Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a king – Digit, the First. He had three sons – Voice Search, User Experience, and Website Designs. They were given three kingdoms to rule, and…. Well, read on for the rest of the tale!

It is indeed a digital-fairytale of how “Hey Siri/Hello Alexa/Ok Google/Ok Cortana” came to be imbibed in the website world to promote user experience. When voice search started its journey in 2002, who knew the foothold it will be gaining over the digital world!

As of now, predictions are being made that the voice-search based shopping will spike to $40 billion by 2022. This is not surprising considering that 55% of homes are estimated to own smart speaker devices by the year 2022

Catering to this trend, it won’t be wrong to say that voice search will grow to be the ‘new’ format for organic search. The SEO guidelines are steadily building up around this. Following up with this, the best of the web development company in New York needs to design their websites to befit this trend to ensure that they scale up the SERP and subsequently, catch the ‘eyes’ of the smart speakers. 

Wouldn’t you want your site to be read out by the smart assistants of the era? That’s all that your business relies on now, with online platforms steadily emerging as the dominant space to conduct business.

Here is all that you need to know about these kingdoms, and they’re coming together!

The Kingdoms are Born

Users are the rightful heir to the Throne in the digital world. Thus, designing and developing the digital elements as per their preference is now a mandate. And as per the latest updates –

  1. 30% of all web browsing will be carried over via voice searches, that is screenless, over 2020.
  2. Half of all the online search sessions will become voice-search-based by 2020.
  3. As of 2020, 43% of online shoppers use voice search for their shopping endeavors.

With an idea about voice search, here is a look into the three kingdoms and how they will come together! @Developers: Pay attention! You have the secret Potion to the Website-success for the coming decade!

  • The Emergence of Voice Search

Voice search is not a new player in this game.

The rise and dominance of voice search and the convenience that it brought influenced the entire digital realm to follow its footsteps. As its primary feature, content continued to be modified. As the need of the era evolved, its requirements altered –

  1. The conversational tone of content
  2. Semantic search
  3. Localized SEO
  4. Long keywords
  5. The question-answer format in content
  6. Bull’s eyes: featured snippet
  7. Schema markup and structured data
  8. Improved domain authority

However, this is just the beginning. Know this pioneering web design company across the globe, you will need to do a lot more than that to up your game. Subsequently, they can continue to hold their authority in their genre of trade.

  • Prioritizing User Experience

A hyper-focus on user experience from the start of this decade has changed the game-plan of websites forever. It seems that pleasing the end-users or clients has become the main motto for all brands. Tapping UX, however, requires the consideration of two major factors –

  • User preference
  • User requirements

This persistent pulse in the industry requires the developers to dig into the following –

  1. Design for truth-validation
  2. Build inclusive design
  3. Login without password
  4. Dark themes for websites, etc.

These are only a few of the user-experience trend-influenced examples. Considering that 94% of your users build an idea regarding your brand via their first impression, this is an important criterion to match up to. One way would be to match up to the voice search needs of these users!

  • Importance of web design in 2020

For an online marketing presence, the design of a website is essential, since for 66% of your site-visitors an excellent site design is a must. In case, you fail to follow up with this trend, you would be losing out on multiple such leads. The importance of site design is chalked out as follows –

  • Boosts SEO strategy
  • Builds the credibility of the site, and hence the brand
  • Showcases the consistency of the brand in question
  • Ace past your competitors
  • Impresses the potential clients and boosts the conversion rate

Here is a look into the important web design trends for 2020 –

  1. Blending graphics with photographs
  2. Ultra minimalist navigation
  3. Dark mode
  4. Immersive 3-dimensional elements
  5. Solid frames of white space

Considering that these individual elements are dealt with, here is a look into the impact that it would have on the website space, together. 

The Kingdoms Unite …and they lived happily ever after.

Bringing 3 elements together sounds like a complex plan. However, for website designers skilled in the task of eCommerce web design, this is nothing but simple. Here are some tricks that they are adapting, swiftly. 

So, Amateurs: if you are here, these are the cherries on the top, to enter the major league of website designing and development. Check out reliable web design and web development company in New York unifiedinfotech.net if you are not sure about self project work!

#Trick 1: Place commonly placed queries, on the top of your site.

#Trick 2: Add locations to your content on the site

#Trick 3: Design for mobile

#Trick 4: Update your “My Business” profile in Google

Considering that you have followed up with all of these, 

  1. Your site would soon be heard in the voices of Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Google; 
  2. Your revenue would multiple
  3. You and your site would be future-ready for the voice revolution, and
  4. You would tend to enter into the big-shot brands in your league of business.

And the tale would end with a “…and they lived happily ever after…”!