Headsets have become a necessary tool for people who earn their living through communications. As brilliant communication is the key to the success of a business, just like that, a compatible headset is the key to undisturbed communications. The market is full of different brands that are making audio gadgets, but only some are up to markup standards.

Therefore, if you are thinking of buying a headset, then just go for Sennheiser headsets without any doubt. They are one of the companies that are manufacturing audio equipment from years and have implicit quality. Choosing a headset model depends on your budget and the purpose of using it.

Whether you want to buy the headsets for personal or professional use, have a look at these best Sennheiser headphones before you buy.

1) Sennheiser D10 USB ML Wireless DECT headset (monaural) with Base Station

These wireless headsets are manufacture for unified communications. They are made for improved collaboration to make you move freely move around the building without being disconnected from your devices. These headsets are made into a monaural style, which is suitable for the people who do not want to cover both ears. They are highly comfortable and light weighted to use. They are integrated with soft ear cushions that easily sit on the contour.

These wireless headsets are excellent for personal and professional use. They are integrated with a wideband frequency range of 590ft. They are built-in with a long-lasting battery that takes 1 hour to charge.

Sennheiser D10 USB ML is made for clear communication with voice clarity that enhances the sound experience for both callers and listeners. They are featured with peace of mind as they come with a 2-year warranty.

2) Sennheiser SD Office ML Wireless Mono Headset

These headsets are engineered for unified communication and people with extensive mobile usage. These are specially designed for business professionals who communicate with a desk phone and PC/softphone. These headsets are certified for the UC applications and Skype for business. Sennheiser SD Office ML is compatible with PC, smartphones, and tablets and provides you Dual connectivity that can be a switch from desk phone to PC with just a touch on the base.

They are noise-canceling microphone that filters out of all wanted background noise for crystal clear conversations. They make you isolate into a peaceful environment and cut off from the noisy environment. They can be conferenced up to 4 headsets that can be paired to a single DECT base station call.

They are integrated with call controls that provide you better management of the calls by which you can answer/end a call, mute the microphone and adjust the volume according to your requirement. They are featured with active technology that protects to defend against acoustic shock caused by sudden bursts.

3) Sennheiser SD Pro1 ML Premium Wireless Mono Headset

Feel the premium sound with Sennheiser SD Pro1 ML. They are designed to provide you clear communications no matter how busy or noisy your environment gets. They are made elegant and stylish to wear and providing you better concentration towards the work. They are highly comfortable to use and wear for the whole day. They provide you talk time of 8 hours and are built with long-lasting batteries. They get charged quickly with a 50% battery within 20 minutes and get a 100% charge within 1hour. The battery is made up of lithium polymer. They are built with a neodymium magnet speaker.

4) Sennheiser SD Pro1 Premium Wireless Mono Headset

Sennheiser SD Pro1 Premium is featured with voice clarity and undoubted comfort. They are highly compatible with major global providers of telephony and unified communications platforms and solutions. They are designed by audio professionals who understand the need for quality sound and comfort. They are built-in with intuitive call controls that help you to end/answer calls, mute microphone, and adjust volume directly on the headset.

They are featured with signature Sennheiser voice clarity to give you a better sound experience. They are featured with an ultra-noise canceling microphone that eliminates all the unwanted noises in the background. They allow you to enjoy crystal clear communication regardless of the place. They are built with DECT technology that promises to deliver natural sound to your ears. They let you enjoy the freedom to walk and talk with a wireless range up to 590ft.

5) Sennheiser SD Pro2 Premium Wireless Duo Headset

These are an inevitable choice to buy and specially designed to give power to your communications. They are highly recommended to use for the professional business and offices where the premium sound is required. Sennheiser SD Pro2 Premium is extremely light weighted to use for the whole day’s communications.

They are manufactured into a binaural wearing style, which provides you better isolation at work. The ear cups are cushioned with soft foam leatherette that does not irritate the skin. Furthermore, they provide you 8 hours of talk time in wideband and 12 hours in narrowband sound mode.


I hope this post will be helpful for those who are looking for the best Sennheiser headsets in the USA. But if you need any kind of headsets in Australia, UK, and USA, then you can give call to FindHEadsets Ltd any time for any headsets.