Lawyers are the backbone of any society. They are an essential part of your daily life; be it a mega-corporation or a person, everybody needs a lawyer in their lifetime.  But every lawyer doesn’t have the same areas of expertise.

For your specific problem, you may need a particular type of lawyer who has experience in that field for many years. And if you don’t select your lawyer carefully, it can cause you great difficulties in the future.

So, before choosing a lawyer for your specific problem, you need to know how many types of lawyers are there. And you need to understand their particular specialties to get a better idea about their field of expertise and if they will be able to help you or not.

Mainly there are two types of laws practiced in the country, civil and criminal. Civil law and civil court handle matters of public interest, and these matters are not life and death situations.

The Different Types of Lawyers

But criminal law handles grievous issues. So, from burglary to homicide, they deal in all of those matters. And as a result, there are mainly two types of lawyers, civil and criminal.

These lawyers can also be good at offense or defense.

So, for example, some lawyers, like public prosecutors, get convicted, and some lawyers, like defenders, defend innocent people from getting convicted. But your unique situation may need more specialization than this. So, you may need to know about their differences.

1. Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal injury lawyers help you to get compensation for your damage caused by any other parties. For example, if you get hurt by a car, you will call them to get a bonus from the person that caused the accident.

2. Estate Planning Lawyers

If you need to write a will and pass on your heritage to your descendants, you may need to call an estate planning lawyer. They will draw up your natural choice and make it ready for you.

3. Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you get broke and need to declare bankruptcy, you need to consult with a bankruptcy lawyer. They will tell you about the different types of bankruptcy you can communicate and the best possible one for you. And even they can tell how to avoid bankruptcy altogether.

4. Intellectual Property Lawyer

These types of lawyers deal in intellectual properties, like record albums, patents, copyrights, etc. They will help you to secure your intellectual property and will help you if someone steals it. You also can call this type of lawyer a will attorney.

5. Employment Lawyer

If you need to make a contract with your employees or employer, you can consult with them. And they will also help you to get out of your employment contract also.

6. Corporate Lawyer

Every big or even small corporation needs to have a lawyer on their side-line to look over their day-to-day work. So that they don’t get stuck in any legal issues, if they get stuck in one, these types of lawyers can take them out of that issue.

7. Immigration Lawyer

These types of lawyers have expertise in immigration laws. They will help you draw up your immigration paperwork and help you with any other immigration-related issues.

8. Criminal Lawyer

If the police arrest you for any crime, you need to consult with a criminal lawyer as soon as possible. They will take care of the bail, pleas, and everything.

9. Medical Malpractice Lawyer

Doctors also make mistakes. And if you are a doctor and have sued for malpractice, you need to consult with this type of lawyer.

10. Family Lawyer

These lawyers handle domestic issues, like prenuptial agreements, divorce settlements, child custody battles, etc. They is also the marriage lawyer too as they settle the marriage cases—Not only that this type of lawyers also the probate lawyers. If you don’t know about the probate lawyer, you can read this blog.

11. Civil Litigation Lawyers

They handle different types of civil issues. But you need to know their previous case history to see if they are suitable for you.

12. Tax Lawyer

If you have problems with the IRS or need help with any tax-related issues, you can consult with this type of lawyer.

13. Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

They mainly consult when there is an accident in your workplace, and you need compensation for your damage from the authorities. This type of lawyer is also known as the injury lawyer.

14. Contract Lawyer

You may need to contact a contract lawyer before signing a contract to know if it will be good for you. And even if you have signed one agreement, you can ask them if any problem arises from it.

15. General Practice Lawyer

There is also a general practice lawyer who has expertise in different fields of law. But you need to check their track record to know if they will be well-suited for your situation.

Every situation is different, and it needs to be handled differently.

So, you need to do a little bit of research and then search around for the best lawyer for your situation. Also, look for the past cases they have handled to know about their field of expertise.

The Conclusion

Now you have gained enough knowledge about the attorney that works to do good to the people. So, if you face any problem in life, you just need to go to the type of lawyers that can help you.

They will charge you something for helping you, but this will be the best option if you choose the attorney to solve a problem. You can have any kind of problem, don’t think about judgment. The attorneys are waiting to be with your side. Get help and also get the solution instantly.

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