Tom’s Hardware always provides you proper advice on computer parts, motherboards and others. If you are finding it difficult to replace a computer’s part, this website is all you need. Bookmark it now and give yourself a treasure of technical resources. 

Next, we have CNET because it is loved and preferred by its users due to its huge library of freeware and software reviews that can be easily checked through the CNET download section. It has been competing since 1994 and has been owned by The CBS Corporation since 2008. You will find the majority of reviews available there that will assist you in deciding about hardware, software, and other tech services. The website is full of eye-catching and educational articles for all your tech buys. 

This website was discovered only a decade ago and from that time it has proved how strong an impact crowdsourced information and blogging can have. All the blogs available on the website are powered by Kinja that allows them to contribute to the discussion with their blogs and articles. This is why you will see more and more bloggers making their contribution to the news feed. So if you have Gadget to research, Gizmodo is always there to help. 

Way Binary is on the tenth spot as it has some of the most finely written troubleshooting articles and blogs. You will even find reviews of the latest technological equipment such as printers, laptops, smartphones, etc., introduced in the market. Moreover, you will find a ‘Top 10’ section that has been entirely dedicated to some of the top innovations in the technology world to make your purchase decision easy. The ‘How to’ section is enough to improvise your hidden technical know-how and will make you self-reliable.

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