It is very important to write articles not just for people, but for a specific group that will be interested in the information, product/service that you are promoting.  The best way to do this is to install geoproxy Google Chrome extension, as knowing the “face” of your reader means determining for yourself the forums where you can ask for tips for the article, and which group in social networks to “study”.

How to Find Your Target Audience?

To begin, find out:

Age group. The style of writing the text will depend on this. For example, the older generation (age 50+) finds it difficult to perceive new words such as “gadget”, “operating machine”, “device”, etc. In such cases, it is better to use the understandable term “computer”.

Sex. It is logical that if you need to write an article about dresses, or lipsticks, then the main consumer of the content will be a female audience. While the topic of cutters and methods of assembling furniture is interesting to men. There are also universal themes, for example, household appliances, books, and travel.

Profession. Teachers, installers, and administrators are often looking for completely different requests related to their activities. In articles, it is important to use words and expressions familiar to the ear of a humanitarian or a technician.

“Sick” places. The user is interested not just in reading an article for general development, but in finding answers to questions that interest him.

Delight. Before writing an article for a specialized site, it will be useful to learn about the hobbies of future customers.

These 5 points will help determine the content of the article, and make it truly expert.

Read Sources in the Top Editions

Competitors are a kind of “helpers” in our business. Of course, the basis of writing expert articles is not to rewrite the information found, but to analyze it.

What can help sources from the top:

  • to learn the opinions of experts;
  • determine for yourself possible “gaps” in the information;
  • see what principle the text structure is built on;
  • create a rough plan for the future article;
  • pay attention to the design of the text.

In order to achieve this, it is necessary to filter useful information in top sources, find out a set of unique features of a particular product, and its advantages, and correctly design the article. The last point is described in more detail in the next section.

Illustrate the Article

This is clear evidence that the author is an expert on the topic and can not only express his thoughts competently but also visualize them.

Helpers in this are tools for the design of the finished text and better perception of the material:

  1. Tables – visual presentation of characteristics and features of goods/services in the form of tables are better perceived by the user and highly valued by search engines. It is not difficult to make such a table in Word, but the benefit will be enormous.
  2. Pictures – one of the main rules for selecting images for an article after writing is the uniqueness of the pictures. Stock photos from the Internet have long lost their relevance, they do not add a “highlight” to expert material. Create collages, change the shades of the image, and add logos and inscriptions.

Follow our simple recommendations in order to receive your ideal audience for the website.