7 Travelling Gadgets that are too Cool to Resist!

Be it either your business meeting or self-realization trip or road trip or hangouts with friends,
travelling is by far the best of one’s life. With a plethora of unexplored places stretched
across the earthly sphere, a gipsy soul needs no specific moment to plan his next tour.
It can be troublesome for us to have the right backpack. Some trips are simply for fun and
entertainment; while others are keen to add some extra conveniences to their travelling
experiences. By now, probably you might have guessed what are we talking about?
Travelling gadgets, of course! These travel tools are proving a boon for today’s travellers.
Let’s check the list below to know more about them –

Micro Lazy Luggage –

For many of us, finding the right carry-on luggage is a grave matter of concern. If your kid is
accompanying you, have micro lazy luggage with you. I don’t know whether you know it or
not, it is one of the most essential travel accessories for modern parents. You can use it as
your mood – for one moment it can be your trolley while for the next moment, it is baba’s
vehicle. Isn’t it amazing? Try this 18-litre micro storage once, and you will feel completely
relaxed while travelling with your kid.

Sandless beach mat –

If you have included any beach in your travelling itinerary, it is good to buy a sandless beach
mat now itself. Having this revolutionary beach accessory handy, you can simply lay it on the
shores, and relax with both your legs stretched far apart. Isn’t it an excellent way to bid adieu
to the annoying sticky sand?

Power Bank –

We live in a world where everything’s so temporary. Why take a risk with electricity
availability when you are out on a family holiday? If you are amongst the hardcore workers
of your office, you might know the importance of emergency calls, unscheduled virtual
meetings, or a necessary submission. Imagine what will happen if, in such an emergency
scenario, there’s a shortage of electricity supply due to some unavoidable circumstance? A
power bank will prove to be a live saver for you then. Charge them once in the morning and
use them when you need.
Interestingly, there are solar power banks too in the market. Using these will surely make you
an energy concerned individual. Thus, even if you do not find a charging slot nearby, you still
can seek help from the never-ending source of light. If you are heading for a trekking
adventure notably Chadar Trek, you will come to know the importance of a solar fuelled
power bank.

Titanium Spork –

Gone are those times, when trekkers used to prefer use and throw spoons and forks during
their trekking adventure. With the advancement in technology, now you have something
called titanium spork which is a dual-sided handy tool to be a part of your trek backpack.
After all, manners matter when you have lunch with your fellow tourists. This uniqueness of
this spork is that on one side it has got a spoon front while on the reverse side, it has got a
forked front.

Pro Compass –

Your travelling backpack will inevitably be incomplete without a high-tech compass. If you
are still lag in reading a compass or gain a grip on the Google maps, it is a sincere request to
all of you to learn it as soon as possible. And don’t worry its pretty simple!
Importance of a pro compass can be learned when you are on a hiking tour. A good compass
will be your best travel companion for ease of navigation through your hiking routes. It has
got a serrated bezel ring on its top which turns swiftly well in all weathers. This ensures that
you have a good bearing across any climatic conditions. Your pro compass is balanced to
ease your directions in comparison with the Northern Hemispheres.

Mini filtration system –

Have you come across any device named mini filtration system? This is one of the most
essential travelling accessories for all those who are very sensitive about the quality of water.
The market has many brands manufacturing such mini filtration devices to kill 99.9999
percent of water-borne bacteria. Weighing just 2 ounces, this device is so small, that it can
easily fit in your palms.

Transparent Inflatable Bubble tent –

Last but not the least, buy a transparent inflatable bubble tent if you are amongst those who
love to camp under the open sky and enjoy stargazing. This transparent inflatable bubble tent
is a perfect fit for those who wish to fell asleep while counting the stars and still be protected
by mosquitoes and bugs. Blower, glue, and repair kit are add-on accessories that come along
with this transparent inflatable bubble tents. Most of the people who like camping at the
places like Coorg buy these types of tent.
I hope our list of 7 cool travelling gadgets might have excited you to get in the mood for your
next outing. If you have some more to add, we would highly appreciate your efforts in
reaching us. After all, we just aim to make our holidays a relaxing one!