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Use A Blog To Sell Consulting Services will be described in this article. One of the best methods to monetise your blog is to sell services. You can simply mix it with your full-time employment until you are certain that it will enable you to support yourself. It practically takes no investment.

How To Use A Blog To Sell Consulting Services

Being a consultant needs ability and knowledge, but you don’t necessarily need to have a pricey degree to do so. Additionally, you don’t need to rent an office. Constancy is also the kind of service where you don’t assume ownership of completing the task; for instance, you don’t require access to a website to offer SEO consultancy services, thus there’s no risk of damaging it or losing any data. How can you market your consulting services through blogging? Here is a detailed explanation.

Define your narrow expertise

Define your narrow expertise

Even in oversaturated domains, like SEO, finding your own specific area of expertise makes it simpler to stand out. It would take years to establish a reputation as a “SEO consultant,” but it is far simpler to market your expertise as a “Google Local Profile Optimization” or “Core Sweb Vitals” specialist.

Because you are working with considerably less competitive search queries and PPC keywords, promoting a specific area of expertise is also simpler. Finding your area of expertise before starting your blog also helps to better define your content strategy and blog strategy.

Your real experience, skill set, and the subjects you are most interested in researching will all play a role in how precisely you define your competence. If you detest writing, stay away from being an SEO writer, and if you are unsure of your dev abilities, stay away from starting a technical consulting firm. Spend some time identifying an activity that will excite you:

  • Flowchart for your service
  • You can focus your area of expertise by
  • offering services concentrating in a specific area (for example, a UK consultant)
  • concentrating on a certain niche, such as a travel SEO consultant
  • concentrating on a single task (such as being an optimization consultant for Core Web Vitals)
  • When choosing your consulting angle, keyword research will be helpful because it is an excellent way to gauge demand (i.e. search volume). This is another Consulting Services.

The keyword research tool from SE Ranking enables you to sort and filter keyword recommendations by search volume and difficulty (i.e., organic competition). This enables you to find keyword prospects without spending years on SEO:

Set up lead generation funnels across your blog

Set up lead generation funnels across your blog

Setting up your sales funnels is the most important step to do before formally launching your blog or when making it more effective for selling your services. You can start selling your services right away, even before your site starts to gain traffic. Tweets, advertisements, and involvement in specialist forums and communities can all be used to generate clicks.

Make sure your “Services” pages are set up as soon as possible to capture the very first clicks. Also check Writing Services

By handling lead generation, call scheduling, and even money collection, vcita gives bloggers a simple method to sell services. You can insert a widget for scheduling consultations on particular blog pages, letting users book appointments and even pay in advance.

With its “Service bundling feature,” which enables bloggers to combine multiple of their services into one or combine services with one-time items (for example, a series of consultation sessions at a package price), vcita also enables the creation of a more effective sales funnel:

Example of LevelUp College Coaching

Additionally, you must ensure that you provide easy options for people to reach you. To do this, enhance your contact page by adding an email form, a phone number option, or by letting potential consumers use a clever chatbot. This is another Consulting Services.

Blog about problems that your service can solve

Blog about problems that your service can solve

Ensure that your chosen consulting niche is reflected in all of your subsequent work, including:

  • blog title
  • using social media
  • Logo Content

The first three of those factors will be taken care of by Namify. It identifies domains based on your niche, determines whether they are available on social media, and creates free logos for you to use:

Homepage for Namify

Determine content ideas from there that would appeal to your very specific demands. Again, conducting keyword research is a smart first step. Another excellent source of content ideas that address issues your target audience is question research. Also check SEO Project Management 

The ideal tool for researching niche topics is BuzzSumo because it collects inquiries from a variety of websites, including Quora, Amazon Q&A, and specialty forums.

using BuzzSumo to find questions

Group potential blog topics by common search intent or subject while researching them. In the end, this will enable you to create static landing pages that will outline your offerings. For instance, some questions might all focus on ways to save money, while others might be about improving the productivity of work procedures.

(Read this BuzzSumo review to learn more.)

By creating questions that are semantically meaningful and deserving of landing pages on your blog, Text Optimizer is an excellent tool for understanding your topic on a deeper level:

Keep your decision makers in mind

Keep your decision makers in mind

Which individuals will gain from your consulting services? Will you be offering advisory services to other businesses or to individuals? or perhaps both? It’s critical to comprehend your target audience before creating a blog content plan that will meet their wants.

If you’re going to assist businesses, for instance, bear in mind that they can have internal teams working on the same issues.

Positioning yourself as an internal team’s replacement is a bad idea because those teams will eventually determine whether you are worth working with. Instead, explain how you can compliment them and make their lives and jobs easier.

Researching your target audience begins with your personal experience (people you have really met in the past who might use your service) and moves on to competitive analysis (searching for your target keywords and looking at the pages that are ranking high in search results to see who they are targeting).

When creating your blog’s content strategy, keep these decision-makers in mind.

Keep building your personal brand

A smart approach to start selling your consulting services is through blogging, but you won’t advance very far until you also market your blog and personal brand outside of your own website.

Here are some further suggestions for promoting your knowledge and unique brand:

Participate in popular blogs in your niche. Highest-quality leads are produced by expert articles. In fact, that is the only way I am generating mine, therefore I am well-versed in the subject. Start with a few professional columns in your area of expertise before adding more. In the end, you want to focus on the columns that drive traffic and leads, drop the others, and always explore for new chances.

Post on Quora high-caliber professional responses. Another ongoing endeavor, but an excellent method to position yourself as an authority on a subject. Keep your responses original, specialized, and helpful. Keep your self-promotion to a minimum. Your byline will make it clear that you offer similar services, so make sure your responses are actually helpful.

Take part in specialized forums. Again, make contacts and concentrate on adding value rather than just marketing oneself. Even though you won’t notice any sales right away, this strategy will prove useful in the long run.

host and take part in online events. These might include webinars, live-streamed Q&As on Twitter, etc.


A great method to develop your own brand and market your consulting services is through blogging.

Define your specific area of expertise before you begin. As a consequence, it will be easier to increase recognition and generate organic search traffic (and leads). When you are well-known in your niche, you can expand to more general services.

Create landing pages, gather leads, manage clients, and even handle payments with vcita.

Focus your blog content strategy on issues that your consulting business can help solve by conducting keyword and question research.

Keep in mind the decision-makers and your target audience. Investigate your rivals to see who they are targeting and how they choose their topics to draw in the proper audience.

Contributing to specialized magazines, offering professional commentary on Quora and specialist forums, and taking part in niche (virtual) events will help you develop your personal brand and promote your blog.