If you heard the fact that Ukraine attracted more than 20 million foreigners every year as of 2012 you would be amazed that it has not yet been discovered by a lot of points except for being huge and diverse. It is a nation that enriches colorful traditions and off-the-maps experiences. The Ukrainians are considered as the most open and hospitable people in entire Europe if given a chance. You can experience them by getting a Ukrainian Tourist Visa. These people love to wander their country’s long forests, looking out for mushrooms and berries or their interests go by picnicking around the meandering river.

1. Kiev

Also known as Kyiv, the Capital is undoubtedly the number one destination in the country, it is located in north-central Ukraine. You can visit the popular Soviet Architecture, golden-domed churches, monasteries, and good-looking streets. The modern Kiev is all good to visit, you can head to any of the bars, watch people sitting at a sidewalkcafe or if you find Eastern-Europe’s history fascinating, you can always visit one of the museums. There is one museum for Architecture, folk, or Ethnography if you are interested in them, it is also known to be among the largest open-air museums in Europe. In Kiev, the most popular attraction is Kiev Pechersk Lavra, as it is one of the most important monasteries and the oldest throughout the history of Ukraine. Kiev attracts through its most popular destinations like its theatre, musical performances, and opera, so get together your A-game in cultural facts!

2. Lviv

It is the largest city in the west of Ukraine and has a historic center that can be well explored, this city is packed full of museums, monuments, and old-age buildings with findings that date back to the 5th century, with the help of modern archaeologists. The city still holds so many undiscovered things, it would take a real explorer or adventurer to explore, get your passports ready if you are a good one!

Dubbing one of the most popular cultural hubs of Ukraine, Lviv surrounds itself and its streets with art galleries, let’s not forget the Lviv National Art Gallery, it holds over 50,000 artworks!

There is not a shortage of things you can do for a cultural day out, from ballet performances and experiencing opera, to fun café culture. You will find a variety of cuisines, bars, and knaipas (local pubs)in the side narrow streets, tucked down all the way through.

3. Dzharylhach island: the biggest uninhabited island in Ukraine and is the beauty spot.

Located around the Kherson region of Ukraine. Dzharylhach is the uninhabited island inside the black sea. It has an increment in the population of Ukrainians but it still remains an unknown island for foreign tourists. Well, maybe because it is not the easiest possible places to travel to. You can find a few ferries in the day travelling to Dzharylhach from the mainland or if you choose to stay all night, then you have to place a camp to reside. You can notice the dolphins playing around near the shore because the water is crystal clear. In dishes, you can have the Stingray Borsch which is famous at the beach hut, before you travel to your next destination.

4. Vorokhta

It has an urban-type settlement and is one of the best places to explore in Ukraine. In the Carpathians, there is a small village which is known for its dual viaducts. Of course, the historical architecture cannot be put to use any longer but it is a beautiful piece one can see, not having to tell about the views of the mountains that surround the place and breath-taking rolling green hills. The activities to do in Vorokhta are plenty, like white water rafting. Ziplines are around the place too, just in different cases, one can experience. You can find a few hotels or Self-catered holiday rentals in Vorokhta at decent prices.

5. The Pink Lake: unique lakes to explore

Ukraine might have a lot of pink lakes but still, according to my opinion, the best is this one that is located at Arabatska Strilka. A visit to Henichesk Lake must be on everyone’s list. The pink bright colour is formed due to algae which are attracted to the huge amounts of salts present in the lake. Literally, the content of salt is so high that you can actually get buckets full of them as souvenirs by just scraping it from the ground!

6. Hoverla Mountain

It is the tallest mountain in entire Ukraine, it is located in the Carpathian mountains which is 2061 meters tall and can be easily hiked in a couple of hours. People usually pop a bottle of champagne for their tradition.