Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency

Expert Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency will be described in this article. What is cryptocurrency’s outlook? We rely on the opinions of top venture capitalists, crypto intelligence companies, and the CEOs of top crypto projects to gain insight into what we may anticipate from the crypto industry in the upcoming several years.

Top 13 Expert Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency

In this article, you can know about Top 13 Expert Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency here are the details below;

DeFi replacing traditional finance, the expansion of web3, and the advent of the metaverse are some of the major themes that have emerged. Denko Mancheski, the CEO of Reef, offered his perspective on how cryptocurrencies can shape the course of human civilization.

1. Denko Mancheski , CEO, Reef – The Future of Humankind

Denko Mancheski , CEO, Reef - The Future of Humankind

The future of humanity is the future of cryptocurrencies.


As long as things are done correctly, the future of cryptocurrencies is also the future of humanity. Real use cases are highlighted to help people understand how blockchain and cryptocurrencies can improve their lives through quick, borderless transactions, real request of digital assets, making real world transactions & processes quicker and more transparent, and other benefits. Smart regulation, KYC and AML are applied where needed to protect both projects and consumers. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency. Also check What is Crypto Yield Farming


Reef Chain is a blockchain for DeFi that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It is quick, scalable, affordable, and doesn’t engage in wasteful mining. It has on-chain governance and was constructed using the Substrate Framework.

2. Cheng Wang, CEO, Alephium – Decentralisation in a multichain space

Cheng Wang, CEO, Alephium – Decentralisation in a multichain space

“Decentralization is the crypto industry’s future.”


Though it can be challenging, making predictions about the future is also enjoyable. Decentralization will be the currency of the future. mostly due to the fact that it will be a multi-chain space. There isn’t a single chain that can meet every need. In the long term, the blockchains that prioritize a positive user experience and are highly decentralized will stand out.

The remaining projects will flourish because of the bridges that link various protocols and communities together even though many projects will have vanished. EVM will be replaced by new ecosystems that address many of the present security and efficiency problems. The crypto-space will have made a lot of mistakes in the past and will have learned from them, thus demystifying the idea of cryptography. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.

Markets will diversify and equitize. Numerous value exchange pain points will be eliminated by automation. Political conflict will be drastically reduced as a result of this. Communities will organize into tribes that trade internationally and fork when disputes emerge, much like how open-source projects function. However, everything is possible.


Alephium is the first operational sharded blockchain that enhances the performance and energy efficiency of Bitcoin’s tried-and-true core technology by adding scalability, smart contracts modeled after ETH, and dApps features.

3. Sino Global Capital – A billion person vision for Blockchain

“We were no longer aiming for one million users; that vision was expanded to one billion users and a $10 trillion on-chain value.” This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


Solana has been carefully forming alliances to lay the groundwork for a thriving ecology. Two essential components of decentralized finance, USDC and USDT, are supported natively by Solana (Algorand and Ethereum are the only other blockchains that handle both assets).

Strong “primitives” or building pieces must be supplied to handle 1B users on-chain. These primitives include asset pools, oracles, borrowing/lending protocols, stable stores of value (such as stablecoins), and more.

Serum is specifically this new kind of infrastructure made possible by Solana and can be used as a fundamental building block for numerous $1T+ enterprises. Serum is an effort to bring the full centralized exchange experience to a decentralized environment at scale, including full limit order books and a matching engine, quick settlement and trading, and minimal transaction costs.


Best-in-class businesses that are advancing the blockchain and digital asset ecosystems receive strategic investment from Sino Global Capital, which then supports their success in the Asian market. They are located at the nexus of East and West in finance and technology. They make use of their network to assist their portfolio companies in entering Asia, one of the most peculiar yet significant regions in blockchain.

4. Craig McColl, Founder, of Venture Venture – Evolution of NFTs

NFTs will develop towards their upcoming use case. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


What changes might we expect in the NFT/metaverse space during the coming 12 months?

The NFT will develop into its subsequent use case. Dynamic NFTs and intelligent NFTs, which are driven by AI, are already being observed. These NFTs change their form over time depending on their inputs and grow with data or AI. Also check Pros & Cons of Using Cryptocurrency

This is how NFTs can develop:

NFTs will expand into more use cases, such as ownership certificates for vehicles, homes, land, and fractional ownership.

Your passport might turn into an NFT.

Similar to how your insurance coverage might be dynamically changed each year as an NFT.

As there is more demand for yield-generating NFTs in games and the metaverse, NFT digital assets will produce more yield. In the metaverse, land is swiftly acquired and harvested for brand advertising.

In the metaverse, people begin to earn more money than they do in real life.

Through brand-associated collaborations, more brands will enter the metaverse.

Early adopters are rewarded with sales of uncommon web 3 elements, including land, in-game assets, and rarity products.

For third world nations, play-to-earn models are a growing industry.


Venture Venture partner & equity stake with ambitious entrepreneurs and organizations, helping to unlock early value generation by looking at new tech, innovation, and high growth models. These individuals and organizations seek to rethink existing business models in order to be prepared for tomorrow’s workplace. They investigate, create, and test out NFT value generation, DeFi, dashboards, digital assets, token / creator, and community economies, as well as how brands may adjust to this new economy. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.

5. Ran Hammer, VP BizDev, Orbs-  Open and permissionless web3

“The future of the internet will be greatly impacted by Ethereum, DeFi, and NFTs.”


I have high hopes for the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors as a whole, and I especially think that Ethereum, DeFi, and NFTs will have a significant impact on how the internet functions in the future.

I firmly believe in Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, and I can see how these ideas are influencing the next generation of platforms that will dominate human online interactions. various market participants have various ideas about what the Metaverse should look like. While some would strive to keep it open, big-tech businesses hope to possess major real estate in this new reality. The combination of several technologies and industries, including AR/VR, ad-tech, e-commerce, social platforms, and technologies that enable censor-resistant digital ownership, trustless economic interaction, and the transfer of digital value, such as blockchain technology, is what I believe most people would agree is necessary to make the Metaverse future a reality.

I personally think that Web 3.0 will be open and permissionless, with many different decentralized software layers operating on top of Ethereum (and potentially some of its competitors) as the infrastructure’s backbone. This would necessitate using all the sector has learnt over the past 12 years, and it would heavily rely on the scalability of blockchain technology, the use of fungible cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and NFTs.


Orbs offers the best blockchain stack available today, harnessing the power of community, decentralization, and distribution while offering the ideal balance of performance, cost, security, and usability. Orbs is a public blockchain infrastructure created for large-scale applications and tight connectivity with L1s that are EVM-based, including Ethereum and Binance SmartChain.

6. Roos Sorokar, NFT & Gaming Expert, Atesis Capital- Fully decentralized gaming in 5 years

“Decentralized gaming, where your assets are stored on the blockchain, cannot be fully experienced in five years.”


Due to its eventual use, we think that cryptocurrency gaming will be the next big thing. Since most people are not very tech savvy, gaming would be the greatest way to introduce people to cryptocurrency as a space because all interactions are “gamified,” making it simple to integrate into other networks. Naturally, traditional gaming has experienced a huge increase in players on its own. Once the paradigm changes, we will see the same thing with cryptocurrency gaming, which also allows for Play 2 Earn models, where you, the player, own the support on the blockchain and generate money, as opposed to big businesses. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.

There won’t be any AAA games for a few more years; we’re just dipping our toes in. These will be premium, exclusive games where only early adopters will get the full rewards of blockchain technology. Having said that, games like Fortnite won’t be able to compete for long because their economy depends on skin sales, whereas with crypto gaming, anyone can sell skins and occasionally even make money from it, as we are seeing with the current NFT wave. In other words, it’s designed with players in mind, encouraging an ecosystem of giving back to the community rather than making money off of something that isn’t really theirs.

Australia currently lags behind Vietnam, China, and the United States marginally. However, a few of our top gaming studios, like Animoca, are being acquired by industry titans. As a result, Australia may indirectly sustain a gaming ecosystem by connecting to a vast network of games. I don’t consider there has been a lot of formal information available to offer on big businesses.


The successful Australian technology services company Atesis, which provides business solutions to large organizations in the private and public sectors, has established Atesis Capital as its investment arm. The team has a wealth of industry knowledge thanks to their experience working for well-known companies like IBM, AWS, Accenture, and JP Morgan.

7. Ryan Selkis, Founder of Mesari – an infinite frontier of new possibilities

. Ryan Selkis, Founder of Mesari – an infinite frontier of new possibilities

Crypto, or the current “Web3” craze, is unstoppable in the long run.


We are transitioning from a monopoly-controlled internet constructed on “rented land” to an endless frontier of novel opportunities. Cryptography on the frontier threatens all monopolies with a credible revolution, which is why incumbents are terrified of its inevitable arrival. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.

We have all the essential components we require for success:

Young builders with enormous dreams and brilliant minds are pouring into the open design space of cryptocurrencies in record numbers, frequently on their nights and weekends.

Capital: Huge venture capital fund raises, cryptocurrency startup fund raises, and astounding growth in developing liquid protocols across Web3 use cases have all been observed.

Timing: During the most recent bad market, crucial infrastructure was put in place, making it (socially and practically) simpler than ever to join this techno-political revolution.


Messari, a major market intelligence platform and reputable portal for the cryptocurrency industry, was founded in 2018 and offers the most accurate data and research goods and services for professionals looking to make the best crypto decisions. Here is the complete Messari 2022 thesis.

8. Tom Tirman, CEO, PARSIQ & IQ Labs – Metaverse to go mainstream

Major gaming developers, retailers, and media giants will pay attention to the metaverse. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


In 2022, the new generation of digital assets will revolutionize industries. Major game studios, merchandisers, and media conglomerates, to mention a few, will pay attention to NFTs that provide consumers with utility and connect with many ecosystems across platforms and the metaverse.

We’ve seen what is feasible and are prepared because some of our partners, like Starbots and Solcery, are already working on this.


By enabling owners of digital assets to rent their possessions to other users without taking on any risk or requiring any kind of security, the open-source DeFi architecture known as the IQ Protocol will be of enormous use. In Q1 2022, the IQ Protocol token will go live. Observe updates here.

9. WeMoney – Crypto is taking over traditional finance

WeMoney – Crypto is taking over traditional finance

Crypto is more than just a trendy trend; it’s here to stay and could end up displacing traditional finance as we know it.


The era of traditional investing is ended, and most people have already made investments in cryptocurrencies or NFTs, which are more popular than regular equities. Regulators’ concerns were heeded by the spike in popularity, but adoption is not being hindered much.

Important conclusions from Australian investors:

  • In 2022, 38.7% plan to invest in cryptocurrencies
  • Cryptocurrency will supplant traditional finance, according to 29.9%.
  • Traditional stocks are less popular than cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Cryptocurrency isn’t just a fleeting trend; it’s here to stay and could eventually displace conventional finance as we know it. Even some older, more established banks in Australia are incorporating cryptocurrency into their banking apps, proving that we have reached the tipping point where it is becoming more & more mainstream by the minute. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


There have been more than 170,000 downloads of the financial wellness platform WeMoney in Australia. They have a thorough awareness of the FinTech scene, particularly the uptake and prospects for cryptocurrencies.

10. Chris Brycki, CEO, & founder, Stockspot – Volatility to continue

“Until they level off over the long term, we can probably expect to see that volatility,”


Prices have been fairly erratic because most cryptocurrencies are clearly still in the capitalization process and early in the overall adoption cycle. That volatility can generally be anticipated to last for a while until it eventually levels off.

Here are the top two cryptocurrency-related recommendations I’d make to clients:

Before making an investment, clients should think about their financial situation. Customers shouldn’t borrow money or incur debt to invest in cryptocurrencies because they are extremely speculative items; and

Clients should keep their exposure to cryptocurrencies to a minimum and as a tiny portion of their entire portfolio.


Australia’s top online investing adviser is Stockspot. Using ETFs (exchange traded funds), which provide you low-cost access to a variety of investments, they create a smart, personalized portfolio for you.

11. a16z – An agenda for the third generation of the internet

With few precedents in human history, “Web3 technology can usher in a renaissance of creativity, innovation, democratic participation, and prosperity.” This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


Web3 technology has the potential to spark an unprecedented period of creativity, innovation, democratic involvement, and prosperity.

Decentralized, digitally protected platforms provide advantages across all industries because they represent a fundamentally new technology paradigm. A safer, more robust, and inclusive infrastructure, increased economic prosperity, and new forms of accountable, participatory governance might all be advantageous to practically every industry and area of society.

These technologies, in our opinion, can contribute to the development of a better vision of how technology should be used in society—one that goes beyond the excesses of surveillance capitalism and safeguards individuals from the abuses of surveillance authoritarianism.


Andreessen Horowitz (also known as “a16z”) is a venture capital company in Silicon Valley, California, that supports daring entrepreneurs who are creating the future through technology. It was launched in 2009 by Marc Andreessen & Ben Horowitz.

12. Capterra Australia – The state of Cryptocurrency in Australia

Although the future of cryptocurrencies in Australia is promising, only time will tell if they will continue to be dependable and stable, and perhaps even replace fiat money as our primary form of payment. This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


The favorable reaction the platform is getting can also be linked to the continuous ascent of cryptocurrencies. 23% of Australians currently purchase and utilize cryptocurrency. Furthermore, 33% of Australians say they intend to use cryptocurrencies in the future, indicating that more than half of the population is open to participating in this new era of digital currency.

Although the future of cryptocurrencies in Australia is promising, only time will tell if they will continue to be dependable and stable, and perhaps even replace fiat money as our primary form of payment.


Capterra assists businesses all around the world in selecting the best software for their requirements. With a global product footprint, a foundation of verified user reviews, independent research, and specialized comparison tools, Capterra, founded in 1999, offers more than five million in-market shoppers a trust-inspiring discovery experience each month.

13. Shane Stevenson, CEO Cointree –capital rotation into the fastest growing networks

“It’s possible that capital will move into the strongest coins and fastest-expanding networks next year.” This is another Predictions On The Future Of Cryptocurrency.


The year 2021 has been phenomenal for the entire cryptocurrency industry. The NFT ecosystem has flourished, institutions are starting to use cryptocurrency, and Bitcoin has become legal tender in El Salvador. Naturally, this adoption has resulted in remarkable 250% growth for the market as a whole.

Next year, can we anticipate the same gains? Given that the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies has more than doubled since 2021, a 250% increase to AU$10.5 trillion would be a remarkable achievement. As a result, it would be bigger than the entire gold market.

While many believe that the crypto market will eventually surpass gold in size, many do not believe that it will increase by such a massive amount so quickly. It’s feasible that capital will move into the most robust currencies and rapidly expanding networks during the coming year.


The Melbourne-based team behind Cointree, which was established in 2013, has created an intuitive cryptocurrency trading platform that is simple to use, has cheap fees, and provides top-notch security. To make sure that our users have access to tools that enable them to trade more intelligently, Cointree is constantly improving our platform.


It’s critical to change your investing thesis to reflect the shifting market conditions as the cryptocurrency industry expands and fascinating new developments are introduced. Although 2021 was a significant year for cryptocurrencies, the industry will continue to expand and change. It’s crucial that you expand alongside the cryptocurrency market as it expands.