Link building is still one of the most powerful ranking signals utilised by search engines, despite several algorithm modifications. One of the most crucial search ranking variables is the number of high-quality backlinks linked to a website. To look good and have a higher ranking in Google’s eyes, you need to have more links on your website from authoritative domains. You’ll also rule the search engine results pages or SERPS.

You can develop backlinks without spamming other websites if you use sensible approaches. Getting quality backlinks can be difficult if you’re in a dull niche. Continue reading to learn ways to gain links utilising legitimate strategies and SEO technologies that will make your life easier.

1. Identify the sites with high domain authority

A single high-quality link from a high domain authority website can increase all of your content’s ranks. When it comes to link building, it’s all about quality over quantity. Google evaluates a website based on its inbound link profile using a 100-point score system. Because the point scale is exponential, a website with a page authority point of 60 is 10 times more powerful than one with a domain authority level of 50.

Sites with a domain authority of at least 30 should be your priority. On the other hand, a link from a website with a low domain authority will have almost no impact on your Google rankings.

3. Write unique and competitive content

There is little question that high-quality, well-optimised content is at the heart of building backlinks. It would be tough to get people to refer to your website if you do not have material worth connecting to. Conversely, people never want to write dull, uninteresting, or too basic information since it has no SEO value.

Note that the more intriguing and engaging material you generate, the more likely other websites will come across it and want to connect to it.

3. Editorial links

An editorial link is a link that develops naturally due to quality content and advertising. Because they usually involve a feature in a prominent publication, they have a great deal of influence and validity.

Publishing information regarding current trends and changes is a terrific method to attract these links. This is because high-authority sites like Forbes and Entrepreneur prefer trustworthy sources and expert-generated material.

4. Associate the content on Medium and LinkedIn

Although the links on Medium and LinkedIn are for no follow, this does not imply that they are utterly worthless. On the contrary, nofollow links can increase awareness, boost business, and ultimately lead to dofollow backlinks. Raising awareness and visitors can be extremely beneficial if you have a new website.

5. Keep an eye on your competitors

Another excellent strategy to boost your website authority, discover link building opportunities, and boost your SEO is to copy your opponents’ finest backlinks. It is the most efficient method of generating backlinks and improving SEO.

A highly experienced SEO agency like will help you select your primary competitors to begin with this technique. They will always think about the companies at the top of the search engines for the relevant keywords because any website with a higher ranking than you will certainly have superior link profiles.

6. Networking

Don’t undervalue the importance of a good conversation. You can find a wide range of opportunities to connect by cultivating genuine connections with people in your business. People are considerably more likely to share your stuff if they like you.

This can be used in both directions. They may consider doing the same if you link to their content, highlight them in publications, or ask for their professional advice.

7. Be patient and awesome

Put your efforts into developing excellent content, optimising it for SEO, and establishing online relationships with your target audience. Backlinks will appear over time.

In closing

Focus on quality and authority when it comes to developing links to increase your SEO. There are numerous excellent ways to begin gaining links, but having a system in place is critical. All of the tactics listed above are excellent options for obtaining high-quality links that can help you enhance your SEO. As previously stated, this is a lengthy and time-consuming procedure, so don’t be discouraged if things don’t happen right away. The outcomes will be worth it if you put in the effort.