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Best Free IDM Alternatives You Can Use will be described in this article. One of the most well-known download managers for Windows is Internet Download Manager, or IDM. It includes a lot of pretty unique features, including download resume, scheduled downloading, video grabbing, browser integration, and download speed acceleration. Unfortunately, IDM is only compatible with Windows. Additionally, the program has a 30-day trial period after which you must purchase a $24.95 license. So, whether you’re seeking for a free IDM substitute or one that also functions with different operating systems, this post has you covered. Here are the best 10 free IDM options for you to try, so without further ado.

Top 10 Best Free IDM Alternatives You Can Use

In this article, you can know about Free IDM Alternatives here are the details below;

The top free alternatives to Internet Download Manager are mentioned below. For Chrome and Firefox, the list includes both native applications and browser extensions. Using the table of contents below, you can browse to specific programs or check out the complete list.

1. JDownloader 2

JDownloader 2

A free download manager called JDownloader 2 has some of its components open sourced. JDownloader has the majority of the practical functionality that are included with IDM. For instance, you can apply themes, limit your downloads’ bandwidth, and resume them. Like IDM, JDownloader 2 has support for several languages. Also check Apple Mail Alternatives

JDownloader is comparable to IDM, however it can also resolve some CAPTCHAs on its own. JDownloader would automatically complete the CAPTCHA and begin the download whenever you came across a website that asked you to do so before showing you the download link. JDownloader is available for download on all Java-based operating systems, including Linux, Mac, and other than Windows.

2. EagleGet


For Windows, there is a simple download manager called EagleGet. It has some IDM-like functions, such as download scheduling, up to six times faster download speeds, applying themes, setting speed caps, and browser integration. Instead than requiring an additional antivirus program on your computer like IDM does, EagleGet features a built-in malware scanner.

Even outdated download addresses can be refreshed using EagleGet’s download manager without having to start over. Furthermore, EagleGet allows you to import your download list from any other download manager, so if you are switching from IDM, you can quickly do this to transfer all of your pending downloads to this free program. I personally use this because it’s convenient and lightweight.

Free Download Windows Platforms

3. FDM


FDM (Free Download Manager) can compete with IDM when it comes to providing a faster downloading experience. The best feature of this internet download manager is its capacity for effective download organization, which enables you to download even enormous files quickly and error-free. It also gives you the option to continue interrupted downloads and manage file priority for torrents, which is an additional benefit from a proficiency standpoint.

The ability to process media files in a variety of formats is another feature that sets it apart from IDM and may be useful if you frequently need to manage a large number of media files. Additionally, FDM interacts smoothly with the majority of platforms and popular online browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Platforms supported include macOS, windows, linux, and android.

4. FlashGet


When compared to IDM, which can only accelerate downloads by 5 times, FlashGet is a really quick download manager. It shares certain features with IDM, including the ability to create an unlimited number of download categories and the ability to launch your antivirus application immediately when a download is complete. Additionally included with FlashGet is an offline reader. It is one of the leading candidates to serve as the main IDM substitute due to its browser integration.

Free FlashGet Download for Windows

5. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

On this list, Internet Download Accelerator is among my favorites. It is relatively similar to IDM and is still free. It has many features including scheduled downloading, language support, MP3 and video downloading, expedited downloading up to 5 times, and themes. You are free to use it as often as you like for private use, but if you want to use it for business, you must purchase the Pro version, which costs $9.95 for a single user. You may remove the advertising and even gain access to other tools like download speed control, FTP explorer, site management, etc. with this pro edition. Also check OpenVPN Alternatives

Download Internet Download Accelerator: Free, $9.95 Operating Systems: Windows

6. uGet Download Manager

uGet Download Manager

Launched in 2003, uGet Download Manager is a free open-source project. It is a small program that runs on a variety of platforms and comes with all the essential features of a download manager. Like IDM, it includes the ability to schedule downloads, resume halted downloads, and download several files at once. You can feel secure knowing that its source code is available on SourceForge. Free uGet Download for Windows, Linux, and macOS

7. DownThemAll!


You can add the DownThemAll! add-on to Firefox if you use that browser. Despite being an add-on, it provides IDM-like capabilities like one-click downloading, classified (filtered) downloading, up to four times faster downloads, and download resume. With DownThemAll!, you may use Firefox on any platform, unlike IDM, which only runs on Windows. If you don’t need a standalone download manager, you should give this one a shot.

Accessible platforms: Firefox

8. Download Ninja

Download Ninja

In addition to being a DownThemAll substitute for Google Chrome, Download Ninja may also be used as an IDM substitute. Additionally, you don’t need to download anything on your computer for it to function. You only need to add it to your Chrome browser to get started. You may obtain IDM-like features including speed limitation, multilingual support, applying themes, download resume, and download acceleration with Download Ninja.

In addition to these commonalities, you have the ability to completely destroy the data and metadata associated with your downloads. It is one of the greatest download managers you can use on your Windows or Mac computer because it is a Chrome download manager extension.

Download Better With These Free IDM Alternatives for Windows and Mac

These Free IDM Alternatives for Windows and Mac Will Improve Your Downloads

One of the most fundamental and significant jobs you may perform online is downloading. There are numerous tools that can vastly enhance this experience. It’s time to employ the same functionality as a free tool now that you are aware of a number of download managers that you can use in place of IDM. Which download manager are you going to use on your Mac or Windows computer, then? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.