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Best Online Movie/TV Clip Finders will be discussed in this article. In the trend of online content creation, memes and short video clips have become invaluable tools for engaging audiences and adding a touch of humor to various projects. No matter who you are, a social media influencer, a content creator, a brand, or simply someone who loves to share content online, you want to create video content that is highly engaging and relatable to the target audience.

But before you act as a creator, you need to consume the content of top creators and may have noticed how they are creating valuable content with ease and at pace. You’ve probably wondered how top creators effortlessly find and use accurate clips from popular movies and TV shows in their video content.

It may seem like a daunting task to manually search for the perfect clips to enhance your projects, but the reality is nobody does it manually. With the help of some platforms, this content creation journey has become a lot easier than you think. There are specialized tools and platforms available that can make this process much easier for you.

Top 6 Best Online Movie/TV Clip Finders In 2023

In this article, you can know about Online Movie/TV Clip Finders here are the details below;

Here we have compiled a comprehensive list of the best online movie/TV clip finders for memes and texts. These platforms are virtual treasure troves, using specific algorithms to help you find famous movie dialogues and scenes by just searching for the dialogue or scene.

These clip finders allow you to add value, fun, and humor to your content, and more importantly, the clips relate perfectly with your content and the audience too. Such an addition to your content increases the chances of becoming a buzz on the internet.

Why do you need clip finders, you may ask? We are in the era of video marketing, and it’s crucial to stand out and create crisp content for the audience. Movie clips in your content not only tap into their existing popularity but also better resonate with your target viewers. Let’s dive in and start infusing your projects with the magic of iconic scenes and unforgettable dialogues from movies and TV shows with these online movie/TV clip finders!

1. Yarn


Yarn is a go-to resource for meme creators and content enthusiasts. Famous dialogue clips or brief clip that capture a specific expression has everything. Yarn makes the content creation journey easier for top creators. It ensures that you find clips from a wide variety of genres, decades, titles, actors, and characters. Multiple filters allow you to purify your search and find the most appropriate clip by enabling you to narrow down your options and save time. It is available as a web version along with a mobile app for both iOS & Android users.

For iOS users, there’s an additional integration called Yarn Message, which allows you to request clips through a chat by simply sending a message with the desired quote. Integration with other popular communication platforms like Slack and Discord adds makes it way more easy and more fun. You can seamlessly incorporate clips into your conversations and make your communication with engaging visual content.

If, by chance, you’re unable to find a specific clip in its library, there’s no need to worry; you can request content that is currently not available. Yarn also offers the stories feature that allows you to explore curated collections and create your own stories.

On Yarn, you can use the Nudge video trimming tool to trim out the most relevant portion of a clip. For beginners, the Nudge tool may be difficult to use, but Yarn provides a helpful guide on how to ‘nudge’ clips. Beyond its core functionalities, Yarn also offers entertaining features such as quizzes, emojis, and other fun content.


Purpose of is to teach you the language, but creators are making use of it to get the desired clips from TV shows and movies. is designed to assist individuals in learning the English language through TV shows, movies, and web series. It offers short clips from various English TV shows, movies, and series, all accompanied by subtitles.

By listening to these clips, users can effortlessly grasp the vernacular language and acquire a native speaker’s knowledge. Interestingly, this platform is not only popular among language learners but also widely utilized by content creators seeking specific clips for their projects. The ease of downloading videos is a major factor behind its appeal to creators.

Upon accessing the platform, users will notice a panel on the left side showcasing popular dialogues. Clicking on a particular quote or dialogue instantly retrieves the corresponding video. Additionally, there is a “Grammar” tab in the same panel, which provides users with helpful insights into grammar rules.

Although may initially appear to be primarily an English language learning platform, it can be easily leveraged for downloading sought-after video clips by searching through quotes and dialogues.

Playphrase.Me has a thriving online community comprising both content creators and English learners. The videos on the platform include translations of phrases in their titles and descriptions. Each day, over 100 phrases are posted to facilitate language learning, and creators can readily download these phrases and the associated videos for future use. Also check Best Actvid Alternatives

The platform has cultivated a strong presence on popular social media venues such as YouTube & Facebook, further fostering its engaged and supportive community. Thus, all you have to do is locate the clip you like and pair it with an online video creator tool for a professional finish.

3. WhatIsMyMovie


WhatIsMyMovie stands as an independent search engine that enables users to discover movies and their clips by entering specific search queries. Whether you’re searching by movie name, actor or director’s name, genre, movie title, or relevant text, this platform allows you to find the movie you’re looking for.

It goes beyond English-language movies and includes films from various languages, ensuring a vast array of content for users to explore. WhatIsMyMovie is developed by Valossa, an AI platform that specializes in video production.

What sets WhatIsMyMovie apart is its implementation of AI-powered voice search, deep video content search, and cross-platform functionality, all aimed at helping users locate their desired clips. Additionally, you have the option to connect WhatIsMyMovie with your Amazon Alexa device.

By downloading the Alexa app on your smartphone, scanning the QR code, and enabling alerts, you can integrate the platform with your Alexa device. With a library having more than 40,000 titles, WhatIsMyMovie provides clips from movies spanning through the 20th century.

Developed by Valossa, a company specializing in video recognition and content intelligence technology, WhatIsMyMovie utilizes Deep Content technology to enhance search capabilities. This technology enables the platform to search for movies based on transcription, quotes, actors, and video recognition, among other factors, so that you can make the best memes faster!

4. PopMystic


PopMystic is a reliable search engine offering access to one of the largest movie and TV show databases available. Its advanced search engine is equipped with multiple filters, ensuring a quick and effortless way to find the desired movie or TV show clip.

With search options based on name, quote, title, year, actor, and more, PopMystic presents you with relevant movies and their clips within seconds. The platform claims to possess the largest movie and TV show database online, comprising an impressive 225,000 entries. Also, PopMystic boasts a staggering collection of 280 million quotes.

For professional content creators, PopMystic offers the citation feature. Whether you prefer APA, MLA, Chicago, or any other recognized citation style, PopMystic guides you on how to credit a specific movie or clip when incorporating it into your professional video content. PopMystic operates on an open-source database, allowing continuous expansion worldwide and drawing from multiple sources.

While the platform primarily provides English movie clips, it also includes movies from other languages that have been translated into English. It is worth noting that finding clips on PopMystic can sometimes be challenging due to minor imperfections such as misspellings.

5. Clip Cafe

Clip Cafe

Clip Cafe presents a user-friendly search engine equipped with a wide range of filters for finding movie and TV show clips. By simply entering a quote and utilizing the available filters, users can easily locate their desired clips.

The platform offers an array of tabs that provide effortless ways to discover clips from movies and TV shows. By clicking on the year’s tab, users can access movies spanning from 1925 to the present. Selecting a particular year unveils the movies released during that time, offering a remarkable way to navigate through a vast worldwide movie database.

Another convenient option is the genre tab, which presents a list of genres to choose from. Upon selecting a genre, users can browse through the relevant movies listed, making it simple to find clips that align with their preferences.

Clip Cafe provides a paid Pro version that offers enhanced features. Subscribing to the Pro version grants users access to ad-free browsing, HD-quality downloads, the ability to download in GIF format, the option to burn subtitles to clips, and the privilege of 100 HD downloads per day. It accepts cryptocurrency payments, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, for Pro subscriptions.

For movie enthusiasts, Clip Cafe offers an enjoyable game on its site. Additionally, joining the Clip Cafe community on Discord provides an opportunity to connect with other creators. The platform continuously adds movie and TV show clips to its database.

6. is one of the remarkable online movie/TV clip finders that captivates with its minimalist user interface. If you appreciate simplicity, this platform is sure to impress you. With a clean and uncluttered interface, it focuses solely on its core feature: providing movie clips based on quotes. Also check Activate Paramount Plus On Vizio TV

The best thing is that there are no unnecessary options or features to confuse users. remains dedicated to its primary service. specializes in providing clips from animated TV series. If you’re a fan of animated TV series like The Simpsons, this platform is perfect for you. If you’re seeking both animated TV clips and live-action movie clips for your content creation, you may need to explore alternative platforms.

Using is easy and smooth. Simply enter a quote in the search bar and click the search button. The platform swiftly presents a range of video clips for your selection. Once you’ve chosen a clip, you can access the entire storyboard and trim it to meet your specific requirements. Additionally, offers an Auto-GIF feature, allowing the video to be saved as a GIF on your iPhone, mobile, or computer for added convenience.

Online movie/TV clip finders at your service!

These online movie/TV clip finders are valuable resources for content creators and meme enthusiasts alike. The right clip can make all the difference in capturing your audience’s attention and adding a touch of humor to your creations. The right clip paired with the right video-making tools will have you a winning content combination that is sure to get you the spotlight in likes and shares. And if serious content marketing isn’t your thing, why, it can be just for laughs, can’t it?