Monitoring Apps Increase Productivity

Many companies have observed that employee monitoring is one of the effective ways to increase productivity, maintain accountability, and keep track of employees’ activity during office hours.

However, in order for employee monitoring to become beneficial, it needs to be done effectively and correctly, using the right employee monitoring apps and tools. Several employers deploy an iPhone spy app or an Android spy app on their employees’ company-owned devices to monitor their workplace activity.

While it’s true that employee monitoring can also lead to several problems such as declined employee morale, privacy issues, and potential legal difficulties, the advantages still manage to outweigh the disadvantages. In this post, we will briefly go over the advantages of employee monitoring apps to help you decide how they help in boosting productivity in the workplace.

The Advantages of Employee Monitoring Apps

The following advantages of employee monitoring apps will help you determine how these tools can help increase productivity in the workplace.

Keeping Things Fair

There is no doubt that it takes a lot to manage a workforce. For most employers, it is really hard to find out when exactly employees start working on their assigned tasks. It is difficult to know whether or not they are actually working on the tasks or chatting with their friends on social media. Similarly, it is even hard to check the time they spend on a certain task.

The same problems are inflated when you have to deal with a remote workforce and won’t be able to manage them in person. On the other side, even employees would have a hard time explaining how much time they had to spend on a task.

All of these concerns can be addressed if employers start using employee monitoring apps and software. With a reliable monitoring app, employers can have a record of when employees came in, what tasks they worked on, how much time a project took, what apps and sites were used to finish the task, etc.

Employees can also benefit from employee monitoring apps. With the monitoring tools, they wouldn’t need to defend themselves and prove that they were working on the projects. Their employers can turn to the monitoring tools and verify the same immediately.

Tracking Productivity Rates

You won’t be able to know how productive and efficient your workforce is unless you don’t monitor their productivity. Unfortunately, most companies do not have an employee monitoring solution set in place, and, without one, you won’t be able to track your employees’ activities.

You cannot simply sit and resort to guessing. It will waste a lot of time and your records will be incomplete and inaccurate. As a result, you could lose heaps of money. To make things better, you need to set an employee monitoring solution in place.

With an employee monitoring app, you can find out the number of hours your employees worked, the apps and sites they used, and the assignments and projects they worked on.

These daily and weekly reports and insights enable you to identify the incompetence of employee productivity and help you work on improvements. Moreover, employees can examine their productivity stats and understand how they can self-correct their behavior.

Protecting Company Against Conflicts

Using monitoring apps and software to monitor your employees’ performance can help you avoid conflict while you are working with freelancers and clients.

For instance, you made a contract with a freelancer to pay him/her a certain amount of money for completing a specific project at a specific hourly rate. After the project is completed, you are surprised looking at the invoice because you cannot seem to understand how that freelancer has charged you.

So, what would you do in such a situation? It’s natural. You would get into an argument with them over why the project took them so long and how their invoice seems completely unreasonable. Since there wouldn’t be much to do, you would eventually give up and pay the price.

However, if you used a monitoring solution to track the time the freelancer spent and websites they accessed while working, you could easily verify if the task actually took them this long.

The same goes for when you are dealing with clients. With a monitoring tool, you can get accurate records of the time spent on tasks and then use the same as a piece of evidence when billing your clients. The employee monitoring solutions can protect you and your company against conflicts that may arise in the future.

Keeping Company Safe from Malware Attacks

Monitoring your employees’ internet usage will stop them from accessing potentially harmful and unproductive websites. An employee would never open a suspicious link on their work computer when they know their employer is monitoring their online activity.

Monitoring your employees’ online activity can prevent them from downloading and accessing malicious sites, apps, and files that could put your company’s safety and repute at risk. It can also prevent data security breaches. iPhone monitoring and Android monitoring apps are being used by several employers to keep track of their employees’ internet usage.

Since employers would be monitoring the internet activity of their employees, they can identify any suspicious traffic and track where it is coming from. This helps employers keep track of their company’s data and keep it safe from hackers and unethical employees.

Keeping all the advantages of employee monitoring apps in mind, we hope it is evident to you how beneficial they prove to be in increasing the employee productivity in the workplace.