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If you’re interested in learning how to start an internet business – then this article was written for you.And although most of the businesses I write about are for service and “offline” businesses, I can’t ignore the fact that the internet is one of the biggest developments in our modern world.

And if you’re interested in having an online business and working from home, the internet can play a large role in your success…even if you decide to include an offline aspect to your business.


The number one problem for anyone wanting to start up on the internet is typically information overload.See, online opens up a whole new world to lots of internet gurus and, frankly, it’s hard to know who’s for real and who’s not.Everyone seems to be an expert and everyone is selling “how to” information.

So how do you know who to believe?

I’ve studied a lot of them. There’s the late Corey Rudl, who was one of the earlier pioneers. He had great success and, sadly, died in 2005 driving in his friend’s Porche.There are others. In fact, too many to mention in one single article.But I want to tell you about someone who has a very affordable book I highly recommend. And to be honest…I don’t even know his name because he does not reveal who he really is.There are lots of reasons why he does this…and a big part of it is marketing (which he knows a lot about.)

Well, I just grabbed his downloadable, informative ebook a couple of days ago and this person, who goes by “The Rich Jerk” has a lot to share with you.If you’re just starting out, you should be looking at a low risk, low cost startup – something you can start where the rewards are high and the risk is a little lower, at least to get your feet wet.

The Rich Jerk shows you how to do it.

He covers everything from Pay Per Click marketing to search engine optimization.He shows you how to review products and get paid commission. AndThe thing is, the internet makes it easy to startup part-time and learn as you go, because you can spend a few hours in the morning and night around your present schedule and still make it work.

And before you know it, you could be telling your boss you won’t be coming in anymore.I don’t want to paint a pretty picture and tell you no matter what, you’re going to succeed.But you can if you want to and the $10 the Rich Jerk is charging for his book might be the best money you could spend. (I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products and coaching and this eBook is worth a LOT more than what he’s charging.So…What Should You Sell on the Internet?

Here are the three most basic ways you can make money on the internet:

#1. Create Your Own Product and Sell it Online

Creating and selling your own products to sell has advantages and, like anything else, disadvantages.

One of the biggest advantages is that you can end up with higher profit margins from the sale because you eliminate any outside manufacturers and distributors. (It’s all in your hands and in your control … which is good.)You become the manufacturer, the distributor, the sales and marketing department. But, as much as this can be an advantage it can be a disadvantage. Most likely you’re creating a product that nobody has heard of and the time you spend on production will take away from your marketing, the most important aspect of any business.

But keep in mind, the time you can invest into marketing your product depends on the type of item you are creating. You may be making gift baskets, which will be a constant assembly process allowing for little time aside from putting together the product.On the other hand, creating your own informational products allows you to sell on your website using an automated sales system. Once the product or eBook is created, you can put your effort towards promoting and marketing the product.

There are plenty of people running successful websites, selling items they’ve created themselves and sold for big profits. But creating an internet business that sells is something you’ll want to learn if you want a successful, profitable business.

#2. Sell Brand-Name Physical Products

Drop shipping is one of the best ways to create a site and sell a well-known, brand name product without having to keep inventory and without having to ever physically touch the product.According to Chris Malta of the Drop Ship Source Directory:

“A Drop Shipper is a wholesale distributor that will ship one product at a time directly to your customer, once the order is placed through your website. You pass the information to your drop ship partner and they’ll send the product out for you, right from their warehouse.”

This is a great way to start a business online without having to spend a lot of money up front. You pay the wholesale cost of one product at a time after your customer places the order. Your customer pays you whatever retail price you’ve set.If you would like to get started with a low cost internet business selling brand name products on your website, drop shipping could be the answer.

#3. Get Paid Commissions to Recommend Products

If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing — this is where a merchant who sells products will pay you to link from your site to theirs and drive sales.It’s one of the easiest models and can give you a nice part-time income (or full time if you’re willing to invest time.)