If you’ve been charged or accused of a crime, it is always in your best interests to contact a defense attorney right away. Even though you are entitled to free legal representation, relying on a trusted, experienced legal expert is always a better option.

You might feel that you don’t need a lawyer, specifically if you know you are innocent. But when evaluating high-profile cases, double jeopardy complications, and the fact that you’ll probably be facing an experienced prosecution lawyer, hiring a defense lawyer is always wise.

Nevertheless, while attempting to navigate a legal trial without a defense attorney is one of the most common mistakes you can make, there are other mishaps you’ll want to avoid.

Opening Up To The Police

Even though you will need to communicate with police officers to some degree when facing criminal charges, it’s best to say as little as possible.

Irrespective of whether or not you are guilty, divulging too much information to police officers can jeopardize your case. You might say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and misunderstandings could work against you later on.

Instead, phone your defense attorney right away, or practice your right to remain silent until your lawyer is present.

Avoiding Authorities

When police authorities approach, the biggest mistake an individual can make is to run or attempt to hide. Even if you are innocent, this kind of behavior will raise suspicion among authorities.

Contacting Alleged Victims

Depending on the various specifics of your case, you might have some kind of relationship with the prosecution. As a result, you might feel tempted to reach out to the victim in hopes of dissolving the situation before a trial begins.

Unfortunately, this mistake can worsen matters, mainly for individuals who are wrongfully charged.

Posting Details On Social Media

It’s never wise to post about legal matters on social media platforms. Even more so, anything you post online can be used against you if you are facing criminal charges.

It’s best to avoid social media altogether until the ordeal is over. After that, it’s still wise to avoid posting anything about the case or the trial.

Throwing Things Away

While you do have a right to privacy, your privacy allowance decreases somewhat when facing criminal charges. Investigations often dig into the personal lives of those involved, and various items can be used as evidence.

For this reason, it’s crucial to avoid throwing anything away that can be linked to the case. Throwing away anything incriminating will only worsen the situation.

Leaving The Area

It won’t look good on your part if you decide to leave the state when facing charges. Whether you have prior responsibilities out of state or not, staying home until the trial is over is essential.

Facing criminal charges is extremely stressful, but when relying on the right defense attorney and avoiding common mistakes, you can rest assured your lawyer will guide you through the process with your best interests at heart.