Instagram is a powerful tool for fashion brands to get their message out. It’s an image-sharing app that has been around since 2010, and it’s been gaining popularity ever since. In fact, in 2015 instagram users spent more than 7 billion hours on the app every day! With such a huge audience, instagam can be a great way for fashion brands to engage with followers and potential customers alike.

Fashion Industry and instagram

instagam is a powerful tool for getting fashion brands’ message out. instagram in fashion industry has been gaining popularity since 2010. instagram users spent more than seven billion hours on app every day!

Instagram is an image-sharing service that was launched back in October of 2010, and it’s been growing ever since then. In fact, as of 2015 Instagram had over 400 million monthly active users who were spending around 21 minutes per day browsing the platform, with some even going to the extent of visiting various profiles up to nine times daily – all this without taking into account those who access the site from their mobile devices or tablets which obviously won’t be counted! With such a huge audience, Instagram can definitely prove to be an effective tool for fashion brands in terms of engagement and marketing.

How to get started with Instagram for Fashion Businesses

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share photos and videos with their followers. Brands use instagram for many reasons including:

  • – Product promotion
  • – Community engagement
  • – Customer service
  • – Public relations
  • – Marketing

Getting started with instagram is easy, but it takes time and energy to create a really strong instagram feed. Here are some tips for fashion businesses:

Set realistic goals. It’s not possible to post every day, so decide how many times per week you can be active on instagram. Make sure these posts align with your marketing plan (which should include social media). You may want one person responsible for instgram or team up with someone in the office who already has clear photos of their outfits they love!

Post at least once daily – more if you can manage it! One way around this rule is by creating specific themed days where all of your ‘outerst’ are focused on one topic. For example, you can create a “lazy sunday” theme where all of your instagram posts highlight outfits for lazy Sundays!

Use hashtags – but don’t obsess over them! Hashtags help people find brands who post on instagram and they’re also great search tools that allow users to find more specific content than what is included in the feed. So use hashtags like #ootd (outfit of the day), #styleinspo, or if it’s relevant to your brand, you may even want to include branded tags like #urbanoutfitters or @chanelofficial. It’s important not too go overboard with hashtag spamming though because instagram has been known to block accounts that use too many hashtags!

Give instagram a face – consider creating an instagram profile for the brand or a specific product. This way, you can give followers a behind the scenes look at how your products are made and who works to create them. Many fashion brands have instagram profiles of their designers which gives fans insight into what inspires their work.

Think about ‘storytelling’. Instagram is great tool to tell short stories through images! So get creative with it by telling mini narratives using photos from past events, current collections being produced in the studio, backstage moments during photo shoots etc…the possibilities are endless!! A good place to start story telling on instagram might be photographing items while they’re still in the studio and sharing them with your instagram community before they even hit stores!

Keep it fresh – don’t post the same images over and over again. To keep instagram followers engaged, think about doing a “throwback thursday” where you share old photos that may not have been as popular when originally posted but now deserve some love due to new products or collections coming up on sale.

Use instagram stories – these are great for capturing those everyday moments because instagram users can see what’s happening right at this moment instead of scrolling through an entire feed looking for something interesting to look at. For example, if you’re hosting a fashion event related to one of your collections, use instgram stories to document the event and share fun instagram pictures with your instgram community!

Participate in instagram communities. This is a great way to connect with other instagrammers who love fashion as much as you do! There are many online groups where instagammers can post their work, interact and give feedback on each others posts. A few examples include: @lookbook (a group that posts photos of outfits), #ootdshare (collaborative feed) or #outfitgoals(feed for sharing images of people’s style goals). These communities will be happy to welcome new members so go ahead and join some today!!

Be consistent – make sure all of your social media networks have the same look & feel. If instagram is meant to be fashion related, make sure all of your other channels (twitter, facebook etc) are also fashion oriented. This will help instagammers find you easier and it will give them a consistent experience when they choose to follow your brand across multiple platforms!

Stay updated – get on top of trends in the industry by staying updated with what’s happening in fashion right now.

What are the top fashion Instagram accounts that you should follow ?

According to instagram data, the three most popular instagram accounts are Gucci with over 90 million followers, Balenciaga which has more than 92 million follows and Prada that have about 91.95 Million followers as of January 2018. However, these top fashion brands do not necessarily engage their instagrams well compared to other industries such as fast food or sports industry using instagram in various ways including interactive games on instagran platform . The difference between famous branded companies engaging instagram is mainly due to strategic marketing decisions made by each company’s social media managers based on different objectives regarding brand awareness through visual content.

The power of hashtags and how to use them in your posts for maximum engagement.

The instagram algorithm has been updated to be more visual and personalized based on the users’ interests. Hashtags are now one of the most important features for instagram posts as they help instagram knows what type of content it should show first in a user’s feed. It is necessary to use hashtags with at least 30 million monthly views or less than 500,000 followers since high engagement rate makes instagram know your post well by using hashtag search option .

Some common brands that have a large following such as Adidas uses hashtags like #allin , #AdidasOriginals etc according to social media marketing managers from Adidas company “the average click through rates (CTRs) we see with our Instagram sponsored ads range

Tips on taking the perfect photo for your feed .

Taking instagram photos is not as easy as it seems because instagram algorithm ranks your posts according to the likes and comments you receive. Clothing brands such as Louis Vuitton and Mango has a team of people who take instagram pictures, howbeit some influencers may be allowed to take instagram photo themselves if they have an agreement with these companies .

Good lighting conditions are highly recommended for taking instagram photos within natural lightings without using any flash. Brands usually use artificial lights or filters that suit best with their brand image in order to maximize attention from users following them on instagran platform. Composition should focus mainly on the products being sold rather than models wearing those products since hashtags related to specific items will give more engagement rather than model instagram accounts.

The most important tip to keep in mind while taking instagram photos is making use of the square shape instagram offers. Square photos are known as best for instagram because they can easily fit with multiple layouts including stories, carousel ads and albums .

Some fashion brands such as Calvin Klein uses flat lays on instargram platform which consist of placing several products neatly arranged according to product categories that suit their brand image well e.g american casual style using denim jeans or t-shirts etc., Brands like Gucci also work around this strategy by focusing mainly on clothes rather than models wearing those clothes since users tend to find clothes more interesting compared to a photo featuring an influencer trying out

Creative ways to share photos from other sources, like blogs or magazines, without violating copyright law

Some instagram posts from famous brands such as Louis Vuitton have been found to be directly copied from other instagram accounts without giving credit for the original poster .

The best way is to simply give a small introduction of where you got that picture or background photo. Brands can also share pictures taken by their own social media managers and influencers in order to avoid copyright issues while still showing interest in what people are sharing on instagram platforms. Fashion industries including high-end clothing companies tend to find this strategy highly effective when it comes down with certain events happening within specific time frames e.g fashion weeks, meetings etc..

Fashion companies often include hashtags related to brand awareness along with photos shared from external sources in order not to violate instagram rules and regulations.

Instargram is known to be a very powerful social media platform for many fashion companies including high end brands such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton etc., Instagram has been found to bring more sales rather than other social media platforms because instagram allows users to discover new products from their favorite influencers leading them towards purchase decisions within short time periods .

Some studies show an increase in brand awareness through instagram by 80% while another study shows that instagram helps increase customer engagement with customers who interact with or follow these big fashion names on instgram will tend become loyal customers of those brands which may lead into increased online and offline sales over the long term period.

Conclusion :

One of the most important elements to building a successful Instagram account is gaining followers. This can be difficult if your posts are not engaging or timely enough, so it’s crucial that you take some time now to consider how you want to use this platform for your business. If getting started with Instagram sounds overwhelming, we’re here for you! We provide high quality services like buying instagram followers and likes at affordable rates that will help boost engagement on your feed in no time.