Why Every B2B Company Needs a Website

Did you know that the majority of B2B purchases begin with a web search? It’s certainly favorable to be in a position where your website meets your customers before you do. A website not only helps prospects find your company, but is also vital to your reputation and key to encouraging engagement. Plus, there’s far more to having an online presence than that.

In this day and age, buyers turn to the internet for answers and solutions to their business concerns. This is where you come in and provide the information they’re seeking. By not having a website, you miss out on a valuable opportunity. Let’s take a closer look at why every B2B company needs a website.


No matter how well established you are, being easily found online is crucial to growth. It’s likely that most (if not all) of your potential clients use the internet to purchase and research your product or service. If you aren’t around to deliver that, a competitor will take your place.

What’s great is that even the smallest organizations can benefit from an online presence. Having effective content and online reviews or testimonials can increase your visibility and strengthen your credibility from the start.


The primary means by which your website attracts prospects is through helpful content. Without a site to present it, you would have to rely on channels such as email and social media. The more relevant, unique, and quality content your website hosts, the more opportunities are available to engage with visitors and turn them into customers.

This may seem daunting, especially if you lack the necessary technical expertise. Luckily, setting up your site and adding content can easily be outsourced to the right professionals. You can also use a wealth of online guides to do it yourself. For instance, the merrittgrp.com blog details everything you need to know to build a winning B2B website.


As you publish content on your website, its ‘domain authority’ (where it ranks on search engine results pages) will grow and, with it, your reputation. In other words, when someone searches for the product or service you offer and lands on your site, you will appear further up on results pages for the keywords that apply to your business.

Granted, this won’t happen overnight and it can take some time depending on your competition, but it’s undeniably worth the effort. In fact, one survey found that 56% of respondents wouldn’t trust a business that doesn’t have a site.


When it comes to building a site for your company, the total cost is relatively small, especially compared to traditional (and often less effective) advertising. After getting your site running, optimized and loaded with some content, it will continue to deliver results with minimal maintenance. You can safely expect your website to pay for itself in due course. Plus, it can cost next to nothing to create a steady stream of organic traffic that reaches you round-the-clock.

You can gain even more than what we’ve already discussed from establishing your online presence. So, what are you waiting for?