NodeJs is being considered as an awesome technology in the evolving world of tech. Businesses are hiring the best node.JS development companies to create tailor-made mobile applications that can help in engaging their target audience drastically. 

Great brands are using NodeJs technology in their applications, viz: LinkedIn, PayPal, Netflix, and more. Surely you would be looking forward to creating a mobile app using nodeJS technology but having many doubts and questions regarding its credibility. 

In this article, we would glean in-depth insights into the aspects that make NodeJs a perfect choice for mobile application development in 2021. But, before that, here are some statistics that show how NodeJs is awesomely stealing hearts. 

  • 43% of NodeJs development includes the creation of enterprise applications. 
  • 85% of developers leverage NodeJs for web app development. 
  • The cost of application development reduces by 58% with NodeJs 
  • NodeJs is the primary choice of startups to create web and mobile app development. 

In short, NodeJs is the major preference of startups these days to create mobile and web application solutions. But! Before hiring node JS developers, you would be wondering how reliable is nodeJs for creating a mobile app. Let’s find the answer. 

How is NodeJS an awesome choice to create mobile apps?

There is no dearth of aspects that makes nodeJS an incredible back-end technology and client-side programming language. Let’s look at some perks that show how effective nodeJS technology is in mobile app development. 

  • NodeJs is faster than its counterpart technologies. 
  • For programmers, learning NodeJs is effortless. 
  • NodeJs enables an easy coding space for engineers. 
  • It intensifies the productivity of developers. 
  • With NodeJs, Hosting is very easy. 

This technology is considered revolutionary due to its simplified framework and seamless development process for developers. For businesses, it is an ideal technology as it helps them to launch their solutions in the market with desired quality and effectiveness. 

Here are some major reasons for choosing NodeJs for your next mobile app development project. 

#1. Demise The Time To Market The major reason for startups’ preference and inclination toward is reduced time of marketing. Paypal is the best instance of this. The modular design of the framework, cross-organizational collaboration, and fewer lines of code ease down the hassle of developers to bring the solution to digital life with ease. 

Moreover, it is apparent and accepted by experts that NodeJS improves the development time for developers and makes it available readily… In modular design, NodeJs has proven very effective as it takes less time. So, If you hire nodeJs developers, you can be certain that everything that you would want to develop can be tested and deployed with ease.

#2. Develop Real-Time Applications

NodeJs is one of the most effective frameworks for creating real-time applications like games and chatting apps. Because JavaScript works client and server-side, it allows for faster synchronization. WebSockets also enables you to learn about the true basic capabilities of NodeJs. 

The main purpose of using nodeJa is to keep a grip on the overall performance of applications, majorly in the instance of a sudden increase in traffic. Most of the cloud platforms actually support nodeJS. In short, NodeJs is best to create real-time applications.

#3. Opt Modular Designing 

For app developers, creating an app using NodeJs is a blissful experience as you just need to write fewer lines of code compared to other frameworks. It can also handle numerous requests per second as well as reduces the overall response time by a significant margin compared to the Java version. 

As I told you earlier, PayPal used Node Js to modernize the entire environment of monolithic applications. 

Java has been a prominent choice to boost monolithic app development. But now, service-oriented architecture is trending nowadays, as it allows them to deal with a variety of complex app development for different business infrastructures. 

#4. Single Codebase Across The App

The biggest perk of using NodeJs development is you can opt for a single codebase (scripting language-JavaScript) for client-side and server-side of app development… The fact is some frameworks require you to code in various languages for both client-side and server-side programming. 

In short, when you are going to find a developer for your project, you just have to find an expert in a single codebase. Not multiple with expertise in different languages. Per a node js development company, India, it boosts the popularity of this technology in app development. 

#5. Very Affordable Operations 

Node.js services do not cost much if we see the ease of application creation provided by this framework. Market research has repeatedly proven that low-power computing networks are used for development with Node.js. This is effective and affirmative when it comes to installing 32 cores and 64 GB of RAM. Besides, NodeJs can easily run 32 cases on the same hardware. 

.Node.JS is helpful to the operations team, especially for its ability to establish one-to-one server relationships and computer resources. In addition, it is easy for mobile app development companies to easily adapt such a framework to modern cloud environments.

It also supports asynchronous recall. This makes way for a natural thread, neglecting any extra effort at the end-user; Decreasing memory usage levels and increasing efficiency at speed compared to their counterparts – Rails or Java. Such efficiency would increase the ability to host the same amount of memory simultaneously, making Node.js the ideal aftermarket alternative mobile application.

#6. Seamless Data Streaming On App 

If your application has to handle a huge data set, surely you would need high-end I/O management. It can be a bit difficult for a framework that requests complete data objects. 

Here comes NodeJs in the picture, as it can manage I/O operations with ease and can enable the use of transcoding media files. Besides, reading and writing streams of data are also seamless with WebSockets. 

Wrapping Up 

Using NodeJS as your back-end application framework can enable you to track visitors in real-time. Moreover, it helps in data visualization, which makes it best for mobile application development in the current arena. 

The major example of its effectiveness is that one can look in real-time application reviews provided by users and can also help in keeping track of ratings. Mobile app development companies have shown great appreciation towards nodeJS and hire node.js  developers, India enthusiastically; that’s the reason for its growing community. It is a strikingly amazing tech today, and you must choose it for your next project.