Every boss likes to think of themselves as a ‘good’ boss. But how many actually are? As a boss, you have to accept that people can’t like you all of the time. Sometimes, you have to make difficult decisions, call people out for their mistakes, and even fire people. However, it is possible to be a fair boss that employees respect. Here are the secrets to being a good boss.

Know Your People

As a leader, you need to know the people that work for you. This goes further than just knowing their names. You should ask about their families, show interest in their hobbies, and know how they work. If you can master the art of getting to know your employees, you can guarantee that they will want to work hard for you. No one likes a distant boss.

Think Like the Employee

If you’re the boss, chances are you’re on a great salary with a ton of benefits. You also have a ton of experience and know the industry inside-out. All of this can distance you from your employees. To understand your employees, you need to think like them. Think about the difficulties they face on a day-to-day basis. From financial insecurity to a lack of confidence at work, try to understand their problems and empathize with them.

Fix the Problems

If an employee comes to you with a problem, it’s your job to fix it. This could be anything from sexual harassment in the workplace to a personal family issue. Act quickly to ensure the safety and comfort of your employees and they will learn to trust you. This is an incredibly important part of being a great boss.

Provide Great Benefits

 Want your employees to respect and like you? Then, you need to provide them with great benefits. Benefits like health insurance, dental insurance, and paid time off show your employees that you value them. It will also help you reduce staff turnover rate, which is important to the longevity of your business. Benefits should be factored into the cost of each employee. You can compare health insurance for companies and other benefits to get the best deals.

Give Feedback

Giving your employees feedback is incredibly important if you want them to respect you. Schedule in regular meetings with each staff member and provide them with detailed feedback about their performance with examples on how to improve. If you take this seriously, your employees will improve quickly. Without feedback, they will continue to perform at their current levels.

Listen to Your Employees

As a boss, it’s tempting to dictate to your employees. After all, you know what you’re doing – that’s why you’re in the position you’re in. However, if you dictate without ever listening, your employees will quickly grow to dislike you. Listen to ideas in meetings, encourage them to come to you with any problems, and help them get better at their job.

Don’t Take It Personally

Even if you’re the best boss in the world, there are going to be moments when employees dislike you. You need to be okay with this and not take it personally. You’re not there to be a friend and sometimes you need to put people in their place.