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Employee Self Service How To Save Your HR Team’s Time

employee self-service how to save your hr teams time

Guide about Employee Self Service will be explained in this post. You must save your HR department. HR departments are barraged with inquiries every day.

Making sure that all workers have access to the same information can take a lot of effort, from repeatedly answering the same questions to giving the most recent information on taxes and returns.

Employee Self Service How To Save Your HR Team’s Time

In this article, you can know about Employee Self Service How To Save Your HR Team’s Time here are the details below;

The moment has come for your HR department to quit acting as a go-between for employees and the business. How can your HR team save time? I advise converting everything in your company to digital employee self-service.

What is employee self-service software?

Employee self-service is based on the idea of empowering employees to take care of themselves. Employees can accomplish the same thing with the help of employee self-service (ESS) software, which is a web-based technology. Employees can manage their HR needs on a self-service portal without the assistance of a dedicated HR specialist. Typically, a company’s HR portal and workforce management systems contain software for employee self-service. Through the ESS portal, employees typically have 24/7, simple access to a variety of work-related tasks, including payroll, schedules, and benefit information, as well as the ability to update their personal information as needed.

By empowering employees to complete all such duties that hitherto required the support of HR, you may free up the time of your HR team.

But why is having employee self-service features in HR software essential? primarily due to the fact that your HR system must change in tandem with the evolving organizational cultures. Although the evolution of business processes might seem inevitable, it has taken a long time for HR systems to transition from manual, patchwork processes that date back many years.

The HR environment is quickly changing in favor of a more logical and effective approach while minimizing the bureaucracy of paper-based processes thanks to employee self-service HR technologies.

After settling that, let’s look at some of the standard components that a platform for employee self-service should include.

Common features of Employee Self service

Typically, an HR Employee Self-Service (ESS) program should have the following capabilities:

Benefits of Choosing employee self-service software to save your HR team’s time

Employee productivity and efficiency are likely to increase when you establish a strong employee self-service HR portal. Cut off the repetitive, boring tasks on your to-do list. Think about how it would feel to witness this daily. When employee self-service software is implemented, your HR team will feel exhilaration similar to that.

1. Employees have the authority to make changes to their information

With the use of employee self-service software, staff members may update their personal information, view paystubs and other papers, sign up for benefits, submit information, and more nearly immediately and without the need for HR assistance. Employee self-service software can help a company in two ways: First off, supervisors just need to accept changes as staff members are able to make changes to their personal information. Employees that are aware of their data ownership become data owners and exercise greater caution while sharing information.

2. Significant decrease in HR workload

With self-service platforms, employees can handle their personal business, access benefits, and obtain information more conveniently. The more time HR has to deal with larger-scale concerns like employee morale or performance management, the less time they need to spend on administrative tasks like setting up payroll details. Because they aren’t waiting on hold or sending numerous emails for straightforward requests, employees who are capable of handling their administrative duties are typically happier.

3. Streamlined recruitment and onboarding

The majority of the routine duties are now handled by employee self-service software, freeing the HR team to create and implement a recruitment plan. To find ways to streamline the procedure, they might look at previous outcomes. Software for employee self-service can assist in orientation and onboarding of new hires. It enables businesses to go paperless by doing away with manual data entry and signatures, manage and monitor new hires during the onboarding process, construct organizational charts, and more.

4. Easily manage time off

If you have an employee self-service solution in place, your staff won’t need to send numerous emails to seek time off. They only need to sign into the portal, request a leave of absence, and the manager’s approval will be granted instantly. Time-off balances are adjusted and everyone involved is informed. To plan and apply for vacations, examine forthcoming holidays and time off balances, and obtain approvals, employees only need to enter onto the portal.

5. Greater employee engagement

Every employee’s contact information, along with their birthdays, work anniversaries, and other significant dates, are listed in the employee directory of an employee self-service portal. This allows workers to interact with one another, enhancing the sense of community.

6. Access to information at any time and from any location

In order to stay current, employees have access to company information from a range of devices and places. This has a few immediate benefits, including less time spent searching for data, better time spent working effectively, and reduced stress for mobile workers regarding misplaced or out-of-date documents. Employees generally have greater discretion over how they spend their time because they aren’t constantly looking for information that is otherwise readily available.

Employee self Service: Not Just for Employees

Self-service HR is frequently referred to as an employee choice when it is addressed. Since it takes time to train employees and has the potential to make significant changes, employee self-service gets the majority of the attention.

Manager self-service, on the other hand, is accessible wherever employee self-service is, and when fully utilized, it can greatly boost organizational performance. The self-service platform from peopleHum can be used by staff members and managers in the methods listed below to advance the business, make their tasks simpler, and free up the HR team’s time.

What can you do with peopleHum’s Employee Self-Service Software?

Smart Features of PeopleHum

Social Interface

A social media user interface shouts “self-service” more than anything. In case you’re wondering, peopleHum is not a website where you can meet people from all around the world. Social media user interfaces are made to make it simple and quick for users to use website portals. Employees and supervisors have immediate access to tasks they can complete alone without help from HR because to peopleHum’s quick access user interface, which is accessible from the home screen. Also check Business Storytelling Services

Easy Approval Flows

Get the senior talent needed to create a hierarchy of approval flows in your business for more efficient task management. Create role jurisdictions for company procedures like approving offer letters for new hires, leaves, and job creation. Streamline monotonous tasks with simple approval flows so you can concentrate on the broader picture.

Mobile Application

Your employees and managers can access company policy, apply for leaves, clock in and out, and essentially carry out all of the actions they could previously carry out on the peopleHum platform while they are on the go thanks to the peopleHum mobile app.


This HR chatbot is more than just a chatbot; it is a knowledgeable helper for each employee. Phia offers onboarding, engagement, an HR help desk, and FAQs.

Other features of peopleHum


Applicant Tracking System

Your employee self-service HR software’s peopleHum Applicant Tracking System, a potent recruiting tool, will fundamentally alter the way you recruit. With the help of intelligent automation, you can hire in concert with your team and obtain analytical insights into your hiring processes in real-time. Additionally, you can hire while on the go thanks to the peopleHum mobile app.

Employee Referrals

One of the best methods for finding talent and for raising talent metrics is through employee referrals. Simply navigate to the Hire module on your peopleHum portal and choose New Referrals from the menu. Additionally, all they need to do is drag and drop a resume, and peopleHum’s resume parser will intelligently extract the necessary data to fill in the fields.


Make announcements

Put an end to sending out email blasts and traditional memos. Make announcements the way they should be made: effortlessly and visibly. Also check Consulting Services

Give recognition

Create a culture that emphasizes excellence and teamwork by connecting with, recognizing, and celebrating your coworkers – whether on mobile or the web.

Employee voice

Say goodbye to the suggestion box and give employees the tools to communicate with company stakeholders. Establish a culture of open communication and criticism of others.Hum’s platform for employee self-service and engagement, which promotes employee voices.

Submit an idea

Dissolve organizational silos and distance barriers, and brainstorm with your team in the present, wherever you are. Turn ideas into action with this employee self-service function.


Performance feedback

You can pick and arrange feedback cycles however you want. To provide smooth, ongoing feedback, managers can select from a variety of customizable feedback templates.

Employee self-service on peopleHum Employees can choose their reviewers in the performance module at the beginning of the feedback cycle and offer peer input for a well-rounded feedback experience.

Create goals

On the Perform module of peopleHum, both employees and managers can set and monitor daily goals. Establish goals and deadlines, include it in the appraisal cycle, and determine the main outcomes.


Organizational chart

Simply select the appropriate filters and click “search” to see how the teams relate to one another. Designed for the modern workplace. peopleThe dynamic organizational chart in Hum makes it simple to navigate and discover the individuals you need.

Attendance management

Make attendance tracking work for you without feeling like a chore with an HRIS powered by automation, biometrics, & self-check-ins.

Leave management

Employees and managers can submit, approve, and manage leave requests through the website or a mobile device with the help of peopleHum’s employee self-service software. Find out who is in or out for the day, week, or month with one glance.

Shift Scheduling

Now, managers can measure staff hours worked, handle different shift patterns, and build employee schedules more quickly.


Employer surveys help you gauge the important things. With automated and recurring pulse surveys that are customizable and simple to implement, you can elevate employee voice, promote collaboration, and enhance engagement in real-time.


A user-friendly LMS for skill-based, value-based, and personalized learning on your platform for employee self-service. Based on the learning requirements of your organization, develop and set up courses.

Course materials are available for employees to pick up and finish at their convenience. Get insights into your training programs as well with our extensive range of reports that reveal employee learning trends, the best courses, the best trainers, the top performers, and more.


Utilize peopleHum’s internal communication tool to communicate, collaborate, and dismantle organizational silos to increase workplace engagement and transparency.


Efficiency appears to be a quick, well-organized, and straightforward digital document signing tool.

Do we appear to be self-service software that has satiated your employees’ wants, and might we provide the solution to your query about how to free up your HR team’s time? Then, to receive additional assistance, schedule a free demo with one of our experts.

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