A demographic is a particular part of a population. There are many different demographics that advertisements can reach. Young, old, wealthy, low-income, ethnicity, and many more. Marketing techniques can be matched with different demographics so they can be more effective. The following are a few examples of marketing techniques that can be used for a few different demographics.

  • Wealthy – CTV advertising is marketing through a television that can connect to the internet. Because this requires an internet connection, as well as a smart TV, this can be a pricey set up. It is more likely that a wealthier individual would have this kind of television, so CTV would be a smart marketing move.
  • Low-income – Low-income individuals may have a harder time getting access to the internet. In this case, local TV advertising would be a great way to reach this demographic. Nearly all American homes have televisions, and most have some sort of cable. Local tv advertising would ensure that you are reaching this demographic appropriately.
  • Older population – Newspaper advertisements are a great way to reach various older consumers. Older individuals are more apt to buy and use a newspaper, so newspaper marketing will ensure you are reaching this older population.
  • Blind/vision impaired – Video marketing with audio is a great way to reach blind or vison impaired individuals. Since they may not be able to clearly see the video, being able to hear it would make for effective marketing.
  • Deaf/hearing impaired – Video marketing could also be used for deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. They may not be able to clearly hear the video, however if you were to add captions or pictures with information in the video it would better target these individuals.
  • Younger populations – Geofencing is where advertisements are sent to smart phones in the area. Since younger individuals are more than likely on their phone more than other age groups, they will see the advertisement immediately, if they are in range of the geofence.
  • College students – With permission of the school, a brand could market to college students in unison with the school. For example, an advertisement played on the big screen during a collegiate football game. Or t-shirts that could be made with the brand logo and handed out for free during a basketball game. While this may be pricey, it is one of the best ways to reach college students.
  • Health-conscious individuals – Health conscious individuals keep a close track on what they put into their bodies. They normally exercise and aim to keep themselves clean. Organic food marketing would be a prime way to reach this individual. This would just include brands that market organic food, however.
  • People in a certain area – Proximity marketing is marketing specifically for a selected area. If a brand was wanting to target downtown Atlanta, Georgia, they could use proximity marketing to accurately reach the population in downtown.

Make sure to do some research on the target audience of the market you are trying to reach before choosing a marketing method. You can use more than one method to target the same crowds. Using the correct marketing technique for specific populations can ensure the advertisement is reaching the greatest number of potential customers.