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How To Back Up A Hard Drive And Restore Your Computer

Backups are very necessary and creating and maintaining them can be a big problem. If you face any problem with your computer, you can restore the backup so that all your data comes back. If you do not have backup and your computer faces any problem then you can lose all your data.

Backups are very useful if you want to reset your computer. Our computer comes with tools that will help you to Backup all of your data in a single click. Backups will help you to recover your data in case of any emergency.

Mainly there are two types of backups you can take on your computer, one is backup of all your data and other is the backup of the system files. System backup file restore will help you to get back all your system files and settings and applications, whereas users files backup restore will help you to get back all your personal files.

There are different methods of taking a backup; you can use any one of them according to your needs.

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Take Back on The External Drive

This is the simplest method of taking a backup of your hard drive. You just need to have an external drive of sufficient size and time.

To take backup of the hard drive first you have to connect the external drive to your computer.

Once the drive is connected copy all your files to the external drive.

Note: Make sure that you do not accidently copy the data twice. Also, make sure you are copying the files according to the location as it will be difficult to find the data copied afterwards.

Restore the Data from the External Hard Drive:

You can just copy back the data from the external drive on the computer once you format the hard drive or replace it completely.

Backup Your System Through File History in Window 10:

Window 10 comes with file backup feature that will help you to restore the files if needed. Use File History to back up to an external drive or network location. Select

To take backup follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Start​  > Settings Update & Security Backup
  2. Now click on “Add a drive” ,
  3. Now choose the location i.e., external drive or network location for the backup to take place on.

Restore Your Files Backed Up Using The File History

If anything goes wrong with your files you can restore it back using the backup previously created.

  1. Search for theRestore your files with File History” from the search bar.
  2. Search for the files you want to restore.
  3. Once the file is found, select it and then click on Restore. Now select the location on which you want to restore the file, also, you can restore the files to its original location.

Take backup of the hard drive using Disk Cloning and Disk Imaging:

Disk Cloning

Disk cloning will help you to copy the entire content of your hard drive which includes the information that will help you to boot the hard drive. Disk cloning is a process that will create the one-to-one copy of your computer hard drive. Basically it is an exact copy of your hard drive. After the cloning process is complete you can just replace the hard drive with your computer’s hard drive. Once you swap the drive you will see identical data on the hard drive.

Once the hard drive is cloned you can use it to replace it with your computer’s hard drive in case anything goes wrong.

There are different disk cloning software that you can use. These software’s will help you to clone your hard drive in a single click.

Disk Imaging

Using disk imaging you can create a backup of your hard drive. This backup will contain all the data of your hard drive. Once the imaging is complete you will see a disk image file, this file contains all the data of the hard drive and all the information needed to boot the operating system.

Main thing about this file is that it won’t work if it is just copied to the hard drive. In order to restore the data, you have to open the disk image file using the best disk imaging program for windows 10 and copy it to the hard drive. One thing about this file is that you can store multiple backup files on a single hard drive. These files can also be stored on any portable hard drive.


Taking backup of a hard drive and restoring it is an easy task. Users just have to use the method they like for restoring the files. Backup methods can be used according to your needs. If you want a direct copy of your hard drive that you can swap in an instant then you just have to use Disk Cloning. If you just want to take backup of your personal files then you can just copy them to the external hard drive. So, the backup method will depend upon the user’s needs.

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