InfinityFree Hosting Review

Guide And InfinityFree Hosting Review will be described in this article. Virtually all web hosts do not provide free hosting. Some businesses provide free services with restricted functionality or a free first year of hosting with a free trial. However, InfinityFree promises to be a cost- free web hosting solution.

Complete Guide And InfinityFree Hosting Review

In this article, you can know about InfinityFree Hosting Review here are the details below;

Months have been spent examining free web hosting services, notably InfinityFree, to see if they truly are free. In order to assess their capabilities and determine whether they are truly a totally free web host, we tried InfinityFree’s web hosting service.

What is InfinityFree?

What is InfinityFree

Beginning January 2016, InfinityFree expanded its free hosting service internationally. They are one of the occasional organizations offering free hosting nowadays. Additionally, InfinityFree provides free hosting, limitless bandwidth, and storage space. Anyone wishing to build an internet business with free services should use this hosting platform. [1].

InfinityFree is financially stable while providing free hosting because of a partnership with iFastNet, whose products are promoted on the InfinityFree website. Through this arrangement, you receive features like a Softaculous installer and cPanel that another web hosting provider costs for.

How Does It Work?

Free hosting services from InfinityFree include limitless bandwidth, storage space, and free domain hosting. You are free to host as many files as you like, invite as many people to your website, and create as many web addresses as you like.

  • Our Score
  • Time to load: 4.8 Support: 4.7
  • Storage capacity: 4.9 Security: 4.9
  • Rates: 4.9
  • Free Movement: Yes Advantages
  • Free web hosting for life
  • There are no advertisements on your website.
  • cPanel for managing websites
  • Fantastic knowledge base and forum Cons
  • There is no customer support by email or telephone.

InfinityFree Features

InfinityFree Features

With their free hosting option, InfinityFree provides a ton of fantastic features, such as:

  • A no-cost subdomain
  • Free SSL certificates with a 99.9% uptime promise
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Totally free domains
  • non-ad website
  • A website that receives no traffic is like a ship that is lost at sea.
  • – Marketlink Web Solutions’ CEO, Dr. Christopher Dayagdag


InfinityFree provides a number of advantages, such as:

1. Helpful tools

An Apache web server and Linux are used to run InfinityFree. You will receive a cPanel with necessary tools like MySQL database administration, PHP settings, DNS, error pages, an online FTP manager, backups, and more with their free services.

The free plan also comes with Softaculous, which enables one-click installation of more than 400 programs. These resources proved useful for maintaining the functionality of our website.

2. Worldwide Servers

The United Kingdom-based data center where Infinity Free’s servers are housed is its only other server location. Despite having just one server, they have assisted more than 400,000 companies hosting websites globally. Their global servers did a great job hosting our website so that it would always load swiftly and effectively for visitors.

3. Security

A free SSL certificate from InfinityFree enables your website to operate via HTTPS. However, their free plan does not enable encrypted SSL certificates; therefore, if you want SSL security, you must upgrade your subscription.

4. Speed

Content is loaded by InfinityFree in under two seconds, which is outstanding for a free server and significantly faster than average. We were blown away by their incredible speed and how useful it was in swiftly loading our webpages. Also check Similarweb Alternatives

5. User-friendliness

With Infinity Free, creating an account is easy and quick. Just a occasional clicks are all it takes to sign up for their free plan. Although there are a few different steps for premium plans, everything is clearly laid up and simple to use. WordPress can be installed quickly & easily using the Softaculous installer.


The primary drawbacks of InfinityFree include the lack of email or phone customer assistance and the possibility that their web hosting won’t be adequate for a large corporate website.

How to use infinityfree

It is simple to use InfinityFree. It only requires a few simple steps [2].

  • Open A Account
  • Establish A Hosting Account
  • Create Your Own Domain Or Use One of InfinityFree’s Subdomains
  • Administrate Your Account
  • Files You Can Upload
  • Building Your Database
  • Modify your PHP connection settings


Costs of InfinityFree

($0 per month) Free Unlimited Web Hosting includes 400 MySQL databases, unrestricted hosting domains, unlimited disk space, unmetered bandwidth, an FTP account, a free subdomain, unmetered SSL certificates, and Softaculous for installing more than 400 apps.

Everything in the Super Premium Plan ($3.99 per month), plus quick SSD servers, 250GB of bandwidth, and six free domains. Everything from the first two options is included in the Ultimate Premium Plan ($6.90 per month), plus unlimited bandwidth and 21 free domains. Payment options include 2CheckOut, WorldPay, and Paypal. You have the choice of paying either monthly or all at once for the service.

If you choose the complimentary plan, you can make your purchase at Infinityfree’s website. If you select one of the premium plans, however, you must go via iFast.Net to complete your transaction.

InfinityFree Alternative

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Similar to InfinityFree, A2 Hosting provides Linux-based shared web hosting packages. Their entry-level startup plan costs $2.99 a month and comes with one domain, 100 GB of storage, unlimited data transfers, and unlimited email accounts. InfinityFree is obviously more economical at $0 [3]. This is another InfinityFree Hosting Review.

A2 hosting does not provide limitless storage; InfinityFree does. Unlike InfinityFree, A2 Hosting’s base plan includes unlimited email addresses and data transfers. Depending on whether or not these aspects are important to you, A2 might be a respectable option that is still reasonably priced to receive these features. Additionally, shared hosting packages from Hostinger start at just $1.99 for each website.



Additionally, they offer more expensive options that handle numerous websites and other things. One website, 50 GB of storage, one email version, 100 GB of bandwidth, and two databases are all included in their standard package. This is another InfinityFree Hosting Review.

InfinityFree undercuts Hostinger on price with packages starting at $0. Additionally, InfinityFree provides limitless bandwidth and storage. In contrast to InfinityFree, Hostinger offers two databases and an email address. This is another InfinityFree Hosting Review. Also check Etsy Alternatives

Compared to InfinityFree, Hostinger provides superior customer service. This platform does offer a number of tools that InfinityFree does not, but because you must pay for membership, it is not a cost-effective option [4].



Another choice for cheap shared hosting plans is DreamHost. Unlimited data transfers and storage are included in their beginning plan, which costs just $4.95 a month but has no email access. This is another InfinityFree Hosting Review.

Although InfinityFree is less expensive than DreamHost, DreamHost provides limitless data transfers, whilst InfinityFree does not. Both services lack email, and InfinityFree offers unlimited storage as well. Cost is the main factor in this comparison, and InfinityFree triumphs in it.


Exactly how free forever is InfinityFree?

Yes, InfinityFree is truly cost-free indefinitely. Their site hosting is unrestricted. You can register whenever you want and use it for however long you need without ever paying a dime.

Can WordPress Be Used With InfinityFree?

Yes, WordPress is compatible with InfinityFree. WordPress may be downloaded quickly from the control panel using the Softaculous software installer.

InfinityFree Hosting: Is it a Reliable Web Host?

Yes, particularly if you’re seeking for hosting that is free. They do not contain adverts on your website, in contrast to other free hosts. If you’re seeking straightforward, inexpensive web hosting, Infinity Free is a good choice.

Is InfinityFree a provider of shared hosting?

Yes, shared hosting is offered by Infinity Free. Their free basic plan is one of three shared hosting packages they provide.

Is InfinityFree Time Well Spent?

The sensation of your website may depend on choosing the best hosting server. When using premium hosting, website hosting can easily get pricey.For individuals wishing to launch a website without spending any money, Infinity Free offers totally free hosting. Even though they don’t have some of the amenities that other providers do, such emails, databases, and limitless data transfers, they are still a great choice for anyone wishing to launch a basic website without the need for all those extras.

However, A2 Hosting offers limitless data transfers and email accounts for just $2.99 per month if you find that you require these facilities. These two hosting companies can be combined to provide inexpensive hosting solutions for your new company.