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Best Airtable Alternatives will be described in this article. It’s possible that you are familiar with or have already used Airtable. In addition to supporting cloud communication, it is a project manager. However, some customers find the monthly fee to be simply too expensive. And because of this, some users are attempting to switch from using Airtable to a more economical alternative. We are presenting you a checklist of the top Airtable substitutes today.

Describe Airtable.

Users can manage their project database on a cloud collaboration system using the Airtable platform. Simply said, it facilitates communication between you and the team. Anytime you wish, you can give the group members new tasks and adjust the workflow. Even third-party plugins that can automate various tasks can be added. Airtable can quickly display the route you are taking to complete a specific business assignment.

Without a doubt, Airtable has a reputation and a ton of features. But other customers find the cost to be simply too high. Not all businesses include the financial norms to pay so much for a project management platform. For instance, Airtable will bill each customer $10 each month.

You will require $300 per month if your startup employs 30 workers. This sum is not insignificant. Additionally, paying such a sum does not grant you complete independence; you will still be required to pay more if your storage space runs out.

Top 10 Best Airtable Alternatives In 2023

We chose the best Airtable replacements that are inexpensive and offer all or nearly all of its features with the audience in mind. The software listed below will work well with a relational database. We kept in mind how important the software’s speed, automation, plugin support, and adaptability are. So, without further ado, let’s look at the top Airtable alternatives.

1. Asana


Asana is the first-best substitute for Airtable. If you require to manage a large team while simultaneously using tools like roadmaps, campaign management, etc., this is a fantastic choice. There are so many factors to monitor with regard to your team’s progress on tasks.

Asana will display the information in list format, which distinguishes it from both platforms. Timeline, board, calendar, workload, work-in-progress information, etc.


  • Many perspectives
  • Has no additional cost for increased storage.
  • There are third-party plugins available.


  • UX requires development.

Cost: Free for individual users; $11.99 per month for premium.

2. Notion


Notion ought to be your first option if you’re looking for a platform that is extremely comparable to Airtable. It offers all the tools and functionality needed to manage the workload of a small or large staff, so it is more than just a platform where you can maintain or update your work spreadsheets. The best aspect is that you can install third party plugins to greatly simplify everything. You may share documents, give tasks, and more. They even provide a number of working templates.

Additionally, Notion enables you to drag and adjust tasks as you go. The UI is extremely similar to Airtable’s interface. The capability of altering a pre-made template is another aspect that distinguishes Notion as a top option. You can select and modify templates based on your requirements.


  • Everything is centralized.
  • Automation may be done.
  • There is a kanban view among many others.
  • Enables the ability to drag tasks.


  • It takes time for new users to comprehend everything.
  • The cost is nothing for lone users and four dollars per month for Pro Plan subscribers.

3. Microsoft Lists

Microsoft Lists

You may be viewing this article in a Microsoft operating system because Microsoft is a reputable firm. One of the greatest Airtable alternatives is Microsoft Lists because of all it can do. Events may be planned, spreadsheets can be made, etc. You only ought to pick one out of the various templates and get started.


  • Beneficial for Microsoft users.
  • Multiple views, lists, and automation are supported.
  • Microsoft platforms are added.


  • Not appropriate for all users.
  • Microsoft 365 Basic Business Plan costs $5 per month.

4. Zenkit


Zenkit comes in at number four on the list of top Airtable substitutes. One factor that places this platform on the list is the framework. It offers a variety of workflow insights and doesn’t feel like a standard database. Your job and its templates are editable. You receive numerous data views and work reminders. It includes views for Kanban, calendars, lists, wikis, maps, and more. The Gantt Chart is one feature of Zenkit that is absent from Airtable.


  • Everything is gathered in one location.
  • There are features for databases, collaborations, and hypernotes.
  • Can do mass actions.


  • More work has to be done on file management.

Price: Free for lone users; a monthly Plus Plan is $9.

5. NocoDB


NocoDB is an open-source manager that might be ideal for you. You may easily create intelligent spreadsheets from your database without writing any code. The strong structure of NocoDB, which integrates effortlessly with API, is responsible for its popularity.

Like others, assign tasks to your team members so you can preserve tabs on their progress during the campaign.


  • Excellent for open-source users and completely free.
  • From SQL data, you may make an intelligent spreadsheet.
  • Tasks that are simple to track and third-party plugins are available.


  • Must be manually installed.

Price: Everyone can participate for free.

6. ClickUp


This platform, like Airtable, does not require you to learn how to code. It is effortless to use and contains all the functionality you need to manage the company’s or business’s workflow. Tasks can also be dropped and moved around in ClickUp. There are diverse ways to view the information in ClickUp.

You may monitor the advancement of your project on the roadmap using a feature called Goals. You may simply derive data from one database to another database thanks to relational database characteristics. Use one of the more than 100 third-party plugins to automate.


  • Goals and live reporting are to be remembered.
  • API support and relational database functionality.
  • You can alter the data view.


  • It can take a while for certain features to respond.

Price: $5 per month for the premium subscription; free for lone users.

7. Baserow


This platform is open-source and considerably less expensive than Airtable. Not only is it affordable, but you may use it on your own server. This merely implies that you can switch between servers without getting locked. There are many ways to customize plugins, rows, templates, etc. In terms of user interface, the platform resembles Airtable a lot. You won’t have to endure the changes too much if you choose Baserow.


  • Manager is self-hosted and open-sourced.
  • Speed and adaptability are excellent.
  • Cheaper than Airtable.


  • Installation requires manual labor.
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8. Coda


You can start your management journey on the well-known platform Coda by simply uploading your document. Again, it’s a no-code platform; you can use databases created from documents right away. You can combine diverse data and tables using the Lookup tool. You can construct your roadmap, campaign, or progress monitoring using one of more than 100 themes.


  • Affordable Supports a database
  • Constructs a cross-table
  • It is necessary to enhance the user interface.

Price: $10 per month for the Pro Plan and free for lone users.

9. SeaTable


It is a different self-hosted platform that rivals Airtable in many ways. Choose SeaTable if you were using Airtable and are now looking for something more cheap. You will no longer remember Airtable because it features a cloud solution and a flawless architecture.

You have the capacity to determine where your data is kept and who has admission to it. Both Linux and Windows servers are supported. You will receive 1GB of data with 2000 rows if you choose to use this platform without paying.


  • A nice self-hosted platform that is inexpensive.
  • Everything is quick and durable.
  • More rows can be added to SeaTable than AirTable.


  • Updates are required for several API functionality.
  • Price: $7 per month for the Plus Plan and free for lone users.

10. Trello


Trello is a superior option than Airtable for small businesses and companies. This is a straightforward but clever collaboration tool that lets you begin working right away by adding other users with only a few clicks. Trello is inexpensive since it doesn’t offer all the capabilities that Airtable does. But it’s important to balance simplicity with precision.

It includes fundamental features including task prioritization, task scheduling, and calendar sharing. Kanban views are available on both platforms, and the task interface manager is just excellent. Overall, it’s an easy-to-use program that works well for little groups.


  • Suitable for little groups.
  • There is a prosKanban view option.
  • Easy to use.


  • Possesses few traits.

Price: Free for lone users; $5 per month for Pro Plan membership.

Final Words

These were therefore the top Airtable substitutes. You can choose any and go to work right away. Utilizing these technologies can significantly increase your work’s productivity. Baserow is our #1 suggestion if you’re seeking for the greatest open-source Airtable substitute. It is comparably less expensive than Airtable, and installing it on your own server won’t cost you anything extra.

Additionally, it implies that you are not restricted to a single vendor and can choose between servers. Its own hosted SaaS version is also available, and you can make your own plugins, templates, and row extensions.