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How To Play Xvid Codec Videos On Mac In 2024

How To Play Xvid Codec Videos On Mac

How To Play Xvid Codec Videos On Mac will be described in this article. For most Mac users, the world of codecs, drivers, plugins, and file types is alien. Since most Mac users are accustomed to everything operating without a hitch, most of us are at a loss for what to do when they encounter a file that won’t open.

It’s possible that a video file you recently migrated from Windows—or that someone sent you one—was Xvid encoded, meaning QuickTime Player couldn’t access it.

With more than 240 apps in the Setapp library, you can increase the functionality of your Mac in areas like finance and video playback.

You can’t play videos from Xvid; why? What kind of video format is Xvid? How can one obtain the Xvid codec for Mac OS X?

What is Xvid video codec?

Every video on your Mac has a unique file format, such AVI, MOV, or MPEG. However, there are other distinctions amongst them as well.

Videos must be compressed and encoded in order to be shareable and avoid taking up hundreds of gigabytes of storage. Software called codecs (short for coding and decoding) is used to do the encoding and compression.

One of the more widely used codecs for the MPEG-4 video format on Windows is called Xvid. It can compress video files (down to 1/200 of the size) while maintaining acceptable quality, and it’s free to use.

On a Mac, the issue is with playing Xvid. You cannot use QuickTime Player to open Xvid files because the majority of Xvid video players are Windows-based.

Nevertheless, there are additional ways to play Xvid on a Mac.

Ways to play Xvid video on Mac

The most straightforward way to view Xvid videos on a Mac is to use an Xvid video player with integrated codec compatibility.

The only Mac video player you’ll ever need is Elmedia Player. It offers many other intriguing capabilities and supports hundreds of the video formats and codecs, including Xvid.

Elmedia Player allows you to do a variety of things, like cast content to a smart TV, use picture-in-picture mode, modify audio synchronization, change saturation or color, and bookmark particular scenes. It also works flawlessly with the most recent Apple Silicon Macs.

Movist Pro is an additional video player option available to you. In addition to hundreds of other video formats and codecs, Movist Pro also supports the Xvid codec for Mac.

In addition, Movist Pro allows you to control the quality of the video, add subtitles, resize the screen to play HDR content, make playlists, and view videos on the web via the Safari addon.

How to convert Xvid to another video format

There is an additional way to watch Xvid videos on a Mac if you don’t want to give up on your preferred video player. You can convert Xvid files to MOV or MP4, two more formats that your Mac can read. Also check Fan Control Apps For Mac,

For all your media conversion needs on a Mac, Permute is the only app you’ll ever need to convert picture, video, or audio files.

With Permute, you may choose the output format while converting videos, as well as the bitrate, frame size, length (by trimming), and the ability to combine many videos into one. You can also burn the freshly produced videos to DVDs.

Here’s how to convert Xvid to a different video format using Permute:

  1. Start the Permute
  2. Your video will drop into the app.
  3. Choose the resultant format from the dropdown menu.
  4. To make any necessary configuration adjustments, click the settings cog.
  5. Press the play icon.

How to install Xvid codec on macOS

Playing Xvid on a Mac is particularly challenging since the Mac lacks built-in support for the Xvid codec. Also check Apple Mail Alternatives

Can the Xvid codec be installed on a Mac? It is contingent upon the macOS version and security configuration. While theoretically there are a few possibilities, none of them are advised.

Installing the Xvid delegate component for Mac OS X after downloading the DivX codec for Mac is possible. Xvid videos would then be redirected by the delegate component such that the DivX codec would play them. To accomplish this, restart your Mac after downloading and placing the Xvid component file in the /Library/QuickTime folder.

You can see how the lack of Xvid functionality on Mac can be troublesome for those that routinely move videos between Windows and Mac. The simplest method still involves using Elmedia Player or Movist Pro to play Xvid on a Mac. Both are incredibly fast and feature-rich video players that can play back hundreds of different video formats. Simultaneously, most users should be able to utilize another video player and change the file type using Permute.

Best of all, during Setapp’s seven-day trial, you can use Elmedia Player, Movist Pro, and Permute for free. Setapp is a platform with over 240 carefully chosen Mac and iOS programs that address a broad range of needs for Apple users, including website construction, blogging, and financial planning. Check out all of Setapp’s apps for free right now to see how many worthwhile additions you can make to your library.

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