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Top Cooking Games for Android and iPhone

Everyone loves to eat good food, isn’t that true? We can spend a good amount of our pocket-money in search of good taste. We praise great food and meals but unfortunately, not all of us are the great cooks!

“The food industry is one of the huge industries around the whole globe with more than 15.3 million employees across the USA.”

The skill of cooking is undoubtedly the most essential one and starting it from a younger age can help you to become a pro at this skill. Cooking games are here in the picture for your rescue and you can help your kids learn this skill along with entertainment, fun, and engagement.

There are thousands of games categorized in the list of cooking on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. These games include a variety of foods and meals.

-“The global food industry is almost $8.7 trillion of worth, contributing 10% to world’s GDP according to the reports of 2018”

Who loves mini burgers, great pizzas, and the finest desserts? Almost everyone! The cooking games available on the play store are widely downloaded and played because they cover each kind of food and meal cooking. Kids and even elders love to play with these tiny miniature cooking utensils on the screen and hurrah! You have made a pizza and a chocolate cake digitally on your own.

From the tons of cooking games, I played so many and find each of them enjoyable and entertaining. Below is a list of the top 10 cooking games for the android and iPhone which you can easily download from the respected play store and can enjoy the perks of being the best chef in town.

Cooking Fever:

Installed by up to 100 million users, cooking fever is probably the most played cooking game worldwide. The game covers a range of tutorials that you must see to deal with 20 locations, 150 ingredients, and 400 dishes.

You are also allowed to use every utensils and appliance which you have ever thought of. The decoration of restaurants and other improvements in customer experience is also appreciated.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza:

There are many essay writing services in USA that supported that it is one of the most played games which is designed to create tasty and delicious pizzas. The game begins from the point where you are the pizza maker in a pizza shop. You are also allowed to customize the pizza in your way or as the customer’s choice.

This game has been downloaded by almost 10 million people and it is slightly a challenging game. The main target in the game is designed to increase your customers. The game is widely played offline.

Cooking Mama:

This game has been designed in a way that it allows the users to grow their ingredients. Installed by more than 10 million people, this game is an all-rounder that focuses on cooking and restaurant activities along with animal herding.

The main mission of the goal is to cook and serve different meals and earn money. The amount which is earned is used to decorate the kitchen and improvement in customer services and machines. There are more than 30 recipes in the kitchen of cooking mama.

My Café:

This online cooking game is based on competition with other online players. The judgments are based on the decoration and designs of the café. It is one of the most-played offline games as it doesn’t require an internet connection.

In the game, you can turn your simple café and coffee place into a complete dine in one. This cooking game also allows you to hire staff, decide the menu, and set the charges of the meals. It has been downloaded by more than 10 million people.

Diner Dash:

To increase your earnings and ratings in this game, you have to cook and serve as fast as possible. There are almost 150 levels which you have to cover and the whole game runs on a fast-pace.

This game requires strategy and smart thinking. The player must be sharp enough to tackle the finances within the meantime and turn the small food outlet into a complete big restaurant.

Food Street:

Played by more than 5 million people, Food Street is another most-played cooking game. The rating of the game is also the highest one. It is a restaurant management game that encourages the player to create his restaurant and take it further.

The players are also allowed to collect special ingredients and serve their customers happily and positively. It is another popular cooking game on the android and iOS platforms.

Cooking City:

Cooking the city is also one of the most-played cooking games worldwide and has been installed by more than 5 million people. It is a time management game in which a user is allowed to cook and serve the meals he likes.

With more than 300 levels and 200 dishes, these games don’t require an internet connection and can be played offline as well.

Restaurant Story:

With more than 10 million downloads, this is another best cooking game on the list. It allows the player to have an experience of the real-life restaurant business.

The player is allowed to choose everything of his restaurant, form the tiles to the appliances; kitchen upgrading is completely in the hands of the player.

Cooking Craze:

It is a fun game with more than 10 million installs around the whole globe. This game helps the user to start a restaurant and make his outlet reach the top with customer’s satisfaction and improvement in the menus.

With more than 400 levels, this game is based on three continents. The player is allowed to build the dishes of his choices and this game can be played offline as well.

Cooking Dash:

Cooking dash is yet an amazing cooking game that encourages the player to show his skills in front of a live audience. With more than 10 million downloads, this game helps the player to learn the basics of upgrading a kitchen.

From the changing of the menu to the decoration of the kitchen, it is completely up to the player how he would satisfy the customer. This game can also be played online.

The aforementioned cooking games are the best games to be played on the Androids and iPhones. These games will help you to explore the cooking skills digitally and you will gain interest in cooking as well because it is a therapy. Maybe you will become one of the greatest chefs in town soon!

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