PBX – Private Branch Exchange means the central telephone system used in business to improve the communication system. The introduction of the cloud technology gained popularity and become the talk of the town. Cloud PBX Solution comes with all the features of a traditional PBX. It allows private organizations to make and receive business calls through the network cloud-based PBX.

In recent years the cloud hosted PBX phones have gained a lot of popularity. The ability to add a powerful phone system with the essential features you need without installing or maintaining any new equipment.

However, to some companies, have a phone system that is dependent on the strength of the Internet connection is not ideal. Before deciding whether a cloud PBX system is right for your business, it is essential to understand what the cloud PBX system is, how it operates, and the pros and cons.

How Cloud Based PBX Phones are Useful for Business ?

A Cloud-based PBX (together known as Virtual PBX or Hosted VoIP) offers some the most complete business phone service is available, offering more features than most companies even necessary. Typically, you can modify the plan to match your business requirements directly; however, some providers limit changes. The customer account portal provides advanced services like adding extensions, adding new numbers, and so on. And you will receive extensive communication with only one monthly fee without continually having to worry about keeping the telephone equipment.

A secure platform is available with a cloud PBX phone system for kinds of enterprises due to advances in technology and ensures business continuity. Cloud PBX technology established a trustworthy image in the business world that helps SMEs transform their business communications systems.

Remote workers home because of social distancing. Recently need to require employees to work remotely from home has raised the distinct advantage of offering cloud-based communications services. Setting up phone service and receive calls during a particular time can be set up quickly and efficiently. Employers have recognized that their phone service integration with CRM and business applications is crucial to sustaining the business. When the company found an urgent need for remote workers, hosted VoIP services often become the critical element that enables easy implementation. It has become clear that businesses need a strategy for abrupt transitions in the workplace.

The Cloud system is a branch of digital – or locally – PBX. The functionality offered is the same as only a difference in equipment and the way it is maintained. The cost structure of the two systems also distinguishes them. THE local PBX phone system has the equipment housed in a large hardware unit that must be kept in place. On-premise systems can be costly because of the size and the requirements for their particular storage facility. The machine is complex and requires professional attention, so there is a high maintenance cost involved.

What is The Difference between Digital PBX and Cloud-Based PBX Phone System?

THE Digital PBX telephone system monitors using a PBX switchboard. The switchboard process facilitates the connection between the phone calls and control of many business based phone systems features.

The cloud PBx is no different; it takes all the digital system features and functionality and moves into a virtual space removing the need for hardware and other such equipment, saving you many overhead costs that otherwise spent on installation Maintenance.

Hosted PBX systems have become popular mainly because they are easier to use and provides all the functionality of a digital PBX platform (and more) without the need for clunky, expensive equipment.

Explain The Working Of cloud Based PBX Phone System-

Cloud PBX is the Internet telephone system in which the provider is responsible for both residential PBX equipment and provide your telephone service. Your desk phone plugs into the router, and any calls, signaling, and features are handled by servers in the provider’s physical location.

PBX is responsible for routing incoming calls, allowing transfer calls to other extensions, and running all your phone system’s communication features, such as call waiting and voice mail. Your System manages using the call flow, a collection of parts, and rules that you set for the phone number given.

What are Advantages Of Using Cloud Based PBX Phone system?

More and More business entities are moving towards the cloud-based phone system. Learn the reasons for the same-

  • Low Installation Cost-

Moving to the cloud phone system produces many advantages and great is lower equipment costs. No need to maintain that the PBX server that sits on the telephone closet. Phone-based cloud provider (hosted VoIP) home and maintain both hardware and software at their locations. You connect through your Internet connection, not through traditional phone lines. You can do away with the typical phone services such as conventional business lines or PRI save costs. Only a telephone and a router are in hardware equipment. You can even save on phone costs by using a computer or Android soft-phone app that usually comes without a fee.

  • Comfortable setting –
    The setup is accessible irrespective of the new structure or replacing the old phone system—features such as an automated attendant, call forwarding, simultaneous ring, and easy to start.

For the newly acquired office, cloud-based phone service will be a straight forward selection. A superior business VoIP providers must have the technical support that will guide you through the setup. When you move to another location, your cloud PBX phone will connect properly.

The most significant benefit of a hosted cloud PBX system is its low cost. Because the hosted PBX system is provided as a service, you do not need to buy the physical equipment; the only equipment you may need to be VoIP-enabled desktop phones.

Route all the calls for the remote employees. Lack of equipment also helps you save on the cost of installation and maintenance. All services and features are fully hosted in the cloud and managed by your provider, which means that your phone service’s price includes regular updates and maintenance. Most providers offer an online portal through which you can manage your phone line, update, and maintenance needs.

A hosted PBX solution also gives you significant control over how much you pay, because you only pay for the features and the phone line you need. Also, most business phone systems offer cloud-hosted unlimited domestic calls, which ensures that employees can use the System for a very long time, without having to worry about racking up an extra cost.

  • Reliable 

For many businesses, telephonic communication is the backbone of their daily activities, so that reliable service is necessary. Traditional landline systems use copper cables for transferring telephone calls. The damages by vandalism, natural disasters, and general wear and tear in cord cause the interruption in your phone service or full blown out phone services.

Suppose a flood, fire, or other disaster occurs. In that case, you can be sure that it will be ‘business as usual’ as possible to configure both primary and fail over route calls in an emergency. In such emergency times, the call forwards to your phone system.

Cloud PBX system using the Internet, which means that your phone service is as strong as your internet connection. Geographical redundancy, which is when a provider has multiple servers in different physical locations, is one of the most common measures of these systems’ reliability. Each server contains identical information so that the other can take place almost instantly if one fails.

  • Flexible-

Traditionally, moving a place of business or installing a new telephone line has been a headache for IT managers; however, using the cloud PBX phone system process can be more straightforward. There will be no requirement for a new phone line, and the solutions delivered via the Internet, you can quickly get your phone system up and running.

It is the most crucial advantage of a hosted PBX phone system that can do your business calls via smartphones and computers. Suppose you have a reliable internet connection. It can work best If you are planning to move your business to a new location.

It makes it an excellent solution for businesses affected by seasonal changes in demand – allows you to move up and down as needed, rather than charges the same amount regardless of usage. Also, different phone numbers can be acquired and tracked at the click of a button, which enables your business to measure the results and all-important ROI easily!

  • Scalability 

Cloud PBX phone system is also scalable, with many operators using the cost per user approach, which means you will not have to pay more than you need. It also allows you to increase or decrease the number of licenses required easily shared business needs.

With the cloud, PBX quickly adds or subtracts services, generally with one click of the mouse. Remote workers can be somewhere and connect as they were in the office. And there is nothing better than letting individual employees have control over how their calls are handled. If they have to have their calls forwarded or retrieve fax directly to their numbers, it’s not complicated. They can receive voice messages are sent via email to their smartphones or their menu setup for callers. Now it controls. And it’s easy to set up.

Employees with access to high-speed Internet can be connected to the office from anywhere remotely. They can take their phone, plug it into any network, and it seems like they are calling from their office. Users can access voice messages, change the make what they call routed, and easily customize their greeting personnel from anywhere.

  • Productivity and Management-

Cloud PBX phone system allows you, flexible working staff, from wherever they want, easily connects to your desktop, office phone, mobile phone, Instant Messaging, CRM, and other applications for unified communications solutions.

A significant advantage of using cloud-based phone service is the freedom to manage the phone system, even after the setup of hosted VoIP offering assistance providers, so that every employee can configure their phones. Grip both providers and updates to enhance the security features and maintain the cloud PBX to ensure that it operates smoothly.

The System itself is designed to be easy to manage, and just about anyone will be able to modify the changes they want quickly and anywhere. There is no longer a requirement for large telephone equipment in cabinets that need attention and who have a risk of a thunderstorm.

What are some of the additional features of Cloud-Based PBX phone systems?

Call queue: These features help to manage the inrush of calls by placing the callers in a line or hold until the employee is free to take the call.

Unlimited calling: The employees are free to make as many domestic calls as they want without any additional cost.

Auto-attendant: There are virtual call attendees who transfer the call to the respective employees.

Voicemail-to-email: The voicemail messages or the audio files are sent directly to the employee’s inbox.

Online management: The administrators make changes like assigning phone numbers, adding users, creating ring groups, and call reports reviewing from the online portals. The employee’s logins to the portal and check all these details over there.

Video/web conferencing: The users can create video meetings to do their screen sharing and let the users view and discuss the presentations/ documents. The capacity to add the number of people in a call varies.

Extension dialing: This is an outstanding feature because it enables the employees to connect with their coworkers without dialing the complete number but only dialing a few numbers.

Conference call: This feature allows you to host the call with hundreds of people at a time.

Text messaging: These features enable the employees to send the text message to form their business lines.

A Cloud PBX solution is a better option. If businesses can not afford an expensive PBX system, private companies can upgrade their business communications systems with Cloud PBX to secure a platform.

No longer hosted telephony only available to large companies, many small and medium enterprises can benefit from their traditional lines ISDN switch to cloud PBX phone system. Try this cost-effective phone System and enjoy its valuable features and consistent services—Cloud-based PBX Phone system – A perfect choice for your business.