SharePoint is a popular document management and collaboration tool that allows business owners to store all their documents and data in the cloud, which means that there will be less need for premise hardware and it will also be easier to access the company documents from anywhere.

It also allows anyone in the business to access the files that they need while working remotely. SharePoint development also has a tight integration with other Office 365 applications, which means that anyone having access to it can easily share, collaborate or comment with the other users.

SharePoint portal development is considered to be the most successful enterprise level collaboration platform and it has seen more than 100 million users across the world. When it is properly used, it offers the organizations with a customizable, secure and easy to manage platform for their remote and in-office teams.

So, crafting an effective internet is the biggest benefit of using SharePoint and everyone also relies on this to attain success.

Ways how SharePoint intranet development helps the remote teams:

Clear communication: share the news instantly with team and stay informed

Your business intranet can become a virtual hub where you staffs can meet to communicate effectively. SharePoint has a lot of features and they can enjoy the required flexibility to customize what helps to mold the application as per the business needs.

You can also choose among the various plug-in and play add ins, workflows and also other widgets for your application and this means that your remote team can quickly search the store or secure the key company data.

The portals also help the companies to organize the information and this helps them to complete their projects or tasks within specific time period.

Acts as a central document repository:

SharePoint is highly effective when it comes to storing crucial documents.

They have an advanced search feature that ensures that the users find the data easily when uploaded and they can too share the documents and files with the remote staffs at any given time and from any location and device that they choose to use.

The documents can be stored in different formats like Word, PDF, Excel, videos and images and you can also set the user permissions for accessing, editing and downloading the documents and also setting up a secured system for the storage of highly important company files.

A wonderful collaboration tool:

While working on various projects with your remote team and everyone needs to work together as a group, with SharePoint you can easily collaborate with your team members and change the documents simultaneously without any interference.

Co-authoring is also a great means to get real time feedback on the work and ideas.  SharePoint development lists can act as project management tools, which can help the remote team members, collaborate more effectively and they can also review the list of outstanding tasks, check the deadlines and also communicate according with their concerned team members.

Have intranet in your pocket always:

Another most important benefit that SharePoint offer is that as your business adopts a mobile work environment, it becomes increasingly important for the employees to have an easy access to the business content and work from anywhere and anytime, no matter what time it is or what device they are using.

With SharePoint Online and SharePoint mobile, you can easily use the device to access the company data from any location and this means that you can also open, edit and review the documents with your staffs even when you are not in the office.

Tips to use SharePoint development to collaborate with remote team: 

Plan your project with your SharePoint Team:

The first step is to increase your collaboration with the remote team so that you can prepare planning which is very important.

Tract and Act together with documents and reports:

Since team members often work on multiple projects, it is important to connect with the team and manage the work, reports, project dashboards and also the document library.

Microsoft Teams and collaboration:

Another challenge that distributed teams often face is to build relationships and knowing their teammates and colleagues.

Using group chat tools like Microsoft Teams make it easy to quickly get in touch with the colleagues and get the answers and also share information.

Thus, to conclude we can say that remote working has become the new normal for various organizations and with a robust and intuitive SharePoint intranet, you can help your team make working from different locations easier and safer and also boost the productivity and collaboration at the same time.