In a legal world, there are gray lines that blur the moral lines more often than we try to admit. Morality is a subjective topic and it has been there for centuries and will stay there as long as the world exists. Lawyers often found themselves in situations where there is no conclusive answer to what is right and what is wrong. Still, law firms and criminal lawyers defend people in complex cases because everyone deserves a second chance. DUI lawyer in Toronto is a law firm located in Toronto that provides legal help to convicted and non-convicted people with their complex cases. Here, we are going to discuss a few situations that tell a little bit about how criminal lawyers defend people in complex cases.

Law is there to protect all

Most people ask the question about how does a lawyer can defend a criminal? Well, the thing is you can’t know for sure if the person has really committed the crime because most of the time, there are no witnesses. When there is no evidence, it is hard to convict an innocent person. And it would be very unfair if you put someone behind the bars. So many people became a scapegoat because the lawyers didn’t have enough to prove otherwise. Therefore, the lawyers must stand up to the accusation and put every effort to defend their clients regardless of their past behavior or any other stereotypical notion. Thanks to technology, we have now immense resources to gather evidence, but it wasn’t possible before. so, lawyers must fight to prove their client innocent until proven guilty.

Factual guilt Vs. Legal guilt

Normally, a trial is held by the prosecution to prove if a person has committed a crime or not in a fair judicial system. This is called legal guilt. The trial isn’t held to tell if the person actually did it or not. This is known as factual guilt. The criminal defense lawyer at DUI lawyer in Toronto go above and beyond to prove their client is innocent. They represent you with a fair case. They don’t bother with the fact that you actually did it or not because it is not the part of their job. Their only job is to protect you from legal guilt while preserving the integrity of the legal system.


Everyone including the convicted criminals has their rights for self-preservation. So, if a person asks for representation, it is their right to hire self-defense if anyone is accusing them of any misconduct or crime. And lawyers exist to help people fight legal battles.

To ensure a fair society, lawyers must do their jobs

To implement law and order, there are institutions like police, judicial system and prosecution. Attorneys are a part of that system and they ensure that everyone is fair and square about their own rights in a fair society. And if those rights are violated in any case, lawyers ensure them by going to the court.