The rise of COVID-19 has had a surmountable effect on business houses primarily on the smaller ones. Moreover, the challenge stands on how to keep the business afloat amid such crisis. Shutting down your workspace is not a good option so, you really need to focus on getting it back on track. So, the question that arises is how to restart it again. Worry not, technology offers a great solution for your business. Moreover, after considering all the facts, Google has come up with an excellent platform to make business more approaching.

During the pandemic, there is a constant shift of regulation which hampers the flow of businesses especially if it is a service-related industry. But, Google has made things much more simple through its disable business hour options.

This cuts the confusion amongst customers. Moreover, even if your business is closed, customers can have access to your phone number. This will let them get extra information.   

Business owners can go for Google My Business, this allows owners to use various features to bolster traffic and profit. Marketers even claim that ” Thinking searchers to visit the website will be a preconceived notion”. So, you need to make sure that your Google My Business listing is accurate and updated”. As you read further we will detail how Google My Business opens up the much-needed opportunity for you. Read carefully, this will be helpful in the long run. 

“COVID-19” Info Link

Google My Business comes with a COVID-19 field. Now, if your company offers a post for responding COVID-19. This will help users understand how you manage to offer your service during the pandemic. Moreover, it is better to add messaging options that tell about topics such as online ordering, contactless service, curbside pick up and shipping delays. Likewise, these are some of the commonly searched terms and strategic implementation of such pages can enhance traffic to your website.

Running A Post About Changes

Running an engaging post can be beneficial for your business. Recently, Google came up with a new post named as COVID-19 Update. This option allows you to update company policies or procedures. Adding a website link or even your phone number will let your customers know about the current position. Meanwhile, you can place this feature in the Posts section. For example, if you run multiple services in New York, you can make changes depending upon the focused store.

The post will appear on your listing indefinitely on mobile while for up to seven days on desktop. Thus, it is highly recommended to use the platform as these updates are prominent for search results. Yet, you should also know that just a single update is not enough. You need to keep engaging to keep your customers informed. On the other hand, your customers won’t fall into any confusion regarding the service.

Tips to Make Effective Google Posts

  • Creating an Event

Google has designed the platform in such a way that, each post that you create lasts up to seven days, however, you can amend it further. Since nobody knows how long will the novel coronavirus pandemic last, you can take the help of ‘event’ option regarding the COVID-19. Here, an unspecified end date will ensure that the posts stay up till the date of COVID-19. This will also make things more comprehensive.  

  • Location-Based Posts

Google allows posts to be created in bulk. In order to implement COVID-19 update, enterprises with multiple locations should go for innovative Google post depending upon the location. Although Google wants posts to be very unique a slight similarity will also reflect your organization’s update. However, keep in mind, you are particularly focussing to run your business.

  • Add Attributes

Attributes have a very important place and also help you enhance customer growth. You can offer certain points in your Google My Business. This may include any feature such as home delivery service, online booking, happy hours, takeaway, etc. Likewise, depending upon your business requirement, Google offers certain options which might be handy on the long-run.

  • More Feature Than Ever

Google has opened a broad platform to explore your business. Almost everything can be promoted here. Still, there are many things that you need to emphasize depending upon your business category.

To be more precise, The which is now available through Google allows restaurant owners to take online orders directly through the listing. Previously, each order needed to pay a nominal fee but this has been waived off for now due to the pandemic.

Another great tool that you can utilize is Messaging. This allows real-time chat between customers and businesses. This has been specially developed keeping in mind about small business owners. Messages related to business can be sent beyond business hours however, it may be disabled if you don’t respond back within 24-hours. Further makes sure that your Google My Listing is updated to stop irrelevant attention.

Do you run a healthcare service? Are you a health worker? Telehealth is in high demand during the pandemic. Yet, the lockdown has surged the search volume for Telehealth. You can link your healthcare organization with Google My Business similar to the COVID-19 info page. This will give an edge to offer service amid pandemic. Patients can get your service as soon as they go for a search. 

Promote Your Website Through Google My Business

Google never lags when it comes to offering business approachability. Moreover, each day is a day of change to make the platform more innovative. In contrast, business holders lag due to low engagement. All that Google wants is timely engagement. So, you need to ensure that your listing is complete and up to date. On the other hand, outdated listings hurt your organic traffic and bring confusion amongst users. Here are a few of the things that you need to keep in mind for strong visibility. 

  • Update contact information regularly
  • Update hours of operation and if closed due to COVID-19, mention it clearly
  • Engage with customers positively through reviews so that customers know you are active (Google had turned off the reviews due to COVID-19)
  • If any of the services are temporarily unavailable or has been changed due to COVID-19, quickly upgrade it

Google has opened a fantastic opportunity to enhance your online presence. Moreover, you get to explore interesting opportunities at zero cost. However, makes sure that you do not stay behind. For that, all you need to do is keep updated with the technology. Use business listings efficiently, plan your keywords and see what people are searching for. This will help your business fructify in the shortest time.

How To Edit Google My Business

Editing Google My Business is as simple as managing your email. Meanwhile, if you plan to go for an update, log into the account that is linked to the listing. Once you access the control panel. Use the menu to select “info” to edit your business information (changing working hours, adding additional services). Once done, now move to “posts” to share the update or go for “Products” if you want to start sales. 


The coronavirus is temporary and will end sooner or later. There are certain strategies that you need to implement to help your business face the storm. Whatever strategy that you emphasize, it is your foremost responsibility to communicate with your customers during this crisis. 

Remember that, this is a fight to save humanity from a dreaded disease. People are losing their jobs, closing down their business and our loved ones are sick. We have to endure unprecedented time right now and there is no magic to get out of it. However, if we stay strong, act responsibly, we will bounce back even stronger.

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