Chicken Are For Life

If you have never kept chickens before, the truth is that it can be a nerve-racking especially if you haven’t done it before – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Looking after chickens is actually quite easy, so long as you have the right equipment, and knowhow.

It’s however, easy to feel anxious as you don’t know what the chickens are supposed to eat, where they are supposed to stay, the right breed of chicken to keep, and more. You don’t have to worry, however, as this guide will simplify things for you.

Main benefits of keeping chicken

If you have been keeping chickens for a long time, you can agree that you struggle to find the perfect words to express the joy and wonder that chickens can bring into one’s life. The benefits of keeping chickens include but are not limited to:

  •   Eggs – By keeping chicken, you can always have a fresh supply of delicious and nutritious eggs at your fingertips.
  •   Peace and serenity – Keeping chickens can make you feel more connected with nature, giving you a sense of peace, harmony, and serenity every time you see your flock free-ranging.
  •   Sustainability – You can start living green by keeping chickens in your backyard. You are able to live more sustainably as chickens can help to eliminate scraps, assist with composting, produce an all-natural fertilizer, without mentioning all the eggs you will be expecting.

What to consider when getting chickens

Before getting chickens for your small or big backyard, you should consider the following:

1. Know more about regulations

It’s advisable that you check your local town ordinances to be sure that keeping chickens in your area is even allowed. It also may be allowed, but with a limit to the number of chickens that you can have in your farm. No one really wants to spend a lot of money on chickens just to find out that they aren’t allowed to keep them.

2. Ensure you have enough space

To keep chickens, you need quite a lot of space for the next boxes, feeding and water containers, and also a rooting area. A good coop should be large enough so that you can comfortably gather eggs, shovel manure, and even make repairs where necessary. A simple hen house can, however, be quite smaller. Just be sure to build a coop that Is sturdy enough to keep the predators out.

3. Get enough food and water

Keeping chicken is quite an easy thing to do when you’ve got enough for them to eat and drink. Besides, food is a perfect way to keep your chickens occupied so that they won’t turn to destructive habits. Full grow chickens should be fed on shell grit, chicken feed, and enough water.

You can also provide a couple of other treats such as leafy greens, porridge, and yoghurt. It’s recommended that you use a feeder or waterer to prevent feed or water from going into waste.

4. Be ready for the daily work

You will have to establish a strong routine, which should not be much of a bother. The following are some of the things you should do for your flock every day:

  •   Ensure that they have enough to eat and drink
  •   Inspect the coop to ensure that it’s clean and sanitary
  •   Leave to the door of the coop open if you chickens are free-ranging
  •   Remove any eggs left behind in the nesting box
  •   Count the chickens at the end of each day to ensure that none is missing, before allowing them into their coop.

In summary,

Looking after chickens is easy so long as you are an animal lover whose interest is in chickens. Besides, you will enjoy quite a number of benefits. If you are not sure of what to do or where to start, you can always hire professionals for personalized assistance.