Games Like Total War

Best Games Like Total War For PS4 will be discussed in this article. Total War has taken a significant position in my gaming history. If you play Total War, I’m sure you’ll adore this game series. However, you could be curious about what game in a series offers an amazing experience. My customary practice is to select my favorite game from a series. Due to the new appealing gaming series, the young public gradually switched from Total War to the new Games Like Total War. Pick the ideal candidate for you!

Top 11 Best Games Like Total War For PS4

In this article, you can know about Games Like Total War here are the details below;

1. Mount and Blade Warband

Mount and Blade Warband

It’s time for your team to start a war. It’s “the throne of Calradia” that you’re after. Let’s lead your team into battle, grow your kingdom, and then eventually take the victory. Battles in Mount and Blade Warband have a realistic feel to them.

Up to 64 players can experience in battles here that are multiplayer. The multiplayer mode features Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Deathmatch, Siege, Conquest, and combat. The majority of throwing weapons can be used.

You can also make money by achieving your aims and engaging in conflict with your foes. Because to its solid combat system, affordable price, and immersive system, this game is popular with players. With all of these details, you could determine whether Mount and Blade Warband is right for you.

2. Knights of Honor

Knights of Honor

Another series of strategy video games that you could really love playing is Knights of Honor. Black Sea Studios in Bulgaria created this game. Additionally, it offers two modes: single-player and multiplayer. The Knights, which come in six various varieties, are the games’ most crucial component.

There are more than 60 structures and upgrades in this game. Nine different sorts of conflicts are visible. They include River crossing, Open Battlefield, Camp Assault, and Town Assault, among others. You can bring up to six players if you select the multiplayer option. Knights of Honor offers you a better gameplay experience with all these features.

3. Starcraft


Starcraft is the perfect option if you like your video games in a military setting. Starcraft for Microsoft Windows is a property of Blizzard Entertainment. Both the units and the structure can be repaired here. There are several methods to outplay your opponent in Starcraft. The Starcraft video game series has many different races, including Zerg, Protoss, and Terran.

I discovered that these races varied from one another when I weighed the advantages and disadvantages of them. Simple troops are available in zerg. Cons: It requires more map control. There are several ways to harass people in Terran. When employed well, it gives them a significant advantage in Protoss. This is how the player features in Starcraft work.

4. Warcraft Series

Warcraft Series

Blizzard Entertainment’s Warcraft series is a fantastic gaming franchise. Ripples of Darkness, Orcs & Humans, Reign of Chaos, Hearthstone, & World of Warcraft are among the games in this series. Three of these five games fall within the real-time strategy category. And the newest thing is Hearthstone, a digital collectable card game.

The progression is, in my perspective, pretty significant. You’ll notice that this game’s war campaign breathes life into PVP as soon as you start playing. You now have an entertaining crafting system. The gamer is constantly looking for different things. There are many interesting missions available here. Combat in this game moves slowly, which is a major flaw.

5. Europa Universalis

Europa Universalis

In 2000, Europa Universalis was a top-notch strategic video game. This game is based on another Philippe Thibaut board game. For new players, Europa Universalis is more approachable. It provides a strategy game experience that isn’t overly predictable. The 4X gaming genre includes this game.

The player must assume leadership of the nation throughout several centuries and direct the decisions. I’ve discovered some common themes in my research, like the need to wage war, found new colonies, travel the globe, manage trade, rule, and develop cities and provinces.

Events and monarchs are two more significant game mechanics. However, they are unique from one another. In any case, Europa was developed day by day. The monarchs in the first two games are predetermined. However, three monarchs are chosen at random after the EU.

6. Age of the empires

Age of the empires

Age of Empires is the RTS game that changed everything. With its innovative graphical user interfaces, music and sound reproduction, and plethora of new features, Age of Empires began to revolutionize the gaming industry twenty years ago.

Eight-person multiplayer fights are available here. The majority of audience comments highlight Age of Empires’ fantastic aesthetics. This would encourage gamers to join the game. If you enjoy history and live by the maxim “Old is gold,” you will undoubtedly grow to adore this amazing game built around a historical setting.

Age of Empires on the PS4?

No. Age of Empires is regrettably not available on the PS4. It was created exclusively for PCs. Age of Empires has several drawbacks, just like any other game. Pathfinding was a challenge for me when playing this game. You will have a better historical experience playing Age of Empires.

7. Civilization V

Civilization V

2010 saw the release of the 4X video game Civilization V, part of the Civilization video game series. On a procedural map in this game, the player travels from the distant past to the present. Except for Civilisation V, the series’ early games all use square tiles as its foundation. However, the game engine for civilisation V was developed using hexagonal tiles rather of square ones. Also check Para Alternatives

One thing struck me when I was playing the game. It is a few game concepts. They are ideal, and the concept is interesting. The unit strength is also dispersed widely. You can move and plan more easily with the aid of hexes. Even yet, a stunning graphical user interface is the jewelry of civilization while trying to draw in customers.

8. Crusader Kings

Crusader Kings

Numerous historical figures, including Alexios I Komnenos and Genghis Khan and the Harold Godwinson, Robert the Bruce, Alfred the Great and Harald Hardrada, El Cid and the Constantine X Doukas and Harun al-Rashid, Ivar the Boneless and Baldwin I of Jerusalem and the Boleslaw the Bold, & Saladin, can be encountered in the Crusader Kings video game series.

But regrettably, there are only a few figures available to select in this game. The Middle Ages saw more popularity for Crusader Kings. Crusader King is the most alluring interactive game, and as a result, it rose to the top. My own experience indicates that this game’s complicated user interface is its lone downside. The junkies don’t have a problem with it.

9. Stronghold


In the video game Stronghold, you can create, erect, and destroy fortresses. You can participate in the game with up to eight other people or two single-player campaigns. Based on 21 storylines, there are 21 missions. A single screen displays the full game’s map thanks to the high-resolution graphics.

The elegant interfaces of Stronghold are adored by users. And there are a lot of apartments. However, Stronghold’s shortcomings include a lack of sufficient variety in the game’s buildings and a few glitches. Anyway, Stronghold is a distinctive game that you may enjoy while learning about history.

10. Star Wars – Empire at War

Star Wars

Star Wars holds a prominent position in my collection of favorite strategy video games, providing me with an excellent battle experience. Beautiful audio and music also draw players to this game. The most crucial point is that Mac mini and Mac Book are supported by Star Wars: Empire at War. High-end hardware is not necessary for this game. There are so many different types of space and ground combat.

There are several features available in Star Wars. These are Star Wars Empires at War’s advantages. But this game also has drawbacks. The only platform that supports multiplayer is the Mac. The ground graphics are poor there, as well. Moreover, PowerPC support is lacking. However, you may enjoy and have a better time with the War here.

This game targets the areas where numerous spaces and strict overall administration meet. Replay value is another factor. The winning criteria in this game, however, are a touch off-balance. Players find Star Wars to be an extremely addictive game. I have no doubt that you will be the same if you join Star Wars. Also check Pipl Alternatives 

11. King Arthur

King Arthur

King Arthur is a more well-liked role-playing game among the gamers. NeocoreGames and Paradox Interactive together created this video game. There are two game modes available: single-player and multiplayer. Outstanding character designs and artwork may be seen in King Arthur.

It is a different 4X turn-based strategy game. The player in this game is expected to assume control over the imagined age of civilisation. You can select a race from the predesigned ones in this game. You can also write your own stories.

However, I found the combat in this game to be rather dull. And there are a ton of game components that have no points. Thus, they cut a large number of King Arthur players. The player is constantly looking for an exciting game. But some people enjoy this style of game. You can play the best game, though, for yourself.

Which Total War game is the best to start with?

I was unable to identify the top game in the Total game series because they are all beautiful and provide gamers with a terrific war experience. These fantastic Total War titles include War Hammer 2, Three Kingdoms, Shogun 2 and Rome 2, Medieval 2 and Empire, and Troy.

What Massive Battle Games Like Total War Are There?

  • Civilization
  • Age of Empires’ Crusader Kings
  • The primary games that rival Total War and its equivalents are Mount and Blade.


Your viewpoints are dissimilar. Your interests and preferences are also distinct. You are constantly looking for information and selecting the options that are most appropriate for you. You can choose the ideal game for your preferences in this way.

You and I both know that the Total War game series reigns supreme in the gaming world. How do I then suggest another person to start? Total War, in my opinion, is the ideal place to begin your gaming career.

Similar to that, Total War makes for a difficult experience. But how you play is up to you. The difficulty levels of the Total War game series span from easy to severe. Total conflict is not more challenging. Any war game, however, is extremely difficult.

Games are numerous. There are many other games available now if you get tired of the Total War game series. You might have a different experience with each one because they are unique. Here is a selection of Playstation 4 games that are comparable to Total War. Here, we provide you with a wide range of alternatives to Total War, the greatest video game ever.