Everyone is struggling for money, and that is especially true for those that are quarantined because of the coronavirus. While it is important to make money, many businesses have closed or are operating at minimum capacity due to this virus. If you find yourself stuck at home, you may be struggling with ways to make money. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to make money while quarantining.


With many schools still closed due to the pandemic, the need for tutors has arisen. Many parents simply do not have the time to balance their work and schooling their children. This is where a tutor comes in. A tutor can help educate a child virtually so that the parent can rest easy knowing that they are getting the help that they need. There are several websites that help you get started with tutoring, and you can also post around to your local community and advertise your skills.

Opening an Etsy Shop

If you love crafting, opening an Etsy shop can help you to make extra money. You can sell a variety of different things, including printables, custom jewelry, bath and beauty products, drawings, collectibles, and more. Many people make a decent income just by selling on Etsy. You can even try a new hobby and make money doing it. Take some time to work on making art or any other craft you enjoy and you can always find an audience on Esty or Redbubble.

Earning Cashback Bonuses

There are several sites that will give you bonuses when you shop. For example, Rakuten is a popular site where you will get a bonus on the percentage of what you purchase. Every quarter, you will get paid either via a check or PayPal. This is a great way to earn a little extra money during quarantine.

Affiliate Marketing

One of the ways that you can learn how to make extra money on the side is by becoming an affiliate marketer. Some people make a lot of money with this, and some do not. It just all depends on finding the right brand to partner with and putting the work into it. The more that you work at it, the more money you will make. Look for remote positions and be sure that you are getting paid enough to justify the time spent in such a position. Jobs like these can be a great part-time way to make extra money.

Starting a Blog

Blogging can be one of the best ways to make money from home. You can build your own brand and write about anything that you are passionate about. You just have to make sure that you create content that makes readers want to come to your blog repeatedly. There are countless sites that provide advice and tips for bloggers wanting to make money from their sites. A strong social media presence is also needed to keep your blog up and running and making you money. Be sure to familiarize yourself with spam and SEO tactics so that you can optimize your site to work for you as much as possible.

Instagram Influencer

If you want to build a personal brand around yourself and become internet famous while making money, you should consider becoming an Instagram influencer. You can do an Instagram on whatever you like. You can build your Instagram around cake baking, dog walking, photography, and more. To monetize your Instagram, you can do sponsored posts, takeovers, and you can even sell products that you make. There are always brands looking for ambassadors, so you can easily find a position doing this, the hard part is keeping up the following and gaining popularity. Consider Tik Tok for fun to increase your following, and funnel your followers there to your Instagram page.

Virtual Assistant

An up-and-coming way to make money is to become a virtual assistant. Virtual assisting may have you doing things like posting on social media, writing reports, and bookkeeping. This will all depend on who you are working for. The best thing about this job is that it can turn into a full-time work-from-home job.


If you love making videos, YouTube can help you to make a substantial amount of money. All you have to do is post videos and build up your subscribers. The more subscribers and views you have, the better money you will make. You will need to make sure that you advertise your content well and make engaging content for your viewers to see. You can read about how famous YouTuber’s got famous, and think creatively about how you can gain your own following. If you’re a gamer, you can even make money posting streaming videos of yourself playing your favorite games with friends.


There are several sites online that will hire you to do transcription. As long as you have a good internet connection and time, you will have no trouble making money doing transcription. Make sure you do research to understand how much of a time commitment transcription work can be before you sign up for it. If you’re a quick typer and have good focus, you can make great money and work quickly.


There is a huge demand for freelance writers these days. There are several content sites that will hire you to do various pieces of content for them, and you can also advertise yourself for writing gigs. Just make sure that you write well and have excellent grammar. Many of these sites will have options for different types of projects so that you can make sure you only write about subjects that you are an expert in, or want to write about. You will never have to write something you don’t want to write, and many projects have quick turnaround times so you never spend too long on any one piece.

Even with this quarantine, you can find ways to make money safely from home. Try out several of the suggestions above to see if they help you to make some extra money. Remember that to make money with any of the above selections, you have to put effort into it. There is no sitting back and waiting for the money.