solve sling tv authorization error

How To Solve Sling TV Authorization Error will be described in this article. The message “Authorization Error occurred” appears for some users. Try again later, please. (8–12) ‘Whether attempting to watch a show on a Fire Stick or Roku stick, a desktop browser using Sling, or the Windows 10 UWP app. It has been confirmed that Firefox, Brave, Opera, Chrome, and a few more third-party browsers have this problem.

Upon conducting a comprehensive investigation, it appears that a number of well-known offenders may be responsible for the appearance of this error code:

+ Roku Stick/Firestick glitch – It turns out that this problem may also be related to some corrupted data that affects the device that you are streaming content from. By far, Roku and Fire TV sticks from Amazon are known to have this issue. In this case, restarting the streaming device that you are now using will resolve the problem.

+ Widevine infrastructure is missing — To stream content from sites like Sling TV, Netflix, or Amazon, you must install the necessary plugin or addon if your browser does not support the Widevine DRM infrastructure natively. All you have to do to accomplish this on most browsers is click Allow when requested.

+ Content is no more available — If this issue is limited to a particular piece of content, it’s possible that you’re trying to stream something for which you no longer have the necessary rights. This usually occurs when Sling TV is the only place to see preview-only titles that are temporarily accessible.

+ Corrupted Sling TV UWP app – If you’re only experiencing this problem when utilising Sling TV’s Universal Windows Programme app, it’s likely that you have corrupted data affecting the local installation. The majority of users who have reported this problem have indicated that by restarting the UWP application and then entering their Sling TV login information again, they are able to resolve the issue.

+ Account-related issue – It is not uncommon for this issue to be brought on by corrupted data linked to an account that is being utilised on several devices at once. After filing a support request with Sling TV, a few impacted users who were experiencing the same problem said that the problem has been resolved at last.

Now that you are conscious of every likely cause of this error code, the following list of solutions has been utilised by other impacted individuals to effectively resolve this specific problem:

Procedure 1: Power –Cycling Fire Stick / Roku Stick (if applicable)

It turns out that the device you’re using to enable Sling playback is frequently affected by corrupted cached data, which is the cause of this kind of problem. The most frequent reports of this problem include Roku and Fire sticks.

Numerous impacted users who were seeing the Authorisation Error occurred (8–12) error in the Sling app when using Firestick or Roku have attested that the problem was resolved when they restarted their prefered streaming device.

If you find yourself in a situation similar to this, power cycle your streaming device and follow the instructions to resolve the Authorisation Error that occured (8-12) error. Make sure you’re adhering to the guidelines that correspond to your prefered streaming device:

A. Power-cycling your roku device

  1. Unplug your Roku device from the power outlet and wait for ten seconds or longer to let the power capacitors to clear. This will reset your device.

2-Plug the Roku device back in when this time has elapsed, then click any button on the Roku remote as soon as you see the signal show on the screen.

  1. Check to determine if the Authorisation Error occurred (8–12) error has been resolved by opening the Sling app again.

B. Power-cycling your Fire TV Stick

  1. Make sure no app is running in the background and completely close any apps that you’re currently using on the Fire TV stick.
  2. Give the power capacitors a full minute to empty themselves before proceeding.
  3. Check to see if the problem has been resolved by plugging the Fire TV stick back into a power outlet and opening the Sling app from within its interface.

Go to the next possible solution below if this issue is still happening. Also check Online Movie/TV Clip Finders

Procedure 2: Install Widevine (if applicable)

In order to stream content from websites that have DRM attached, you must install the Widevine plugin if you’re experiencing this error code on the Brave or another Chromium-based browser (this is the case with most clients of this kind, including Sling TV)

If this describes you, installing Widevine from a custom location is not necessary. However, if the Widevine infrastructure is required, your browser should prompt you (usually on the right side of the screen).

Try installing the DRM software first if you encounter a pop-up like this one, then try playing the content again. This will prevent the Authorisation issue occured (8–12) issue from occuring again.

If you’ve previously tried this without success or you’re using a browser that supports Widevine by default, proceed to the next possible solution below.

Procedure 3: Checking  for availability of content

Take note that this kind of problem is frequently encountered when you try to watch a specific piece of content that you are no longer able to access. This is usually the case when a movie is only accessible for preview for a limited time.

Many impacted users have reported that if your browser has cached Content related to the free preview, you may expect to see the Authorisation issue occurred (8–12) issue.

To find out whether you’re still in the middle of a free preview that has run out, visit the approved Sling TV support page. There is nothing you can do to view the free preview if it has passed if this circumstance applies.

To make sure that you don’t get the same error code again, you can, nevertheless, erase the browser-related cache.

You are not encountering the Authorisation issue occurred (8–12) issue when viewing preview material in this case. You can view the content that is generating this problem by scrolling down to the next step below.

Procedure 4: Restarting the Sling TV app (if applicable)

If your Windows 10 computer is displaying the Authorisation Error occurred (8-12) error only when you use the UWP app (streaming through your web browser works fine), it’s likely that you have a corruption instance that is preventing the application from maintaining a connection with the central server.

Note: In order to sign back into the app after disconnecting, first detach from it if you haven’t already. Then, enter your credentials again.

Some impacted users who experienced a similar situation have attested that they were able to resolve the problem by successfully resetting the Sling TV app to its initial condition using the Apps & Features app.

If you haven’t done it yet and you find yourself in the same situation as mentioned above, reset the Sling TV app successfully by following the steps listed below:

1- To launch the Run dialogue box, use the Windows key + R. To access the Apps & Features panel of the Settings app, put “ms-settings: app features” into the text box and hit Enter.

  1. When you’re in the Apps & Features menu, navigate to the right-hand piece of the screen & type “sling tv” into the search bar.
  2. Next, select Sling from the list of options, and then select Advanced options from the list of options.
  3. Scroll down to the Reset tab in the Sling TV Advanced Options menu and press the Reset button once. Press Reset again and wait for the process to finish when prompted for confirmation.
  4. Check to see if the case has been resolved by restarting your computer after the procedure is finished and opening the Sling app.

If the Authorisation Error (8-12) error persists on your system, proceed to the next possible solution listed below.

Procedure 5: Contact sling’s Support

Should the aforementioned procedures prove ineffective for your situation, you ought to initiate a support ticket and communicate with a member of the Sling team. The support agent has the authority to reset your temporary account data if your payment schedule is in order, which could potentially resolve this issue. Also check Google TV Vs Roku

Many users have reported that after trying this method on every browser and device they tried to use Sling on, they were ultimately able to resolve the Authorisation Error occured (8-12) error.