Dancing is the art of performing your expression in a cheerful way on the music by carrying out a certain set of sequential dance steps. 

To perform a good dance, the dancer should be free minded and should not be bothered by anything. To execute the dance steps well, shoes play an important role. Shoes are an integral part of any dancer’s fashion and culture, but most importantly they affect how we dance. Even for the most experienced dancers, choosing the right dance shoe is a must, especially when you’re going to use them against anything more than in your wardrobe. 

Top 10 Best dancing shoes 

Champion Gusto Runner: 

This shoe is also known as the Gusto Cross Trainer and is great for first-time dancers and even seasoned veterans. The shoe is lightweight, breathable, mesh upper, padded collar, soft lining, and comfortable with its cushiony memory

foam insole. The Gustos are best for being light on your feet and getting your knees up for a better dance. 

Puma Suede Classics: 

The Suede Classics are mid-weight shoes with a signature one-piece rich suede upper. The textured rubber midsole is dense and surprisingly flexible which is good for traction and grip and makes the puma Suedes great for stomping, sliding, shoe tricks, and especially for styles like b-boying and krumping. A Longtime dancer favorite, these sneakers were one of the first that b-boys and b-girls wore. These classic sneakers are available in many color combinations. 

Adidas Gazelle

These sneakers are great alternatives to Puma suede classics if you are looking for something a little lighter. This iconic street shoes come with leather lining, rubber outsole, and suede upper with a nylon tongue. Just don’t be expecting to be Stomping in these because they will be wearing out a bit faster. We recommend these sneakers for its fresh and lively color combination and for dancing faster. 

Nike Air Force 1: 

Air Force 1 at first glance might look bulky, but they are much lighter than they seem. The slightly exaggerated midsole design makes it right away noticeable. The shoe is lightweight, flexible, and comfortable because of foam midsole and grooved outsole. With premium leather and synthetic upper, these shoes are a favorite of dancers to glide, jook, turf, stomp, or hit a stick toe spin.

New balance 574: 

This sneaker is a street style favorite with plenty of personalization. This Well balanced shoe is the most customizable sneaker on this list. Where you can change the materials and colors of almost every part of this shoe. It’s sturdy in construction, smartly lightweight, well-cushioned with comfortable foam sole as well as light floor grip making it a stand out a shoe for sliding, spinning, and staying on your toes. 

Adidas UltraBoost: 

It’s hard not to think about this shoe. This shoe comes with Adidas Primeknit sock-like fit, which upper wraps the foot with a supportive fit for enhanced movement and padded

collar grips the feet surprisingly well. The Últraboost’s foam sole is made of bouncy white energy capsules that are thick around the heel to midfoot, and the grip pattern gives it a better performance. The Ultraboosts are good for switching from heel to toe, jumping, sliding, spinning, and for long Rehearsals 

Vans authentic: 

The next one is everyone’s favorite shoe to dance in is the Vans Authentic. This shoe first came out in 1966 and still remains one of the most iconic footwear shapes of all time. The dancers love Authentics, We recommend this shoe for being light on your toes and keeping your feet flat on the ground. The main features of the shoe are the waffle sole, canvas upper, and solid pattern. The Authentics have tons of great styles with different materials, colors, patterns and can feel really great to dance in.

Vans Old Skools High Top: 

This is Vans hotter older sister, the Old Skools. They are a step up from the Authentics because of the high top. The old skool comes with durable canvas, suede upper, and signature waffle outsole, a supportive padded collar gives great backing to your ankle and longer laces give better lockdown onto your feet. This shoe makes sure to stay light on your feet while dancing and make you feel the coolest dancer amongst others. 

Nike Air Jordan 1

This iconic shoe from Michael Jordan stands out with unique color combinations. The shoe comes with an Air-sole unit

which provides lightweight cushioning, toe flexibility, great lock down around the feet and solid ankle support. The shoe looks premium and offers durability because of leather and synthetic upper. The solid rubber outsole provides better suction on a variety of surfaces. The Air Jordan 1 is versatile for a variety of different dance activities like jumping, light and fast footwork and gliding. 

Adidas Superstar: 

Get ready for some total power. Adidas most popular shoes earn this spot due to its long history with dance culture. Originally made for basketball courts in the 70’s and thereafter widely acclaimed by the hip-hop community in the 80’s. Making these shoes an original dancer classic alongside the Puma Suedes. The world-famous shell toes features remain the unique factor of this shoe, which provides great style and full protection to your foot. Making them an ideal dancing shoe for footwork, toe-spins, B-Boying, and gliding.

Points to keep in mind while selecting Dance Shoes 

  • Shoes must be available in all different sizes and designs. Choose the size wisely because it can hurt your feet while dancing. 
  • Extra care of shoes must be taken in order to make them perform longer. 
  • The padding of shoes must be correct to provide stability when you dance. 
  • The sole of shoes should be good so that it won’t strain your feet so much. 
  • The flexible sole is good for moving around easier. Make your preference between Grippy and Slippery sole because Slippery sole allows you to slide well, while grippy sole provides you stability when you spin. The shoes should provide overall comfort when you dance. 

So as you know, in order to dance exceptionally, shoes play a very important role and you can think to consider the above-mentioned shoe options and key pointers to keep grooving well on the beats.