In a context of progressive misinformation, stands as a beacon of integrity with the launch of “Money Certified, a cutting-edge news certification service powered by blockchain technology. This article delves into the intricacies of Money Certified, the driving forces behind its creation, and its envisioned impact on the digital information ecosystem.

A New Vision of Digital Journalism

With the introduction of Money Certified, not only sets new standards of reliability and transparency but also spearheads a paradigm shift in digital journalism. This service heralds a future where readers can place unwavering trust in the veracity of online news.

The platform also provided its readers with an article that explains exactly how Money Certified works.

Discovering Money Certified

Money Certified represents a pioneering initiative by, utilising blockchain technology to authenticate and validate the news content published on its platform. Thanks to this innovative system readers are assured that every article, report, or financial analysis undergoes rigorous scrutiny for accuracy, providing them with a credible and transparent information source. Additionally, since the summer of 2023, the certification will be applied to select news pieces on will to combat the menace of fake news. Their sources will be included, thus bolstering their credibility and resilience. Any attempt to tamper with the content or sources would promptly invalidate the certification, ensuring the preservation of authenticity.

Blockchain and Certification

The adoption of blockchain – renowned for its role in cryptocurrencies – to Money Certified is strategic; this technology offers an immutable and decentralised framework ideal for certifying news.

A unique “digital fingerprint” (the hash of the content) is generated and recorded on the blockchain each time a news article is published on This process safeguards against retroactive modification of the piece, thereby upholding the integrity of information. The certification system encompasses over half of the content published daily by

Empowering Readers against Misinformation

Money Certified will surely fight fake news and misinformation.

We know that information can be manipulated easily nowadays. So, this service satisfies the remarkable need for truthfulness. It also aims to empower readers with the assurance that the news they consume is authentic and untainted. Truths may evolve with new insights, but it’s important that publications and media ensure transparency and integrity throughout the process. Besides, by enabling readers to independently verify the authenticity of each news item, Money Certified fosters a culture of trust and transparency in the digital sphere.

The Certification Process

The certification process commences upon the publication of an article on The piece is automatically registered on the blockchain (the same technology used in cryptocurrencies) and it is accompanied by the creation of a unique hash certifying its originality. This hash and the timestamp of certification are openly accessible and verifiable, providing concrete evidence of the article’s authenticity.

Money Certified epitomizes a monumental leap forward in digital journalism, the proof that technology can be an important tool to limit fake news and promote credible and reliable information.