You must be aware of those times when employers used to call people to drop-in their resume and appear for a face to face interview. With the help of technological advancements, such events have now become history. It would not be wrong if we accredit the Job Portal App Development Company

If you dream of venturing into the business of Job Portals, then this article would be helpful to you. This article briefs the readers about the process of creating a Job Portal Apps and Websites like Linkedin,, etc. 

Steps involved in Job Portal App Development

Looking at the complexity of a Job Portal Website Development, we have written a guide boasting the four steps that will help you in the process.

  • Identifying the purpose:

With major brands like Linkedin, Indeed and in the market, making your job portal app a successful venture demands a distinctive approach. It is advised for you to specify a niche and stick to it instead of giving a free-hand; otherwise, it will hamper your success rate and can even lead to a total flop.

  • Finding the right software:

Once you decide the purpose or target of your job portal app, the next thing is to settle with the right software that fulfils the purpose. 

As you already know that Custom Job Portal App Similar to demands a lot of technicality and functionality, you should stay cautious while you Hire a Job Portal App Developer and ensure that they are experienced enough to meet the level of high complexity that the process demands. 

Depending on various factors such as the budget that you carry or the skill set of the developers that you hire, you will have to opt either for Software As a Service or open-source software.

  • Analysing the market trend:

That’s true that you need to keep the niche and the software in check; however, keeping up with the latest market trends is equally important in order to Develop Custom Job Portal apps. The process can further be simplified by integrating advanced tools that can make the work easier for you. 

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  • Preparing a balanced market strategy:

Marketing plays a crucial role in determining the success of any business. The more effective marketing strategy you adopt, the higher number of audience you will be able to influence to use your job portal app over any other. The tips as stated below can help you to conduct better marketing for your application-

  • SEO:

SEO ranking of your website plays a major role in its visibility. Although it is a time taking process, the end results are always fruitful. 

  • Google AdWords:

Yet another effective marketing tool that can yield quick results is the Google AdWords. It can help you to grab the attention of the target audience in no time. 

  • Social Media:

You must be well aware of the number of brands that you see advertising their products and services on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. Considering social media as a component of your marketing strategy is likely to give you an edge in your marketing game. 

  • Blogging:

The power of content writing is immense. It is considered as one of the most powerful tools to market your services and make it visible on the internet.

Advantages of Job Portal Applications

Some of the benefits of owning a Custom Job Portal Website Similar to are as mentioned below-

  • Earning regular income:

Once your Job Portal seeks the attention of employers and employees, it will become a good source for you to receive regular earnings.

  • Establishing better connectivity:

As your Job Portal App will entertain hundreds and thousands of recruiters and candidates, it will help you to filter out the connections that will be beneficial and save a lot of efforts and time. 

  • Resume access: 

You will gain access to sample resumes that you can monetise for letting the recruiters access.

Naukri Clone App

In order to develop a Naukri Clone Website, clients often tend to seek after a versatile clone script. You must be wondering what a clone script is and what are its benefits. To answer all your doubts, clone scripts are the pre-coded scripts that share similarity with the original apps (that they are derived from). 

In the event of creating a Job Portal App, what you need is a Naukri Clone Script. Using a clone script comes with a host of benefits that are as follows-

  • Shortens the time of app development when compared to an app that is developed from scratch.
  • Makes the entire process cost-efficient eventually saving your budget.
  • Support a high level of customisation to accommodate features and functionalities as demanded by the client.
  • The tried and tested formula eventually hikes up the chances of success.
  • Using a clone script for app development requires less effort by the developer’s end.


In this year, 2020, the world has witnessed an increased utilisation of the Job Portals; both from the employers as well as the candidates ends. This has motivated many consultancies and enterprises to invest in Custom Job Portal App Development

You need to make an initial investment that lies between the figures $5000 to $ 15000, but once rightly done, you will get a chance to earn high revenues from a customised Job Portal App. Looking at the futuristic approach that all the major businesses are adopting, we will suggest you create a Job listing app which can help connect the same community for better opportunities and professional development.