LCD projectors are an important need for all organizations and businesses. These may include educational institutions or trading companies operating at any scale. Since presentations are a daily affair in any organization, all of them need and buy projectors.

Some are successful in making a good choice and get their devices from reputable sources like Epson UAE, while others face a plethora of problems as a consequence of bad choice. These problems then pose a burden on the IT team in any organization. If your organization has its IT team burdened owing to such issues, you need to make better choices too.

This article aims to shed light on common problems that arise while using old or low-quality projectors in workplaces.

Five problems which arise when using LCD projectors

While there are many new technological advancements taking place, LCD projectors are very much part of the present as well as the near future. Keeping in view their use, their problems are also very many. These problems with their probable causes are as follows:

1. Apparent Purple spots on the screen

Have you ever attended a presentation where the image quality is affected due to the magenta spots appearing on screen? It irritates you because you cannot focus on the content being projected on the surface. The problem is associated with the beam that displays the content on the screen. You must check if there are dust particles accumulated in the panel which gives off the beam.

2. Problem with shutting down

In LCD projectors, this is another persistent issue that the project won’t turn off with the button. It is a technical issue linked with the lamp assembly of the device. If this issue persists with your projector, try to get the lamp assembly fixed.

If a refit or a readjustment doesn’t work, look for a solution in the instructions manual which comes with the device. In case of no success despite all the suggested adjustments, you may want to seek technical support from an IT solution provider.

3. Pathetic image quality

Projector Image quality is a major concern in professional meetings and presentations. You need to keep the audience attentive and maintain the image of your organization with what you present. The image quality, if pathetic, may cause the audience to feel less interested in the presentation.

The reason behind poor image quality can be related to the resolution setup. It may be due to the incompatibility of the projector with the computer’s resolution. You can tweak your computer’s resolution so as to match it with the projector’s resolution.

4. Missing parts of image or text

Ever attended a presentation where you can’t see half the image that the presenter is discussing? It is the failure of the IT team to set the dimensions of the projected image according to the projection screen.

To overcome this problem, adjust the resolution of the desktop or laptop according to the projector’s needs. Keep tweaking till the projected image fits on the screen, and no part of the projected image is missing or cut in half.

5. Remote control not functional

The remote control is an essential component of LCD projection. Sometimes the remote control just doesn’t work. There can be many underlying factors leading to this problem. First foremost can be the simple cause that the batteries are weak and need to be changed.

If batters are fine, then you may be using the remote from a longer distance than the range allows you for it to function properly. Another reason can be that the presentation room has fluorescent lights turned on. These lights perturb the infrared rays of the remote control, consider keeping them turned off.

Tired of projector problems in your organization?

It is understandable that the problems pertaining to the projectors are a huge hassle in organizations. But neither can you stop using projectors, nor can you let the problems affect important meetings and presentations.

Thus troubleshoot with the help of points listed above. See the user manual. Consult your IT team one last time. If these do not work for you, you may want to seek technical; support. Your devices may have become obsolete. In that case, consider ordering new devices from a good source of Epson UAE projectors and save your IT team from the undue burden.

With a good quality device, you will be able to streamline the work better, since it will enable a reduced level of disruptions. In this way, you will also be able to maintain your business image with the help of good quality projection in important business meetings and presentations. Good quality projectors will prove to be a fruitful investment for you, and the benefits will be worth the amount you pay for the device.