When your business website is appealing and your user base is increasing, providing them with outclass experience is very important. If your server is not efficient, it limits your power to grow faster. You cannot provide an outclass feel to your user. A Dedicated Server Canada is not like other Server, It’s very fast, Secure, powerful, and Stable. If you analyze other Servers like; VPS hosting and Shared hosting They are not fast as Dedicated Server.

In VPS Hosting you have committed resources but still you are sharing your resources so you don’t have the option to customize them and in Shared hosting your site speed depends on other users also if they are facing high traffic your website downtime also increases. But with Dedicated Server, you don’t face any kind of issue; whole resources are yours; you can customize them and use them as per your needs.

How Dedicated Server Canada Perform For Your Business?

When you switch to a Dedicated Server, uncover the power of the Non-shared Server. Each user uses a virtual server created on a physical machine when using VPS hosting. So you are sharing your physical machine with others. It does not directly impact your website but you won’t have control over your resources so it’s not reliable as compared to Dedicated Server. And in shared hosting, you share everything with others so any virus attack on other useful websites can impact your website also.

In Best Dedicated Server Canada you won’t share your server with others which makes it fast and you have control over your resources so you can customize it also. A Dedicated Server can handle massive traffic, Heavy application sites, with great malware protection. You can do a lot more things smoothly which helps you to rank on search engines. I’m mentioning below Some of the features of a Dedicated Server. 

Features Of Dedicated Server Canada

  • Premium Bandwidth

In Dedicated Server, you can get up to 1 GBPS speed which is insane. You experience the fastest network which makes your customer interaction with your site smooth and fast and secure. So you never miss any moment to acquire new customers.

  • Best Hardware

Bare metal hardware makes your website fast and secure. Best Dedicated Server in Canada supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID, 5 & RAID 10 so you never face any downtime and you can add more if you require it with minimal extra cost.

  • Service Level Agreement 

Dedicated Server Canada gives you the best support if you face any issue. Hosting Provider guarantees you high uptime and the highest level of the network, Which increases your visitor ratio.  

  • IPv4 and IPv6 Address

Bare metal Dedicated servers in Canada include IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. It strengthens your website reputation and builds site strength which helps you to rank higher on search engine

  • Can Handle Enormous Traffic

With help of Dedicated Server Canada, your website can handle heavy traffic smoothly. When you have your resources you have the power to customize it as per your urgency, you can maximize it to handle big traffic 

  • Other services

When you switch to Dedicated Server Canada you also get other services also which enhance your experience with it. The host provides you so many other services like 24/7 support, high uptime, managed or unmanaged servers, Optimal Performance, and many more.

Type Of Dedicated Server- 

There are basically two types of Dedicated Server

Unmanaged Dedicated Server

As the name Sounds Unmanaged Dedicated server Default type of hosting plan. You have to install and customize it as per your needs. Big IT companies who have their own team to handle buy it. In an unmanaged Dedicated Server in Canada, you have to maintain your server, it’s your responsibility to keep updated and secure, installation and maintaining base software. So basically it’s your responsibility to run your server fast and securely.

Managed Dedicated Server

 A Dedicated Server is useful for those companies who have no experience in maintaining a server and don’t have a dedicated IT team for it.  Dedicated Server managed by provider so you never face any issue. Provider provides you services like 

  • Backup 
  • Security 
  • Support 
  • 100% Uptime 
  • Regular Virus & Malware Scan
  • Software update. 

In Managed Dedicated Server you don’t need to worry about any of this you can save your resources and use them for your business. 

Affordable and Cheap Dedicated Server Canada By Serverwala

You have so many other providers who provide Dedicated servers in Canada. But In my view, Serverwala Data Cloud Center is the most reputed and popular among other service providers. Choosing the right provider can save you from many problems. Serverwala Data Center provides Dedicated servers out there so you never face any downtime. They offer you an Affordable and Cheap Dedicated Server Canada. Their best features are;

  • Robust Network
  • Secure network
  • Data Encryption
  • SSH Root access
  • Excellent Performance

You get more than what you pay. They provide you best services.


Canada Dedicated Server helps you to give a wonderful experience to your user. You can receive excellent performance with high security on your website. Your user never faces any downtime and always gets a good experience on your site. It increases your site credibility and helps you to accomplish a higher ranking On the Search Engine.