Transform your life positively by wearing graceful and healing Moldavite Jewelry. The Moldavite gemstone is an appealing Tektite variety that will enable you to treasure enticing green gems in your collection. Another name for stunning green crystal is ‘’Vltavin’’ with an intensive frequency and high-end vibrations.

The Moldavite Crystal is an ancient and exclusive crystal under the Tektite mineral family. A beautiful natural glass comes in appealing color shades that differ from olive green, deep forest green, and pale green to a greenish-brown mossy look. The glassy and green color of Moldavite stone got evolved in the Czech Republic.

As per the notions, the high frequency of Moldavite offers solid spiritual power to the wearer. Beautiful green crystal Tektite is used chiefly for healing emotionally and manifests the same. The Tektite word got coined from the Greek word named molten, as it is a mineral group formed by volcanic eruptions and activity.

Many old folktales reveal Moldavite crystals were falling from the sky. Most gemstones get value for their look, many for their mysterious evolution, and some for their healing abilities. The Moldavite Jewelry has all the above-mentioned impressive qualities, and it is a gripping stone for anyone interested in gems and minerals.

Moldavite is a glassy mineral whose color looks like green glass utilized to make bottles. Due to this reason, green gemstone got its name Bouteillenstein, which was called by local people who were not aware of its origin.

Things You Must Know While Using Moldavite Gemstone JewelryAstrological Connections of the Energetic Green Gemstone

The extremely charming Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry has a strong connection with some zodiac signs, such as Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, and many more.

It does not mean cosmic green gemstone can only get used by people having this sign. But Moldavite may be more assertive in these cases. Green and glassy Tektite certainly is a beautiful crystal, which is told to create from cosmic flame and intended for greatness. So zodiac signs related to Moldavite Jewelry can avail advantage of its use a lot.

The Green, highly vibrant crystal is not a traditional birthstone which means that all zodiac signs can make the most out of this sparkling green and glassy Moldavite gemstone. As the cosmic and trans-formative crystal emerged from the stars, it carries energy for every zodiac sign within its power.

People born during the Spring season should use Moldavite as it is a brilliant stone for them.  The Moldavite crystal welcomes renewal, freshness, rebirth, and holistic transformation covering overall themes that come under the title of new life.

Moldavite is Associated With Three Chakras

The Moldavite is an alluring gemstone, theoretically engraved with cosmic flame and predestined for greatness. The mysterious green color stone actually evolved by nature’s catastrophic celestial encounter with planet Earth. There are many meanings related to Moldavite Ring. Primarily green mystical gemstones get commonly used for their relation to the Heart Chakra, the earth Chakra, and the third eye Chakra.

Moldavite affects all the Chakras, as it effectively leads to balancing and transformation. Being green in color the Moldavite gemstone enables cleansing of the heart Chakra blockages and encourages instigative healing.

Heart Chakra is present in the middle of beast bone and rules how you connect with other people and yourself. An open heart Chakra is crucial for laying the base of compassion, leaning into love and trust, healing old heartbreaks, and knowing how to keep your good boundaries.

People can heal from past heartbreaks by wearing gorgeous crystals in the form of tempting Moldavite Pendant. By open heart Chakra, you are more likely to build and maintain healthy relationships and not waste time and energy on something that does not spark happiness within your soul.

Moldavite works collaboratively with your third eye Chakra. The third eye Chakra leads people toward the path of new ideas, visions, dreams, and creative spiritual practices. Last but not least, the magnificent green transformative crystal is the amalgamation of cosmic charm and earthly weight that makes it a worthy stone for working.

Things You Must Know While Using Moldavite Gemstone Jewelry Method of Cleansing the Energetic Glassy Green Crystal

The most crucial step while setting up your life with any crystal is getting cleansed, charged up, and ready for use. It is an ideal step to take as you don’t know where the crystal or gem has traveled or what energy it has picked up. Routine cleansing and charge will wipe the gem clean and prepare it perfectly just for you.  Below mentioned are some tips through which you can clean your Moldavite gemstone and they are as follows:

  1. Hold the Moldavite under the saltwater or spring water for some seconds; it has a chance for all that energy to run away. Then, of course, one can use regular tap water. But any water source within a usual setting will be more energetic.
  2. The transformative green crystal evolved from space that seats beyond the sky; thus, it reacts elegantly to slants of supple moonlight and the tambourine of stars. You can keep Moldavite on a window glass at night. Or bury it in the ground on the full moon day and leave it till morning.
  3. c.Singing bowls are an interesting way to clean your green crystal from any type of accumulated energy.

The trick to Detect Fake Moldavite Gemstone

Fake Moldavite looks too colorful and glossy, whereas; the genuine green crystal will have a darker green shade going on and will also have a matte look to it. The actual or real Moldavite also has inclusions and sometimes gas bubbles beneath the surface. So if your glassy green gemstone looks too clear, it is probably not the natural or right deal.

Working on Green Vibrational Crystal

Moldavite has a high frequency, which is why it holds a lot of energy. It was present on earth for millions of years and evolved by a meteor crashing down from the cosmos. Due to all of this, Moldavite carries the energy of shift, change, and even spiritual healing. Surrounds oneself with positive energy and removes bad memories of the past. And one can wear moldavite jewelry in the form of a ring or bracelet to welcome change at different stages of life.